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Truong was voted one of America’s top Cosmetic Surgeons by Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. I was obese throughout my teenage years, and after losing almost 100 pounds, I had just a few problem areas that needed help. Truong for a Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck procedure after consulting with other physicians in my local area of Sarasota, and not feeling confident with having them perform the surgeries.
Truong was very professional and truly catered to my desires and preferred outcomes for my breast augmentation. He is an ABMS Board-Certified surgeon with a wealth of experience in trauma, intra-abdominal, extra-abdominal, cutaneous, breast, and facial surgery.

It is a testament to the level interest and care he takes for each patient, and the ability to deliver the desired outcome. I am 16 days post with very little discomfort and back to work and the scaring is healing so fast. Having completed two separate fellowships in Burn Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and a year-long apprenticeship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he is Fellowship-trained in the art of Cosmetic Surgery.
Truong was very informative about both procedures, and actually explained that if I was to have a tummy tuck at 26 years old, the results may be destroyed if I were to have children later in life, and I was better off to have liposuction to the area of concern.
Because of his vast experience, attention to detail, and the amount of personal attention he gives each patient, he is uniquely able to meet and, at times, exceed the expectations of his patients. None of the other physicians I had consulted with had mentioned that, and I was grateful that Dr. Michael EpsteinMy Aesthetic Experience, also known as MAE Plastic Surgery, offers pectoral augmentation to residents of Northbrook, Chicago, Chicagoland area, and surrounding communities of Illinois.

Truong has done thousands of facial filler injections with excellent results and no major complications. Pectoral augmentation is a surgical procedure that is done to reshape, enlarge, and firm the chest.
Implants are used and give a natural appearance, whether the chest is relaxed or flexed.Please look over these before and after pictures of pectoral augmentation to have a better understanding of the results that are possible. Truong is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Learn More About Dr.
Truong was very caring throughout the recovery process, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a cosmetic procedure.

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