The composition is inspired by old vintage scents of the 20s, made with a twist of modernity.
CH eau de parfum sublime paints a picture of a lady endearing in her elegance yet exciting in her rebellious spirit. You may feel a bit indifferent as she looks "tea party" polished but will play a mischievous prank on you. She keeps her the introduction polite with the sweet blend of Passion flower and Bergamote unveiling supreme femininity once the Rose and Orchid comes to play at the heart. I got a sample of this as an extra in a swap, and I'll give anything that crosses my path a try, so I wore it for two days even though I was sceptical to say the least. Its color was the first thing to draw my attention - I love purple, so when I saw the bottle I was immediately tempted to try it.. I found it at very good deal on Strawberrynet, compared to the fragrance shop in the mall, so I went for it.
I think the bottle is really pretty (purple is my favorite color) but the cap looks cheap (and that's the only con for me). The CH line emerged, in 2007, with the release of CH for Women, which came before the male version.
In this version of 2013, the bottle did not follow the same visual pattern from the rest of the line CH, but kept the application of leather around it.
But when it comes to the fragrance, what was going to be a mess, turned out to be a nice surprise.
Have just sampled this, it seemed to me a more senior version of the traditional; a soberer CH with orchid.
This fragrance is definitely among the most elite fragrances a store can offer (here, equally pricey too). The opening is fresh floral and bright like a sunshine on a cloudy day and then comes the surprise- I smell quite strong, delicious black currant (which isn't listed). Bought this as a blind buy,for me it was the beautiful bottle that resembles a very chic purse,that persuaded me to part with my hard earned cash and try it.As for the contents I'm waiting for a special occasion before I wear it,will keep you updated! At the beginning, there are some heavy notes that quite distract me, but later on, the fragrance gets really pleasant.
Carolina Herrera captured Euphoria without that masculine woody opening in this according to me, placing the orchid in the main role. I was in Spain a month ago and there were advertisements of this everywhere so I just want to note that the pictures match the image of the fragrance perfectly. Parfumul  Pour Homme Oud Noir pentru barbati a fost lansat de catre casa de parfumuri Versace in anul 2013. Hello, va tot urmaresc pe facebook si am vazut ca aveti un concurs la parfumul black opium. Buna ziua, Am vazut ca aveti o promotie la parfumurile de la paco rabanne cele noi aparute. Buna ziua, Am primit parfumul acum, va multumesc si vroiam sa va anunt ca am sa fac o noua comanda saptamana viitoare pentru sotul meu un parfum de la Givenchy dar sa vad la care am sa ma hotaresc. comercializeaza numai parfumuri originale achizitionate de la furnizori de parfumuri originale autorizati. New, irresistible fragrance by Givenchy, named Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy, will be presented in November 2008, with Liv Tyler as cover face of this edition and muse of the house of Givenchy.
The perfume Absolutely Irresistible has floral character and is very seductive thanks to its main ingredient – jasmine. Red, sexy bottle is a real seductress, which is highlighted with red nuances and decorated with silver, geometric motifs inspired by haute couture details created by Riccardo Tisci, creator of the house of Givenchy. Liv is wearing a black dress in the advertisement, and one of her straps slips provocatively off her shoulder. AI translates well from day to night wear, although a second application is usually needed for the evening. This smells more like a more subdued Gucci Rush on me, something about the spicy citrus, red berries and deep patchouli which create the same smell an almost fizziness to my nostrils. The powdery soft side of this reminds me of Donna Karan's Cashmere mist only in this, it is more muted and combined with spice. My boyfriend liked this one and thought it's quite sweet, so it might be alluring to some men. I like how light, easy-going notes are very dominant here, and darker notes are just "sneaking in" after some time.
I don't know if it's absolutely irresistible or not, but it's definitely absolutely wearable!
I received a decant of this in a swap and based on some reviews I thought that this would be bomb, in some way. This scent has excellent projection and lasts about 10 hours on your skin, about 7 of those hours with good sillage. Does anyone know if this will be available again in 2013 as a re-launch every holiday season? This perfume was in my wish list, I just try it now I really love , it's really nice and seductive it's absolutely irresistible.
Jasmine is the heart of this fragrance on me, and it is the prominent note from spritz to end on my skin. My sister wears this fragrance, it took over from Clinique's Happy, and she smells like a Parisian fashion industry mogul going out to party hard, then sleep well, awake with no hangover, and jet over to New York for a dinner at her true love's apartment. I love the Givenchy 'Very Irresistible' line of fragrance in general, but this one is very different from the rest. On me this is a sweeter more floral Gucci Rush - does anyone else get the same effect or is it just my weird chemistry? White Musk is a comfortable and velvety female fragrance, dedicated to every woman and perfect for every moment and occasion. I have been exploring different musk fragrances, which fortunately happen to be quite cheap. To my delight this reminds me soo much of those various Egyptian Musk oils, most of which I have recently had to accept have been ruined by reformulation and dilution. Okay this is a review for the new bottle (20 ml instead of the 30 ml) I used to like white musk very much. I found this to be a very pleasantly blended scent of white flowers with depth, which sit close to the skin. I had expected that this would be great but I can't bring myself to wear it outside the house. Update: the white musk body butter has been repackaged with the dark purple label on the top. Second try, applying like a spec of oil here and there and working it into the skin and transferring to other pulse points. For everyday use that can be worn alone or be used as a base for layering other fragrances. Love it or loathe it, the hyper-feminine, Body Shop White Musk is the quintessential, classic, white musk. Unmistakable and unforgettable -- whether this is a good or bad thing is down to one's personal taste. In the 80s every teenage girl smelt like Body Shop White Musk; in the same way teenage boys smelt like, the hyper-masculine, Drakkar Noir.
As others have said, this is the quintessential simple white musk - and what's not to love?
I just picked up a 30ml bottle of EDP which was marked down - I think because there is new packaging coming out. Such an iconic fragrance amongst us "Bodyshoppers" - You either hate it (aka "This is a granny-scent! There is also a growing piece of sub-cultural young hipster girls with lavender hair leaning towards this fragrance nowadays; as well as the low key country girls with their bicycle helmet clipped to their backpack. I will never understand how different perfumes can smell so different on different bodies:) I've got the EDP version of this and even after spraying a generous amount, I still can't smell anything.
The perfume oil has been re-packaged at our local stores to the 20ml size (same design as the black musk oil). The EDT and EDP have been repackaged and these look impressive but with a higher price tag.
Soapy and clean, everyday fragrance,recomended for work, as it's not heavy and non-offensive. I was wearing this last friday, and to my surprise 3 people complimented on how good I smelled.
Fragrance collection by the house of Ralph Lauren will be increased by another fragrance this spring - Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom, available as EDT. Fresh and dashy, optimistic and luminous, this new summer fragrance Romance Summer Blossom is composed of playful essences of sun and romance. I have the original romance, this is no where near close to it, maybe a few seconds whiff but that's it , the original is fresh and clean with marigold notes , this is totally different middle notes and dry down and it sucks cause I always wear the original , so I know for sure!
This smells like original Romance swirled with softer white florals, and hints of very naturalistic coconut.
Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Toilette fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Maxim's de Paris perfume is launched in 1984 in a flacon designed by the famous Pierre Dinand. Deliciosa combinacao , porem pouco duravel na pele; devo reaplicar ao longo do dia;mas, sem duvida inesquecivel cheiro!!
But I wrinkled my nose and braved a few sprays and, lo and behold, and a little shyly, those heart notes came through. It smells to me a little like Diva: Not nearly as rosy, and no honey at all, but it has that golden quality to it. I'm so addicted to strong fragrance that I don't trust myself to recommend where or when this would be appropriate to wear. I say just a moment because this fragrance, despite its very strong notes of cassis and something I can only describe as "green and herbaceous", it doesn't fill the room.
I asked the hubby to take a whiff of it, and when he did he knee-jerked a "WHOO!" and asked if I was seriously considering wearing it.
But the sad thing that the EDT version of this wonderful fragrance doesn?t last long for me. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Maxim`s de Paris Maxim's de Paris fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Bombshell Seduction is a sexy limited edition made from tempting fruits and provocative flowers. Sillage is very nice, not overpowering, but definitely beyond arms length and longevity is about 4-5 hours on me.

I got the bodymist when it was half off because I was looking for a something to just keep in my work locker. Victoria Secret Bombshell Seduction is sweet grapefruit, fresh lotus flower, and light musk.
Very fresh but sensual at the same time, the grapefruit note is very noticeable at first but then it evolves into a warm and sexy smell.
Princess, to my mind they are pretty different, but have the same base, so you can understand that it's edition of original fragrance.
I bought the shimmering body lotion and I kept looking on here to see when it was going to be added so I could write a review. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Victoria`s Secret Bombshell Seduction fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about LR Ralf Moeller fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Many fragrances claim to capture the scent of a summer's day when you're sitting refreshed after a shower in clean clothes on your front porch sipping some cold drink and enjoying the afternoon sun. Well, Clinique Happy in bloom doesn't claim to add the perfect smell to the perfet afternoon, but surprisingly it does.
It's hard to tell the single notes in it, in my opinion it's a well composed harmony where single notes mingle to the complete theme.
It's easy to wear, casual, easy going and relaxed, well, like the afternoon in the garden I think. It gives a comfortable easy feeling, like that favorite , casual white cotton shirt and jeans you feel so comfortable and relaxed in. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Clinique Clinique Happy In Bloom fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. The strong and distinctive character of the fragrance provided by rose, patchouli and moss is modified with contemporary accords of passionflower. The earthy kind of Patchouli grounds the composition while Leather, although it's only quite noticeable, adds a CURIOUS vibe to the entire composition. Not that velvety, cozy passionflower that I get from Hypnose, but something fresh and sharp instead. My first thought was that you'd have to be extremely confident and quite probably deluded to call your scent "Sublime", especially with a bottle like that - how can such an ugly thing contain anything good, let alone sublime? It was like, instantly, the bergamote and and passionflower notes wrapped my skin in a luxurious veil.
Some versions (flankers) came then, but many of them even figured in the Brazilian market, as CH Marine or CH Garden Party, for instance. And when the scent hits the skin, it is noticeable a sweet and subtle aroma of passion fruit flower, but nothing groundbreaking. There is something about this fragrance, it feels young but professional (may I say "successful"), fun, mysterious, and sophisticated.
Some people may occasionally say that they can detect your fragrance but it completely disappears for you ("sublim"inal?) and makes you feel a bit "scentless".
Flowery, sweet (like the first love experienced in an adult age) and in the same time it's citrusy (the bergamot is well pronounced and beautiful here) and has a tiny touch of patchouli. It (black currant) disappears quite quickly leaving an elegant combo of rose, amber and just a hint of patchouli.
And she did very well, because the newest CH is such a universal and sophisticated scent that any female could easily wear it everyday. Her glamorous look goes perfectly with the new red edition, decorated with a glittering motive. The perfume is available as 30ml, 50ml and 75ml edp, as well as 200 ml body lotion and 100 ml deodorant spray. Which would make sense as Rihanna's frags also have red berry, patchouli, mandarin orange, orange flower and jasmine. Initially it can be a bit overwhelming, and I do not recommend it for warm weather wear, as it can really expand on you- and not in a good way!
It was slightly camphorous and dirtysmelling, uncomfortable for me, perhaps if they toned the patch down a notch it would have worked out between us. I won't say I completely hated this scent, I had a bottle and used a little of it before giving it away. I was thinking to which perfume I can relate it and it?s so similar to my nose to Eden (Cacharel). Very grateful, but did not like this very much; it did not move me at all- cant remember anything about it only that it was very cheapish smelling (and Im not a snob).
A little too non-femenine to me, since I prefer girlier scents, but even though this is a little bolder, I really liked it. It opens with notes of ylang-ylang, galbanum and basil, followed by the heart of jasmine, rose, musk and lily,and settling at the base dominated by musk along with jasmine, rose, iris, amber, patchouli, vetiver, peach, oakmoss and vanilla. After sampling it, I bought 2 of the 30 ml, 1 fl oz EDP White Musk from The Body Shop for only $14. It also reminds me of a much smoother, better-rounded, less retro version of Jovan Musk for Men. It is coming into winter where I am and something in it works to add to the cosy, fresh feeling of a cold night.
But this new bottle is different, it doesn't have that clean wash smell any more, but now it smells to musky in a bad way, to old granny musk.
Reminds me of sweet pipe tobacco or those wine tipped cigars, vanilla and very soft florals. I am not a great fan of Body shop fragrances usually, although I love the fact they are cruelty free, they usually smell either cheap or synthetic.
It's sexy and mysterious, makes me think of international spies and femme fatales like Mata-Hari.
I used to wear it as a teenager and now I like using it along with the body butter which, quite frankly, I find better than the perfume. These scents were made for the times when women were women and men were men -- before all this metrosexual nonsense became de rigueur. I've tried this one once and it didn't catch my interest at all but If I accidentally see it, I will consider trying it again. Glass and airy flacon shaped like cube hides pink fragrant fluid and has a flower-shaped decoration on the neck of the bottle. Notes to retell the exciting essences of summer are sweet and citrusy accords of mandarin, fruity shades of guava, jasmine petals, coconut water and soft vanilla. Even though these notes are not options, what I smell is mainly creamy gardenia and sharp clean lily of the valley. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies.
Lot of vintage perfumes of this orchestration commands very high prices on the secondary market. Its not an 80s bombastic powerhouse but it does have a strong solid viewpoint like Diva, Coco, but refined and well blended. I don't drill sellers about freshness when it's less than $10 including shipping, since I take my chances with sellers who don't specialize in perfumes. I don't care for unisex or masculine scents, but I'm not taken aback from (on me) the rather intensive spicy, dark-green patchouli heart, because sweet ribbons of red geranium and--I swear it's there--purple lilac blossoms entwine all around it. I'm also no judge of sillage or endurance, since I'm a scent eater, but I get a fair run of about two hours out of it.
A special thank you to MustangAnnie who wrote the review that made me take the plunge to purchase blindly!
The grapefruit makes this scent a smidge more unique than every other floral musk out there. I was surprised that this came out during the winter month of December in 2011, it’s definitely a summer scent. The fragrance features freesia, mimose, amber, musk, green leaves, yellow plum and lily-of-the-valley notes. But though many fragrances claim to capture that perferct summer afternoon, most of them fail to do so.
Not heavy, not headache enducing, unless you use really too much, lovely to wear in the office, actually I often did and my coworkers always asked why I smelled so good like fresh laundry.
I cannot find it anywhere as this is one of a very few fragrances which actually smells nice on me. However, it has something heavy and synthetic about it, which gives me a headache in large doses. So synthetic and like rancid fruit.I don't like any Clinique fragrances but I do like the cosmetics!
Wearing this, I'm wrapped with an expensive cloud of fume that lasts ages and has garnered me plenty of compliments. Then I looked at the note pyramid with its prominent patchouli and florals, really not my favourite notes, and my expectations dipped even lower. It's almost all patchouli on me, a bit synthetic but nice - mellow and rather soft, not the queasy, dusty kind.
Despite the fact that he passed away some six or seven years before the fragrance was released.
I have CK Euphoria and they really have something in common, but at the same time I think that they smell completely different. Then, the scent evolves into a floral, with great richness of Orchid, but with an effect that doesn't thrill. It was not an immediate favorite for me, should I add, so I ended up getting a 50ml instead of a 80ml as a result of "do I really like it or not?" hesitation. No matter how hard you spray it on yourself, you just don't get any more sillage, it is just buried deep in the fabric of your clothes. I've got the message about the parcel late in the evening, it was dark, very windy and cold outside, but I still went to get the parcel.
The heart encompasses Egyptian jasmine, orange blossom and heliotrope, while the base introduces cedar, patchouli and amber. I love the lushness of the berries and florals in this scent, and the paprika makes it uniquely spicy. On me, AI starts out with a strong mandarin, berry, patchouli blast, then the cedar takes over. I loved the spicy, red berries and chile notes among the sheer jasmine and spicy pathcouli. Absolutely Irresistible is obviously made of quality ingredients, anyone who wears it can not be accused of wearing "cheap perfume". Absolutely Irresistible is a soft and sweet floral yet it has a nice punch from the pimento.
Besides an intensive 30 ml eau de perfume, White Musk is available as 15 and 30 ml White Musk Perfume Oil and 30 and 60 ml eau de toilette.

The fragrance is quite simple: clean, slightly soapy musk dominates with hints of herbal and floral notes. To bad, I ask the salesman at the store if the formula is change, he sad: No, but he said that I'm not the only one who has asked the same question about it. This one has a lovely distinctive blend though which I really like, though the comments I have received while wearing have been somewhat off - putting! There was another packaging for short term in a Lilac purple container where I couldn't smell much. Based on experience, I don't seem to be a fan of white musk so I'm pretty sure this White musk won't be a favourite either. Now is this out already a guy the other day came in asking for a new fragrance for his wife by Ralph Lauren that he said he smelled at some dept.
If you have more information about Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Toilette, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review.
The heart is heady floral with rose, mimosa, narcissus, tuberose, carnation, geranium, jasmine, orange blossom and broom. The flowers in it are among my many favorites and do blend well together: carnation, tuberose, hyacinth, narcissus, jasmine, African orange flower heliotrope. If you have more information about Maxim`s de Paris Maxim's de Paris, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review.
I was using a cheaper one (refuge nights) before but if they released this again I'd definately pay full price, nothing like feeling like a queen upon spraying a little perfume.
A sucker for magnolia and a fan of Bombshell, this one was an absolute must-have for my collection. If you have more information about Victoria`s Secret Bombshell Seduction, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. If you have more information about LR Ralf Moeller, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. So don't let yourself be fooled, I've been buying it for several years and it really stays the same. The topnotes are pleasant, but it smells a bit too much of alcohol, and the drydown has too much soapiness. It is light, and very sweet, but still has that something which you originally loved about Happy. If you have more information about Clinique Clinique Happy In Bloom, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. Roses and orchid are placed in the heart, followed by the base of patchouli, moss, leather and amber.
After that the fragrance lost a lot of its power and was reduced to a resemblance of the original CH, only less vivid. It's a very comfortable kind of scent that works especially well in early autumn, I think, and appropriate in any setting. Euphoria is sexy, hot, wild and a little agressive while CH Sublime is tender and sweet (but also very sexy on its own way). For me, until then, was just another sweet and floral perfume, far from making me remember some older Chypres.
Oh how I want to make this my signature fragrance but it is hard when people around you can't smell it. AI eventually mellows to the heliotrope, jasmine and orange blossom, with just a touch of the cedar to keep it clean and grounded. However, if your skin does agree with it, you will end up with a scent that is fresh, sensual, and arresting. I was given a few samples so I was able to give it a decent test period but I remain unimpressed. Just amazing with her steady and sparkling eyes, her easy smile, and her interesting but obvious beauty. Someone had a coughing fit around me saying it was 'strong', someone else compared it to carpet cleaner! Also, it smells like musk and nothing else, so if you like the scent, it's an affordable way to smell like musk everyday. You may still smell the galbanum, but only for a moment before becoming like a musk left on your skin after taking a shower with something like Dove soap. Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Toilette by Ralph Lauren. The base contains notes of labdanum, heliotrop, oak moss, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla. Perhaps these classics had to disappear as they do not fit in with fleece sports wear, sneakers and spray tans so common today.
Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Maxim's de Paris by Maxim`s de Paris.
Like the person above stated it doesn't last very long but my friend loves it and I don't mind re spraying it cause it smells that good! Bombshell Seductive is not anything original, but it's a nice scent to chase away the winter blahs. Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Bombshell Seduction by Victoria`s Secret.
Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Ralf Moeller by LR. But I by two flacons each year, fearing one wouldn't supply me sufficiently till next year's february.
I have a coworker who wears this, and she must really douse herself in it, because I know she's in the building, without even having seen her, just by smelling her fragrance. Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Clinique Happy In Bloom by Clinique.
But after that I forgot that the perfume was on my skin and let the time pass, came the surprise: the scent changed completely, showing itself more rasping and almost dry.
Overall, this fragrance is lovely, not too sweet, definitely sophisticated, unique and expensive but still, definitely not long lasting and has very narrow sillage.
But the main component which could be responsible for the attraction of this perfume is the leather -sensual, fresh, expensive leather scent. Women seem to be on the fence about AI, but men walk up to me and make admiring comments on the scent all the time.
It is reminiscent of the November December January holidays for me, although I've never owned a bottle. I also tested it in 1990, it had more depth then - I know the formulation has changed from then to what I am wearing now. Of course, your experience may differ from mine, so I suggest experimenting at home first to see what works for you. I knew a young lady who applied it with her fingers and it got passed onto everything she touched. Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture.
Women and men of today?s generation, please do not judge any perfumes on recreations, but try to get originals as they are the real deal, not saying some reformulations are not lovely but if you want to know what the creator was thinking and feeling, the original is it. Wonderfully blissful and refreshing scent--but it does not last as long as I wish it would. And then, I realized that the patchouli and leather came to transform that sweet and fragile woman into a woman of strong personality. I imagined the bus stop to let a women enter, she would sit right in front of me- dark, leather coat with a belt, beautifully done "cat-eye" make -up, nude lips, warm, purple scarf and leather gloves. It quickly dries down to patchouli with creamy amber and powdery heliotrope peaking through and an ever so lightly fruit compote smell.
This isn't a scent typical of my normal tastes, but over all I would say it's a like for me. I was hoping the red berry note would be a bit more crisp and sparkling, but it just couldn't get out from under the heaviness of the other notes. I liked it then too but it used to 'go off' on my skin, the drydown used to be horrible and stale. Not enough be uncommon to see leather notes in female fragrances, they made all the difference in this version. If you ever layer perfumes than that is how Chanel Chance (original) and For Her (black) by Narciso Rodriguez smell like together. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss. In my opinion, it makes the perfect pair with CH Men and shows that innovation is still possible when it comes to perfumes. That was because I accidentally applied too much which was actually only a drop on my wrist. Musk usually smells like unwashed flesh on me, but this just smells like Olay anti-aging cream. User reviews of Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Toilette by Ralph Lauren represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. User reviews of Maxim's de Paris by Maxim`s de Paris represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views.
User reviews of Bombshell Seduction by Victoria`s Secret represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views.
User reviews of Ralf Moeller by LR represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. User reviews of Clinique Happy In Bloom by Clinique represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views.
I see this as being a mostly floral fragrance with some fruit but as an older 80's fruity floral it beats other fruity florals that sell today. It has similarities to Allure Sensuelle and Belle d Opium but the dry down is more tame, with less mustiness and more creaminess. I also like that I can wear this one to work or throw on the shimmer lotion and layer away and wear it out on dates. I can see how the fragrance relates to Maxim's the French restaurant in Paris dating to the time of the Belle Epoque turn of the century.
It smells like a fragrance made many decades before the 80's, like something coming out of 1910.
Like a black wool power suit worn by Joan Collins (Knowing)as opposed to a gold lame mermaid dress worn by Linda Evans (Giorgio) I would love to buy a full sized bottle of this.
The sales associate was even shocked and made a face as I had Eternity on one wrist and Ralph Summer Blossom on the other.

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