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Many parents ask the question how involved should they get with their child’s learning and the answer is clear and simple, VERY!
If you are a parent and you want to get involved in your child’s education the question above is a tough question to answer. Formed productive and effective ‘learning partnerships’ with their teachers based on mutual respect.
Comments are FREE, If you have any points or advice you want to add, feel free to add a comment below. We can help you determine what school you will fit right into and also begin the application process for you.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Daring as I am, I really fancied taking a risk and using this CPD opportunity to test the water. My resources included a self and peer assessment worksheet to be used during the lesson, plus a copy of quintilingual keywords to be introduced to students.

Having taught the first 2 lessons in another classroom, (a DT workshop to be exact, due to timetabled restrictions!), students arrived – admittedly, chaotically into the classroom – trying to establish their own understanding of the new routine for coats, bags, books and aprons! No sooner had students gathered around the front table, I had to stop myself from scribbling the three differentiated objectives up onto the whiteboard. It was at about this point, that I started to employ my favourite AfL questioning strategy, Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce!
After the fruit-salad quality control demonstration, students departed from the front desk to move about the classroom and set up their team areas. My lesson plan was supported with a simple seating plan, alongside scribbles of current levels of attainment by students in the subject. You can read the full details and directions of how to do this in The Guardian article here, or you can click this link to see how to question your students, according to Winnie The Pooh characters.
As lead for Teaching and Learning, we try to encourage all staff who feedback, to withhold judgement until the middle-to-end of the session. After completing over 100 observations in the last academic year alone, it is essential that I am also part of the entire process. I know you know that, but what you may not know, is that any feedback must be supported with a specific teaching and learning CPD target… that could possibly be linked into your own appraisal if applicable.

In 2014 he was one of first UK teachers to venture into the unknown, with pay-per-download resources which inspired the TES to do the same. Learning does not stop as you leave the classroom, ideas and concepts need to be revised, applied and practised, and this is where Parental involvement in the education process is key. This was followed with a short 5-minute teacher-student-teacher led demonstration, particularly focusing on students with low-attention to engage their understanding.
I’d also now like to add, that avoiding any kind of terminology closely related to the framework is best avoided, but almost entirely impossible! We can all deny it, but the final judgement is how we are judged and almost all we want to hear!
I only knew this as the demonstration evolved… as having only taught them twice before, I barely knew their names, never mind their behaviour. Of course, I argue too, that we should all be reflective and open to develop areas of teaching and learning in our own classroom.Therefore, we should do our best to hear beyond the judgement made.

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