A Note from BeckyMy journey in massage therapy began as a horse owner seeking help for my horse, a retired race horse with hind end issues.
West coast massage schools including East West College offer instruction in a variety of massage modalities.
Tui Na features some manual methods found Western massage styles, but adds acupressure to remove blockages in muscles and energy pathways (called Meridians in Chinese medicine). One receiving a Tui Na massage would experience rhythmic compression along meridian channels to free the flow of Qi (life energy). If you’d like to get a personal feel for Tui Na, we recommend booking an appointment through our on-campus massage clinic. With the news of NFL running back Adrian Peterson undergoing surgery for a sports hernia, it is a good time to talk about this injury. The injury is often caused by a hip extension with hip adduction and possible trunk rotation. An athlete with a sports hernia will complain of pain in the groin, often radiating down the adductor longus muscle. Massage therapy should focus on releasing tension in the adductor longus muscle, gentle friction at the attachment site at the pubic bone, and addressing any muscle imbalances at the hip. I provide courses covering sports massage and orthopedic assessment to improve the approach and efficiency of massage therapists. Advanced Technology At PARC ONTARIO we offer advanced treatment options that are available to our patients. What is the difference between Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy?Depending on the individual that you see, you can have a very different experience seeing a physiotherapist and chiropractor, or, a very similar experience. How do I submit a claim to my extended health care?The fastest way to receive reimbursement is by submitting your claim online by accessing your Insurance Company website or you can obtain a claim a form online or from our clinic and mail it to your Insurance Company with the clinic receipt. How do I find out how much funding I am covered for through my Extended Health Care plan?Each benefit plan is different and can range for each service provider type.
For patients with a new episode of low back pain, prompt access to physiotherapy is cost and time effective. More than 70% of patients required only a single clinic visit and less than 5% needed to be referred to a specialist.
Let us Help you recoverOur energetic professionals are here to see you through your entire rehabilitation process. PARC Ontario ensures that all their health professionals are fully licensed and, in addition to participating in continuing education, have years of clinical experience. A comprehensive course on the Endocrine System and how it affects the functions of the human body. Sensual Tantric massage therapy is an area which Mark excels in and brings to clients across London.

Mark has also been fully qualified as a true Tantra practitioner from the Tantra Association in Amsterdam.
Finding a masseur such as Mark is rare treat, he is a true professional that takes his profession incredibly serious and is dedicated to continuing his education in this field.
Highly intelligent and educated, Mark speaks fluent English, German and a bit of Afrikaans.
I've drawn on my experience as both a therapist and a long time educator to develop this course of study. To give our readers insight into different types of massage, we have written on trigger point therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and Thai massage. Manual techniques in Tui Na may include kneading, tapotement, gliding, rolling, shaking, pulling, and creating friction. Know that successful careers in massage therapy often involve specialization in a certain massage approach. Our alumni massage therapists can deliver an effective, refreshing Tui Na massage to give you insight into how this therapy works.
The injury occurs because the rectus abdominis, external oblique, and adductor longus all attach at the pubic bone. First, the therapist provides resistance to the athlete’s torso during a sit-up, resulting in increased pain at the pubic bone.
Conservative treatment involves rest, ice, soft tissue massage, and gentle stretching to relieve tension in the area. If the injury is to the adductor muscle, they will perform an adductor tendon release, where the adductor longus tendon is cut from it’s attachment on the pubic bone and attach it to the adductor brevis muscle underneath it. In order to book an appointment and see our therapists, you do not require a referral however, in some cases it may be required for reimbursement from your insurance company. Usually there is a phone number located on the front or back of your benefit card, given by your employer. You can expect understanding, patience, caring, integrity and excellent clinical knowledge when you visit our centres.
We also offer free parking at all our locations in Oshawa, Scarborough, Whitby, Springdale, Ajax and Mississauga. The course is meant to enhance the practitioners knowledge in the field of Biomedical Sciences so that they can understand this in a western medicine view and see the deeper meaning of the Acupuncture meridians.
With over 12 years experience in massage, Mark strives to give his clients a personal touch and offers the level of discretion and  professionalism expected from a professional Tantra massage in London. Never allowing himself to become stagnant or complacent but rather searching for new techniques and modalities to add to his repertoire.
His good looks, charm and charisma have ensured Mark is heavily in demand for his and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional satisfaction through sensual Tantric massage techniques!

Massage clients who receive Tui Na often feel relaxed and also energized at the end of their session. Some LMTs succeed through specialization in Tui Na, while others may use Tui Na as a compliment to Western massage styles, such as Swedish massage. Alternatively, the therapist may instruct the athlete to squeeze their knees together and apply resistance, also resulting in increased pain. Increasing core strength is also employed, as a strength imbalance between the core and leg muscles is thought to contribute to the risk of injury. The surgeons I have heard present on this procedure stated they can have athletes back to competition in 6 weeks post-surgery. We also have a submissions statement with a computer, printer and phone that you can use to complete your submissions at our clinics. If you are not sure, you can call your insurer, or we can find out for you when you come in to see us.
You will need the group and ID number when you inquire about the amounts covered by your plan.
Gout is a disease that causes severe pain, redness, tenderness, swelling, and warmth in joints.
His style and abilities are uniquely his own and his sensual Tantric massage is really something to be experienced! Ultimately, the massage therapist with a range of healing tools to pick from will succeed in delighting and healing clients. Both Physiotherapy and Chiropractic are regulated in Ontario under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), and both are drug-free practices.
Mostly it… Read More Jul 12 2016 0Arthritic Ailments and Tendinitis Treatment JeromeRheumatologist Assessments and Determining Factors Many people suffer from pain and don’t understand how it is affecting their bodies.
And, that each time they place their hands on a horse, they make a difference in that animal's life. Together, East West College alumni, instructors, and students foster health through massage. Call or email today to learn how you can join in our mission to make a difference through the healing powers of massage.

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