Start your free, no-risk 14-day trial today to fully experience Rainmaker – the next-generation online marketing and sales solution. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe. No, this is not going to be a post about what kind of bloggers Morpheus, Trinity and The Architect would be. But I will use Neo, Agent Smith, Spoon Boy and Persephone as symbols of a different type of matrix. I’m talking about the kind of communication matrix you build when you work with a pricy consulting firm. Instead, tell stories that show how you’ve helped your readers with what matters most to them. Agent Smith items are things you don’t do very well, and that matter to your customers. If you have a great product but your fulfillment house can’t manage to get it shipped to your customers, that has to be fixed before you can move forward. Spoon Boy items are things you do well, but that don’t actually matter very much to customers. The Persephone quadrant covers things you don’t do well, and that are not that important.
Finally, look over your Persephone quadrant every once in awhile to see if there are tasks you should just quit doing altogether, either because you outsource them or because they don’t need to be done at all. About the Author: Sonia Simone is an Associate Editor of Copyblogger and the founder of Remarkable Communication. Hi Sonia…I really enjoyed your take on this, especially the Agent Smith-type content. Even though it is starting to change, marketers still have failed to adopt the mindset that they are indeed publishers (media in their own right over content niches that matter to customers). This is in line with what Jim Stengel now calls Purpose-Based Marketing (focused on the customers), which is what we’ve been calling (and I believe you call as well) the art and science of content marketing. To your point, the entire exercise starts with understanding the core informational needs of customers and prospects. You got it across very well, Sonia, although I’ve forgotten about their names except Neo.
It is a great way to categorize business activities into multiple spectrum, instead of just important or otherwise, those that fall into the 80 or 20, etc. Sonia, and all of you, what do you think of disruptive innovation a la Clayton Christensen and the risks of focusing too much on your best customers? Seems to me The Matrix proposed here, although a great tool in itself, could need a Glitch added ?? Just to leave room for innovation catering to peripheral customers (i.e. For a lot of the readers of this blog, blogging itself was already the disruptive innovation. If anyone needs insight into the underbelly of the mommy blogger world, I have more material than you could ever need. This is a refreshing discussion and has helped me clarify just how simple I have to make the online experience for those who are non-adopters.
I like how clearly you cut the world into the important and the unimportant, but what of the borderlands and long tails?
What I keep noticing is that so many things are important to somebody out there and it’s those companies that keep people absolutely satisfied that get brass ring treatment. Great idea for a blog post, really creative how you used the matrix to get across your points. To get that one customer that will make the $5000 purchase, setting off a series of bigger purchases when they are satisfied with the brand. Maybe they got burned in their first output of import to them…maybe it was originally $100.

They think and think and aggregate diverse data that would take a 400×400 matrix to sort out the connections. So my 4+ years of personal blogging averaged 9 uniques a day, three of whom I can predict will life long friends. My experiment, throw out mass content and see your bounce rate drop if you make them read to the bottom, confuse them, waste 10 minutes of their time to decide they didn’t want it after all.
Your customer is the ditzy friend, but pitch and bring the smart one into the conversation. All from two weeks of observing the mommy blogger review scene and dissecting the Leap Frog pitch, watching the fallout when I criticized the group that disagreed with me. I can totally name names and connect the dots and it would make it even more clear, but that would have to happen offline of course. But thanks to the matrix idea of Sonia’s I was able to distill the chaos in message board communities like mothering into 4 steps to discontent. The Matrix Trinity Wallpaper Neo in 'The Matrix Reloaded' The Oracle Trinity Neo in 'The Matrix Reloaded' The Matrix Trinity Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix Trinity Wallpaper Morpheus Red or Blue Pill The Matrix Original Cast! The red pill is the rebellious, hard way of going about things but it bears the greatest reward in true confidence as a man in this world. Your entire meaning in life is to stay under the radar, smile because people say you look mean when you dona€™t, dress in bright colors to seem forward-thinking and most of all remain quiet. Men who have taken the red pill normally arrive at the decision through some bad experiences with life. Red pill males are confident, heavy testosterone men who will not let modern society trick them into believing that being proudly male is a bad thing.
They smile when they want toa€¦ they fight, they get angry, they believe the word misogyny is a buzzword used to suppress male opinion (which it is) and they define themselves. Admittedly some of the guys who are red pill have gone overboard and have become mirrored parodies of hard lined, man hating feminists, but the majority are just a bunch of guys who are confident, comfortable with manly things and unwilling to let popular culture sway them. So take a look at yourself right now as a man and what motivates your actions in this world. Cooch chasers, men who sell out their boys for sex, and men who base their entire being on a€?what women likea€? are blue pill zombies. Think about this in length my men and realize that life is much more than mediocrity and having sex.
We probably do boil down to two types of men, but i believe that there are other sub-sets beneath this. Funny thing about that statement is that my lady asked me to come inside the store with her to get some makeup.
You’re right about the subsets, and I would go even further to say that it spiders down quite a bit since men are extremely varied in both outlook on life and actions.
The mainstream ideology in 2013 is largely hostile towards us as a whole and more men need to swallow that Red Pill and stop being ashamed of liking macho things. You mention that mainstream ideology is largely hostile towards us as a whole, and our ways, (And I largely agree with this) However, here in the UK I’ve found that more and more of my female friends embrace macho things because they’re fun to do (Like watch rugby and drink beer) Is that something you get in the US? Lots of women over here do that Matthew… well instead of rugby it would be NFL over here Football.
A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.
IMDb at Comic-Con 2016 Visit our Comic-Con section to see what's trending, watch celebrity interviews, follow event coverage, browse cosplay photos, take our Fan IQ quizzes, and more. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Take deep dives to explore benefits that are especially relevant to your content community. If your t-shirts look great but the color bleeds in the wash, make it right before you try to sell any more.

You have three options with items in the Persephone sector: you can use them as confessional material, you can fix them, or you can quit doing them. Nothing creates better rapport than confessing to a fault that your customers don’t care about.
Nothing is more aggravating than a company that fixes trivialities and leaves the major rage-inducers untouched. Get lots more from Sonia on her podcasts Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer and CopybloggerFM, or connect on Twitter. This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training — for free.
Johnny Depp & Sean Connery The Matrix Niobe Wallpaper The Matrix Niobe Wallpaper Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper The Matrix Wallpaper Neo and Trinity Trinity Trinity The Matrix Reloaded Movie Poster The Matrix Wallpaper Neo Matrix Matrix Trinity Trinity and Neo Agent Smith Morpheus The Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix Wallpaper Trinity The Matrix Neo Wallpaper The Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix Movie Poster Morpheus neo & trinity The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix Revolutions Poster Dozer Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Reloaded' tey The Matrix Neo Wallpaper The Matrix Agent Smith Wallpaper The Matrix Agent Smith Wallpaper The Matrix, Seraph Wallpaper The Matrix Neo Wallpaper The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix Glitch in the matrix Neo The Matrix Wallpaper Agent Smith weqeqtr Mouse death The Matrix Reloaded Movie Poster The Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix Wallpaper Trinity Neo Morpheus Morpheus Neo in 'The Matrix Revolutions' Neo and Trinity Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper The Matrix Agent Smith Wallpaper The Matrix new saga Neo & Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Revolutions' Neo in 'The Matrix Revolutions' Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Revolutions' Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Revolutions' Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Reloaded' An Agent in 'The Matrix' Neo in 'The Matrix' The Matrix Revolutions Poster The Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix Wallpaper The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix The Matrix Behind the scenes Morpheus Morpheus Neo Agent Smith and Neo Neo Matrix Morpheus Neo Neo The Agents Brown, Smith and Jones. Some men start out taking it but most dona€™t; they look at the world, realize whata€™s going on and decide to stop playing nicely.
Do you do everything just to get a piece of ass (dressing a certain way, talking a certain way, treating women a certain way) or do you do things because that is how you do it? A real man, a confident man does things the way he does them and while he may adjust his habits based on a situation heA isn’tA defined by popular culture. Be yourself, exude testosterone, and bellow a battle cry from the top of the highest mountains after tearing your enemy apart with your bare hands.
What I was trying to show in this article is that being more rebellious to what society, people, your wife, anybody tells you that you are supposed to do will make you more aware of the Matrix that we live in.
I feel the need to encourage my fellow man to choose red given this current climate of men being made out to be rapists, dead beat dads and everything else negative, with little counters being made for the droves of good guys who are none of these things. I am genuinely interest to know because I feel it might be a trend against the more aggressive parts of feminism. The word 'Man' comes with a variety of definitions from many different people who (respectfully) have their own means and agendas doesn't it? It shows you exactly where to focus your attention to get the best payoff from the time and work you put into content marketing.
Use an online survey, or just watch blog and forum comments coming from the people who are your biggest fans today.
To make them easy to remember, and to shamelessly exploit a pop culture reference, I’ve given each quadrant a name from the Matrix movies.
Create case studies for each type of customer you serve, and show specifically how your product or service benefits those customers.
For example, if your ebook formatting looks like a third-grader did it, address that right up front. Even if you come out with an extraordinary new thing no one knew they wanted, this matrix is still going to help you deliver a quality experience and create a quality relationship with customers. HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Matrix club tagged: the matrix wallpaper matrix trinity wallpaper carrie ann moss.
This is manhood, this is the red pill, and if you havena€™t taken it yet, then think on it and join us if you want to truly be a man in society. Interestingly enough the aggressive types you mention tend to hate women like them… we on the other hand love, date and marry them. But (me being a fuddy-duddy and all) I’d advocate having a very strong grasp of the old rules before you try to play by the new rules. Maybe your manufacturing process is the coolest thing since the invention of the assembly line. You get points for not being a self-congratulatory blowhard and you cut criticism off at the pass.

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