The importance of Gaudi’s Works in Barcelona mean the immediate association between the Spanish Modernism and that city, nevertheless it’s not the only Spanish city where it’s possible to contemplate incredible constructions which represent this architectural development. Young architects Antonio Palacios and Joaquin Otamendi submitted the winner project to the competition in which it was going to be decided the design of the future Post building, placed in Alcala grounds. Eventually, the first stone was laid in 1907 and the building’s basement was 30 thousand square meters. The Palace of Communications’ design broke the classicist aesthetics of the Prado Avenue, which caused a second controversy promoted by the most traditional society sectors of the city. The Palace of Communications rises in the heart of Madrid, in Cibeles Square, and it’s one of the first Modernist Spanish buildings. The site was crucial for Madrid city’s features and it was also very controversial, due to the fact that it was the place of the Old Gardens of Buen Retiro Park; therefore the citizens were against removing a leisure public space to build the headquarter of the telegraph, telephone and post communications.
As the time went by and after some functional and structural modifications, the building ended up to be appreciated by the people from Madrid as well as the visitors from all around the world. Palacios and Otamendi’s project wasn’t over when they achieved to persuade the jury, they didn’t provide all the details and documentation required neither; even though its building was very practical. The architects were young and they have recently finished their degrees, which made them the critics’ favorite target.
On that date the kings, Alfonso XIII and his wife Vitoria Eugenia, inaugurated the building known as the “Cathedral of the Communications”.
The picture of the Palace of the Communications kept by the Cibeles goddess magnificent fountain has turned into one landmark of Madrid historical city. The construction was made of white stone “Novelda”, which came from the Spanish East coast, and it turned into a symbol of the country regeneration and, therefore into a progression and Modernism landmark in a very difficult Spanish period.
The members of the Fine Arts Academy assigned them the project with one condition: it should be completed into one month deadline.
The critics weren’t able to prevent from the incorporation of those period late technologies, as the natural ventilation and the underground canalization.

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