Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) was established on 1st June 1996 with the assent of H.E. With the virtue of KSOU Act of 1992, Karnataka State Open University is empowered to establish, maintain or recognize Colleges, Regional Centres and Study Centres at such places in Karnataka and may also open outside Karnataka at such places as it deems fit. Karnataka State Open University is a regular member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi since 1999 (No.
Shobhit University was established at Meerut, Delhi NCR, India by NICE Society (established 1996) in 2006 and ranked first when it become deemed university. Green McDonald's Arches I saw your photo of the sign promoting the Green McDonald's arches but noticed it didn't actually include a picture of the sign.
The silver-gilt censer and incense boat, exhibited side by side in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, are extremely rare survivals of 14th-century English, ecclesiastical, goldsmiths’ work.
Censers and incense containers were essential components of any medieval church’s battery of liturgical vessels, and are used, to this day in liturgy.
Both the censer and incense boat are made from silver, indicating that they were high status commissions. These two incredibly rare survivals remind us of the splendour of the medieval pre-Reformation liturgy, and proclaim the skill of 14th-century English goldmsiths, who were a match for their frequently praised Continental cousins.
I also read some where that monks used incenses to concentrating and refreshing mind, studies also proved that if you we used incenses in homes, it effects on our moods. News from the Learning Department brings you stories about Learning Programmes covering all audiences: families, young people, schools and teachers, higher education students, adults, communities, and the creative industries.
The Learning Department programmes events, activities, courses and projects to inspire creativity in all of our audiences. Governor of Karnataka as a full fledged University in the academic year 1996 vide Government notification no ED 1 UOV 95 dated 12th February 1996 (KSOU Act – 1992). Karnataka State Open University is a recognized University of Distance Education Council under the agies of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) (Revised notification F.

Almost all comparable objects were confiscated and then melted down, during the Dissolution of the Monasteries (1536-41), as part of the English Reformation. Incense vessels were often designed as boats that carried a precious cargo below deck, in holds accessed, as here, via a hinged door. Both demonstrate a wide range of goldsmiths’ techniques common across Western Europe in the late Middle Ages.
Each sports a curled gilded fleece, sharply pricked ears and handsome spiralling horns (one is now missing).
You can find the rest of the series along with other posts from the Learning Department at the V&A on their blog. Our team of writers will take you behind the scenes of our programmes and bring you highlights of our events.
It was established with a vision to develop a centre of excellence in the emerging areas of technology by the Indian government's Notification No. To preserve the city's Kachina purity, McDonald's was begrudgingly allowed to build ONLY if they agreed to modify the world's most recognizable brand by changing their famous golden arches to Desert Teal. No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. The incense was spooned onto glowing coals placed in the base of the censer, which was often circular, surmounted by a removable, pierced top of architectural design. The censer’s base, and the main body of the incense boat, were hammered, or forged into shape. Sheep and wool were a vital part of the late medieval English economy, but these rams are not celebrations of economic prosperity. They were discovered in 1850, embedded in mud, together with some pewter and pottery, when Whittlesea Mere, a fenland area of Cambridgeshire, was drained.
The pierced top of the censer, and the finials, at either end of the boat, were cast, using the lost wax, or cire-perdu technique.

They are visual puns, or rebuses (singular, rebus), a type of word-play much enjoyed by medieval patrons, that identified the individual or institution associated with a commission. Furthermore BURDWAN COMPUTER LINK a Vocational Training Division of RUDRASK ACADEMY OF STUDIES is authorized by Govt. Perhaps they were hidden purposefully, to save them from Henry VIII’s greedy officials, or, more probably, they were lost accidentally, prior to the 16th century, whilst being transported, and were thus preserved for posterity. Chains attached at top and bottom allowed the censer to be swung energetically to and fro, emitting clouds of fragrant smoke which conjured the presence of the Holy Spirit for a congregation. Both items were gilded by smearing on a paste of mercury and pieces of gold leaf and then heating them until the mercury evaporated, and a thin skin of gold was bonded to the silver beneath. In this instance the rams seem to refer to Ramsey Abbey, a wealthy Benedictine monastery only seven miles from Whittlesea Mere, which sported three ram’s heads on its coat of arms.
No other silver incense boats survive from gothic England, and only one other English gothic censer, made from gilt copper alloy, is known. A wide variety of items were censed, ranging from Eucharistic vessels, during the celebration of a Mass, to bishops, when they were consecrated. The censer is entirely gilt, the incense boat is “parcel” or partially gilt, to accentuate details such as the double roses that decorate the deck. Undulating lines engraved across the rams’ chests imply they are gliding through gentle waves, an unintentionally suitable detail given that the incense boat spent many centuries in a watery location! These flowers provide a useful lesson in the need to exercise caution when interpreting medieval imagery; they may look like Tudor roses but more likely to be blooms symbolic of the Virgin Mary.

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