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Testosterone (also mis-spelt testerone by some people) is a hormone of the steroid family of the androgen group and is found in humans as well as animals. It is primarily produced by the testes of males and the ovaries of females and a small amount of it is also produced by the adrenal glands.
In males, the testerone secretion is much more in volume than in females as metabolic consumption of this hormone in males is high.
Hypogonadism is a medical condition in which the human body is unable to produce sufficient amount of male hormone due to another health problem with the testicles or with glands that controls this process. Lower than normal levels of testosterone in men decreases muscle mass, stunt growth in teenagers, causes gynecomastia, promotes feminine characteristics, curtails masculine growth, reduces sex drive and causes erectile dysfunction and can also cause sweating in excess.
There are some people who are born with hypogonadism, or it can occur later in life due injury, accident or infection. Replacement therapy (TRT) improves the signs and symptoms of low T in men afflicted by Hypogonadism. In some cases these symptoms forms part of the normal ageing process or side effects of medication or psychological conditions and it is very important to make the right diagnosis. Not all of the above symptoms will occur at the same time and some of them may never occur even when there is deficiency. A recent study has sparked a flurry of articles about how low estrogen levels are responsible for many of the symptoms of Low T. Most of the circulating estrogen (estradiol) in a man’s body is actually derived through an enzymatic process that converts testosterone (androgens) into estradiol. Normal estradiol levels are important for things like erectile function, maintenance of bone health, and regulation of fat mass vs. For men, it is rare to find low estrogen levels unless that person is undergoing some kind of treatment to reduce estradiol directly. The ratio of testosterone to estradiol remains stable whether someone is on TRT or not, so as Low T is corrected and T levels rise, estradiol levels often rise with it.
Most often, a medication named Arimidex (anastrazole) is the treatment of choice to help reduce estradiol levels. Essentially, estrogen levels must be evaluated and managed the right way for Low T treatments to be safe. Your total wellness is important to us at TCT, if you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of Low T treatments, please CONTACT US!
Is this something once started you will never be able to stop or will it help jump start your system back to normal?
Much like diabetics who need insulin, or those suffering with thyroid disease need replacement medications, once your body stops producing enough testosterone at adequate levels, typically replacement is necessary. Making sure that your vitamin D levels are normal, getting enough Zinc, and utilizing high-intensity interval training may help boost testosterone levels in the meantime.

The information contained on this site is intended strictly for research and informational purposes only. Testosterone is considered to be a super hormone for men who would like to improve their overall well-being. Testosterone is a hormone that humans, yes both male and female produces to enhance puberty, fertility and sexual libido.
A male individual will experience decrease of hair or hair loss, decrease in bone and muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, fragile bones and worst, the growth of breast tissues which should only be present in females. Just like back in school science experiments, I therefore conclude that water is not the cause of testosterone decrease in the body but what it is contaminated with.
Previous Post5 Creative ways to maintain healthy sexual relationship with your partnerNext PostTesto Shred Trail Offer a Scam? Early Response Time in Sexual Activity and Mood Following Testosterone Gel Replacement in Hypogonadal Males from the TestimA® START Study. In men, this male hormone has an important role in the development of male reproductive organs (testes and the prostate) and it is also responsible for the secondary sexual traits such as muscle building, bone mass, and body hair growth during puberty.
Just like in the case of men, women also rely on it to maintain sex drive, bone density and muscle mass throughout their lifetime. It is common knowledge that estrogen deficiency (think menopause) can cause a slew of symptoms in women, but what is the relationship between testosterone levels, estrogen levels, and symptoms like fatigue or erectile dysfunction? In the setting of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), we are much more likely to deal with increased estradiol levels called hyperestrogenism. It is just as important to keep estradiol levels normal as it is to keep testosterone levels normal. This medication, when used and monitored appropriately is safe, inexpensive, and very effective. This is a very slim chance that hCG therapy could lead to improved natural production, but it is a long-shot to say the least. If your numbers are borderline there is a chance that behavior modification can improve production, but this is also unlikely. Perhaps the more specific way of saying that estradiol levels are rarely low is, that they are rarely low in isolation. These issues need to be evaluated in a comprehensive manner while paying attention to all hepatobiliary or renal indices. The findings that I think do not represent grave issues are the elevate bilirubin and low GFR.
It can be found in estrogen producing tissue in the adrenal glands, brain, fatty tissue, and even the testicles. While we occasionally do see elevated estrogen levels prior to starting treatment for Low T, is is most often a problem that arises because of higher testosterone levels. Once weekly dosing is typically enough to reduce elevated levels back into the normal range.
Ultimately, if you are the right candidate, on the right treatment, for the right reasons then this is something that should be being addressed already. You can stop therapy at any time, and you would be expected to return to baseline in weeks to months. The differential diagnosis can be rather involved, and while it is unlikely to reveal anything grave, it is best done by an internist. You mention that these results are not grave, but my libido is very low, heachaches and tiredness are persistent. Often changes like this are transient, but at first glance I do not think they are hormonal in etiology.

You should speak with your personal health care provider before making any changes in your medical treatment and follow their instructions for care.
If a man has a high level of estrogen he will have more feminine traits and lowering down testosterone level. Once low testosterone levels are documented in a symptomatic man, testosterone replacement therapy may be started. On the other hand, herbal supplements help boost testosterone production without the side effects of replacement therapy. Special care should be taken to monitor for side effects of persistent estradiol elevation, flushing which may occur with the use of Arimidex, and for maintenance of normal estradiol levels during treatment. Ensure that anyone who treat you for low testosterone understands and explains all the known risks associated with therapy. If free T levels are low, less is available to be converted to estradiol, therefore estradiol (E2) levels will also be low if there is no secondary influence such as obesity or aromatase induction. The symptoms that one can experience from low free testosterone, and even low estradiol levels, can be quite profound.
The information provided by Testosterone Centers of Texas is publicly available and cannot be considered complete nor is it intended to diagnose, or direct treatment for, any medical condition. Testosterone hormones in men in particular enhance muscle bulk, increased bone mass, physical strength, agility and body hair. There are also unavoidable causes that men might not be even aware that their testosterone level has been affected.
Being aware of potential issues and having a plan of action that prevents them from becoming problems during therapy is what will keep you both happy and healthy.
It is not really water that is the culprit but rather today’s technology of bottling water.
Often women who are receiving BHRT for help with the symptoms of menopause, are already receiving testosterone in combination with “female hormones.”Such combinations have been proven to be the most effective way we currently have to deal with the most debilitating symptoms of menopause – hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings – as well as sexual wellness issues such as lack of libido. Undescended testicles also is an unavoidable cause this is when the testicles failed to descend below the abdomen while growing up. Bottled water contains BPA or bisphenol A a chemical used in making plastic resins such as the bottles used for drinking water and even plastic used to contain food. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of diabetes, that is what most endocrine practices focus on.
Richard Gaines on 14 Apr, 2015Submit a Comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Yours FREE for a Limited Time Guide Download FULL NAME EMAIL Would you like a Free Consultation?  SubscribeWe will never share your information. Richard Gaines According to recent studies, men with low testosterone had almost a 3 times greater risk of dying over the next 10 years, than men with higher testosterone.
Richard Gaines Many high-profile celebrities and entrepreneurs are swearing by the use of growth hormone,as a result,people have been calling our offices to ask about how safe and effective growth hormone therapy can be Read more > How Do Hormone Therapies Make Age Irrelevant?
Richard Gaines When you are suffering from a hormone imbalance, you can feel sick, weak, depressed, tired, have sexual problems, or face any number of other health issues, but hormone therapy can help Read more > Guide Download EMAILWe will never share your information.
To determine a clinical need, patients must complete any required lab work, physician consultations, examinations and a medical history review. Please note that even if you complete these steps, a clinical necessity for our prescriptions or hormone therapy may not be found.Any claims or opinions stated within our HealthGains website should not be constructed as medical advice or as a diagnostic.

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