Community Resilience offers courses for the concerned citizen to help prepare for and survive a disaster. The map above displays information about the types of the natural disasters prone to the different regions in the United States. According to GRID-Arendal, an official United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), growing population and infrastructures the world’s exposure to natural hazards is inevitably increasing.
This is particularly true as the strongest population growth is located in coastal areas (with greater exposure to floods, cyclones and tidal waves).
Its interesting to note that top three disaster related events were floods, hurricanes and heat, with Heat being #1. The statistics in this graphic reveal an exponential increase in disasters (Trends in natural disasters, 2005). Below you will find data pertaining to human and economic losses from disasters that have occurred between 1980 and 2008.
There are all kinds of different skills and products that are relevant to a discussion about SURVIVAL H2O. Below are 4 Collapsible Water Containers that I own – each have a slightly different place and purpose in my survival tool chest of products. As you can see in the photo above, the Water Bob is a collapsible water liner that fits in your bath tub. If you are limited on space for water storage in your house or apartment and you have a bath tub, the Water Bob might be a good solution for you.
It uses 2 bags that are 4 litres each, has a small inline filter, and using gravity takes about 2 mins to purify the full 4 litres. What I thought was great about this is that if water was difficult to come by, you could filter 4 litres, and still carry an additional 4 litres to be filtered later. I have one collapsible Nalgene pouches that carries 48oz and a regular Nalgene bottle that carries 48oz and a 32oz steel bottle.
I do not understand the Water Bob, if you get hit by a disaster that needed you to fill up the Bob, wouldn’t you not have water to fill it. If you have an opportunity to plan ahead with some warning, say in a situation like a hurricane or some tornadoes, you have an opportunity to store a large volume of water in case municipal water infrastructure is compromised. In disasters such as earthquakes you will get no warning, but you may be lucky enough that if pump stations or other water infrastructure were damaged, that there is enough pressure in the lines to get the bag filled. Most emergency response guides suggest that after you have eliminated all gas leaks and electrical hazards that you fill your bathtub with water, the bag just helps with keeping it more sanitary. Learning survival skills at Willow Haven was not only educational and fun, but it is an activity that people of all ages can participate in.
The Hexayurt, created by Vinay Gupta, is made from Thermax HD from Dow for permanent use and and with laminated hexacomb cardboard from Pregis for temporary use. A Hexayurt is primarily an emergency structure which is self-contained and easily packed for transportation. A Hexayurt can also be used for a temporary structure to live in while building a more permanent dwelling.
Based on work done at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a Hexayurt village is intended to replace all the infrastructure which might be damaged after a major disaster such as an earthquake or flood — in other words, it is an autonomous building suitable for a family.
Couple of small points – firstly, you can make a hexayurt out of anything that happens to be available and appropriate.
And US DOD has no interest in using the hexayurt in military applications – when they need long term shelter they tend to use things like container housing or build barracks, and for short term use they have excellent tents with a lot of special features which only really apply in a military context. Millions of Americans believe that in the not-too-distant future, America, and possibly the entire world, could be mired in a disaster of epic, Armageddon-sized proportions. Whether it comes from social upheaval, natural, act-of-God disasters, economic failure, world war, or even extraterrestrial attack, concerned individuals are preparing for the worst.
Collectively, the apocalyptic event is known as when the SHTF, and is expected to be the ultimate challenge to mankind’s survival. SHTF stands for Sh*t Hits the Fan.The Internet is fairly replete with information on what to expect and how to prepare for such a catastrophe.

However, even governments have accepted the possibility of a rapid, virtually overnight natural disaster, or the total downfall of organized, civilized society.Huge underground warehouses have been constructed and are being stocked with seeds from nearly every tree and plant known to man. In addition, animal and human DNA and the most beneficial medicines are also being stocked to give humanity a chance to survive any impending disaster or even the Armageddon, be it natural, extraterrestrial, or man-made. Whether you have a family or are an individual, there are certain things that are crucial to your survival in the event of a local, national, or worldwide calamity. Any creature comfort-related items beyond that won’t be absolutely necessary in an emergency. This item should be of substantial size to accommodate cutting or chopping down trees for cooking, warmth, and possibly even shelter requirements. A hatchet or large survival knife, complete with a honing stone and sheath or carrying case is preferred. Some survival knives even have tools in the handle, things like: compass, string saw, light fishing tackle and even a small sewing kit. A multi-purpose tool has a number of elements that go beyond simple cutting, making the multi-purpose tool an exceptional item to have. Things like scissors, knife, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, bottle opener, and other attached tools are not as frivolous as they may seem.
In a true survival situation that impacts entire cities, regions, or countries, you may need to scavenge for foodstuffs. The additional tools can be used for animal skinning and constructing or maintaining a functional shelter. Fresh water may be contaminated; that will require purifying or desalinating water to satisfy hydration needs. There is a variety of items available online that can be used hundreds or even thousands of times. The flint and magnesium rods, when scraped with a steel object such as a knife blade, create sparks that will ignite dry tinder and paper. In the eventuality that you do not have any tinder or paper, cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly will work exceptionally well.
However, a few of them are: fire starting, building and repairing furniture, building and maintaining a shelter, emergency first aid care, crafting an emergency glass or bowl, and repairing tools.
Include basics like band aids, material for tourniquets, eye pads and cloth compresses, safety pins, thermometer, compass, antibiotics and painkillers. Place them in a waterproof container, preferably something flexible if possible so it will conform to the inside of a backpack or duffel bag and use less space. Para-cord is the cord that keeps parachutists safely attached to their parachutes when jumping. It is also what individuals use for rock climbing, and is designed to be super strong and durable. However, rope is a good replacement in emergency situations because paracord can be used for shelter building, rescue, perimeter security, traversing structures and much more.
In addition to being good as rain gear, a poncho can also be used for shelter and even for warmth if necessary. It can also be used as an over-the-shoulder bag for carrying stuff, or it can be used to construct a travois, or litter, to carry wood, supplies, or an injured person. The ideal way to supplement a regular flashlight is to get one that recharges by turning the attached handle; the light does not last as long as a regular flashlight, but they are perfect for non-emergency use to save battery power in the LED flashlights.
And if you do run out of batteries, a rechargeable flashlight will at least provide you with some light.Remember that most batteries, after they have run out, will regenerate somewhat after a few weeks or longer if just left alone outside of the flashlight. If possible, each teen and adult should have their own multi-purpose tool, poncho, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit and fishing gear in their own backpack or bug out bag.While the chances of such a disastrous event, one that would impact the entire United States or the world, may seem like science fiction, there are many conditions and situations that suggest the distinct potential for the worst case scenario. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife?
I was a little worried because I'm not really an "outdoorsman"--not only in mastering the survival skills but also in fitting in. The 3 Hour Basic Preparation and Survival Training Course is designed for the concerned citizen that wants to optimize survivability during the first seven days of an adverse event. To make matters worse any land remaining available for urban growth is generally risk-prone, for instance flood plains or steep slopes subject to landslides.

These statistics are compiled by the Office of Services and the National Climatic Data Center from information contained in Storm Data, a report comprising data from NWS forecast offices in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.
It is a little more durable than the Platypus bag, and worst case scenario could be subbed in for either bag. Young ones will love it because it is filled with fun activities, adults will find it challenging yet not so much so that they would feel inadequate.
They cost around $200 to $500 plus another $100 to add a utility package for water decontamination, heating and cooking, communal composting toilets and solar power. Thermax HD and hexacomb are both really nice materials, with very different costs and performance properties. You will need to provide food, water and shelter; those are the big three you will need for you and your family to survive. If you have the ability and resources to satisfy additional needs and desires, that is fine, but the primary three needs are what will help you survive and what deserve your focus. Include as much duct tape in your survival kit as you possibly can; you will not regret it. If you have extra room, we highly recommend adding climbing rope if you absolutely believe you’ll need it.
However, only the basics are really necessary: lures, fish eggs, and fishing line will work. If you are of that mold, then the aforementioned 10 items should be in your survival plan.Keep this survival gear in mind.
People in the SurviVacation class came from completely different backgrounds and skill sets and I never felt out of place. The 5 Hour Advanced Preparation and Survival Training Course is for those that wish to enhance survival abilities up to a period of three months after an adverse event.
After learning these primitive skills, it gives one confidence in the ability to be resourceful and take care of basic needs that will increase one's chances of survival. The inside had room for a full-size futon, some chairs and a table, as well as a few bookshelves. Survival Guns: Sheltering in place gives you a huge psychological advantage as well as tactical options verses bugging out. Taking one course will make you want to take more, if you don't come back for the more advanced courses, you will definitely come back for more of Creek's mom's cooking!!!A.H.
They are assembled using a 6 inch wide, 600+ lb bidirectional filament tape, and anchored to the ground like a tent. You can also get a water storage tank to divert your rain water to or add clean water to it as needed. Actual physical training with your equipment combined with tactics and coordinated movement of Group Members.Survival Mindset. The determination and resolve to accomplish the mission.Each side of this square is dependent on the others holding it in place. In most anticipated failures of civility, natural or man-made, scarcity of these key provisions due to a failure in our current computerized just-in-time (JIT) shipping model of everything from gasoline to food are what leads to want, fear, and social instability.
Merely having gear doesn’t mean that you can use it in any effective way, any more than buying paint and a canvas makes you Monet. Knowledge and training, however, are relatively portable, and technically, the survival mindset is, too.But is it really? Refugees from wars throughout human history suggest that it can be, but the fact remains that many people suffer anomie, a social normlessness that saps the will to live, when ripped out of what they view is their place in society. Being in your home, in your neighborhood, among friends and family, helps provide a vital sense of community and normality in even extreme circumstances. Send it to AmmoLand.Email* CommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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