Nature’s Link offers expert services in complementary health disciplines, both in-house and as a referral. These professionals share our commitment to quality and excellence—with your health and well-being as our first priority. Kayla Huval GaryKayla has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified yoga instructor since 1993. Melanie Poche BarrasMelanie Poche Barras is a Licensed Natural Nail Technician located at Nature’s Link Wellness Center in the historic downtown area of Breaux Bridge, La. Francine is grateful to be “linked” to Nature’s Link and can be contacted at  337-298-2368, to make an appointment.

Her certifications and specialties include Peri- and Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage and Thai Massage.
She graduated from the Cosmetology Training Center in Lafayette, LA in 2005 and is continuing her education in Reflexology, Holistic Health and a Solle Specialist. Francine uses various modalities; such as mindfulness practices, stress management, cognitive behavioral methods, dream analysis, and reiki treatments.
She has been employed at Nature’s Link Wellness Center since 2012 and is a member of the American Massage Council.
When Melanie is not making the hands and feet of Breaux Bridge and the surrounding area more beautiful she is caring for her two boys.

Francine is committed to counseling individuals who are challenged mentally and emotionally in their journey of transformation to a greater wholeness; she also conducts ongoing groups on dream analysis, reiki attunements and Native American spirituality. Navy career provided experience in emergency medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation work with military personnel and their families.

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