I get all jittery just thinking about the impact that these technologies could have on the future of human male infertility. Currently he is on the forefront on stem cell use for both anti-aging cosmetic purposes and general health improvement.He is working closely with international laboratories with high quality monoclonal stem cells that show incredible promise for facial rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and organ rejuvenation. Turek daydreaming about futures cures for male infertility.Forgive me for dreaming, but it’s the New Year and a great time to think about what the future holds, if only for a moment.
Imagine me telling you two things: 1) that it might not be true, and 2) I can figure it out without hurting you or even touching you.
Say that the metabolomic scan finds that you indeed are sterile and that no sperm exist in the testicles for you to use with IVF-ICSI.

Maybe you have a vision for what you’d like to see happen, whether political, financial, personal or global. However, the scan tells us something else: that there are early germ cells (sperm precursor cells) present. No highly acclaimed fine needle aspiration map.  Just jump into a specially designed, radiation-free, MRI scanner for 15 minutes and learn the answer. Now, imagine removing some of these early germ cells (stem cells) from the testicle, putting them into an artificial testicle and, just as a seed becomes a plant, make sperm outside your body. Imagine taking a simple skin biopsy or mouth swab and creating stem cells for you that could then be placed into the same artificial testicle to make sperm.

In 2004 he suugested the use of a glaucoma medication for the growth and enhancement of eyelashes and hair.

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