All through the 80’s and the 90’s, my mother was a has-been and a nobody, but still she preached her difficult message to the world. There have been books: in the last decade, a whole genre of expose revealing the problems with our food supply and food supply chain. It was several years ago, convergent with my husband’s desire to use his construction skills to build something of his own, that I began to make the shift myself. You may also like -On Training to be a Vicar in the Church of England (A Guest Post by Jules Middleton) The Prophet Speaks Words Before They are True: Peace! Your mother had the right idea years ago, and you have found your own path to eco-responsibility. Sign up to be emailed my blog posts (1-2 a week) and get the ebook of "Holy Ground," my account of working with Mother Teresa. At Dickinson college, graduate apprentices of the Sustainability program have the opportunity to live on the school’s 50 acre organic farm in these off grid, solar-powered yurts for the duration of their apprenticeship. A yurt is a traditional Mongolian-style portable hut that has been a distinctive part of life in Asia for over three thousand years. The yurts on the Dickinson farm are hooked to solar panels and are completely off the grid. Take a peek into Ana’s yurt and you can see how adding some decor and creative storage can turn a yurt into quite a nice living space. Living in an off grid home on an organic farm is sustainability at its best, and these yurts are a nice modern spin on ancient sustainable housing. Scottish brand Trakke has transformed one of our favorite ancient shelters--the nomadic yurt--into the Jero, a modernized and lightweight pop up dwelling perfect for everything from garden parties to off-grid living.
Created by Trakke in collaboration with eponymous designer Uula Jero and rapid prototyping workshop Maklab, the final design for Jero Yurt took years of research and development. I referenced your blog entry on my blog and used one of your photos, giving you credit, of course, and linking to you. Traditional Yurts were the circular canvas homes of nomadic Mongolian people for thousands of years.
Today’s Yurts are meant to be a little more permanent, but they are still easy to set up and will keep inhabitants safe and cozy in extreme weather. I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun blogging as I have these last three months, whether it was sketching an illustrated history of yurts or working on a watercolor housewarming of my Salt Spring abode. In February, Airbnb declared 2014 ‘the year of the yurt’ – if yesterday’s research session proved anything, it’s that they couldn’t be more right. Uzbekistan – Navoi Region: Camel safaris, cozy gers, and jeep tours to the Aral Sea – what more could one ask for from a yurt camp? Sooo… I have NO idea there are so many yurts around the world (or even in North Amerca!!). We have three beautiful hand crafted yurts to rent in the heart of rural Cornwall….could you add us to your list? DISCLAIMERThis site does not accept advertising or press trips, so please know that all journeys documented here have been self-funded, or are occasionally made possible by partnering with like-minded organizations.
Living in a yurt can help us re-connect to nature, sure, but the literal structure of a traditional yurt is also nature-friendly. By combining the durable yurt concept with a few modern updates, we now have something called a yurta. The Nomad Yurt, for example, costs a little over $5,000 (US) for a 22-foot diameter version with an insulated skin.
Then on top of all the firewood, Dave also burns $600 worth of fossil fuels every year..ouch! For someone with extreme sensitivities, you can always allow it to air out a few days or week before moving in. The reason for the tall roofs, again just a guess here, is people like tall ceilings and a taller ceiling mean greater slope of roof (which helps prevent snow build up or water pooling). The NASA-developed reflective insulation used in yurts works on a different principle from the conductive insulation we are used to, which holds heat or cold in a room. It’s a goal of mine to drive the whole project down to the smallest dollar amount that I can and have all the comforts of the inner city.
Cool roofing is the fastest growing sector of the building industry, as building owners and facility managers realize the immediate and long-term benefits of roofs that stay cool in the sun. I have been to outer mongolia and had the great fortune to see nomadic mongolians in their camp with their extraordinarily beautiful yurts. This Raven Dale cabin has all the bells and whistles and is capturing rain water from the roof, filtering it, pressurizing it for regular cold water washing and drinking and even heating it for showers with plenty of pressure.
Major Components you’ll need to make this 12 volt rain water collection water system in your cabin. She was born a farmer’s daughter in Montana, just ahead of the baby boom, and she was born to teach. By the time I was born, six years later, America had shifted into the dawn of the Reagan era.
She crisscrossed the country with boxes of books in the back of the van, meeting all her people: tending souls.
This yurt is currently inhabited by apprentice Ana Amberger, who gives a tour of her home and explains a bit about the yurts on the farm.

You can think of a yurt like a glorified tent, most often constructed with an expanding circular wood frame and covered with wool, canvas, or other durable materials. They do not have air conditioning, but are equipped with wood-fired stoves for heat during the winter months.
Homes such as these bring people closer to nature and make minimalist living and using only the resources you have on hand and need a part of everyday life. Work at home mom, designer of pretty graphics, perpetual perfectionist, passionate about simple and sustainable living.
While the compact round house shares the same shape as its predecessor, Jero was redesigned to be much lighter and more packable than a traditional yurt.
The collaboration kicked off in 2010 after Trakke founder Alec Farmer, who was living in an 8′ Microhouse in Glasgow, met Uula, who had previously lived in a basic prototype of the packable yurt concept.
There are several companies making inexpensive Yurt kits that provide a very affordable all-season home, studio, or country home.
The idea behind the Mongolian Yurt was that it stayed safe and dry in all types of extreme weather, but was also easy to pack-up and set up in a hurry. Yurts are also an unobtrusive constructed dwelling in that they do not cause permanent damage to the landscape. Yurtco (shown above the jump): Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Yurtco has a comprehensive selection of Yurt options that are very affordable. Rainier Yurts: Based in Tukwila Washington, Rainier Shelter Solutions has been in the business of display, fabric and shelter products for over 110 years.
Yurt People: Based in Talmage, California Yurt People is the family business David Raitt, a for sawmill owner. My name is Candace, I'm a writer, sketch artist, and illustrator, and I'm glad you stopped by. One day I’m doing a random search on Craigslist and stumbling across a yurt on a rural island in Canada – now, almost three months later, I find myself officially converted to the world of circular living and determined to keep sharing the yurt love even after I leave my humble dwelling in the woods in two weeks. But I recently realized I’d only be doing half my job if I didn’t finally bring this all full-circle and help you have your own taste of the yurt life. I was pretty blown away by the number of yurts as well – and some of them in the most unexpected of places. I’m so glad to hear that, Allison ?? I have a feeling you guys would definitely enjoy a taste of yurt life! I loved discovering that yurt, but was a bit sad as well that I didn’t check it out while I was there ?? (By the way, a huge reply is headed your way soon, but for right now, CONGRATS on your next adventure!!
My name is Candace and I'm a writer and sketch artist with a passion for telling stories about the world. The materials are recyclable and should you decide to pick up and move your yurt, there’s no residual damage to the ground because no permanent foundation is used. This form of micro-architecture has optimized the original yurt concept to create a shelter that is steadfast, quick to install, light-weight, easy to transport, minimal in footprint. If a few comrades pooled together for land, you’d have yourself a yurt commune and giant step forward and away from the unsustainable life. I would love a small house of some kind, but I can’t afford it at the moment, but I like the blog. I am hoping the newer 4G standard will improve things significantly over the poor standards 3G delivers (under 100kbps most of the time – even though they advertise it as a 3600kbps modem).
My electric bill for my apartment is under $200 a year, which includes electric heat, electric stove and refrigeration. Though Howie Oakes of GoYurt Shelters did develop a wool insulation from locally sourced Oregon wool. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Think of an RV system running in your cabin but using rain water and you’re not cramped inside that terrible RV shower.
It worked great for our needs, but lacked pressure and sometimes would get too hot if more than 3 of us were showering in a row. And it is a conscious life, each day revealing the true cost of human existence: what it truly takes to feed us, keep us warm and sheltered, clean.
Keeping the kids out of school, bathing only once a week, living all in one room – the five of us! It wasn’t until after my mother died that I came to know her as having lived a courageous and prophetic life. The way she tells it, she felt sorry for the hippies when they started showing up in rural places with no skills.
My mother’s promise of spiritual fulfillment found through animals and muck and laboring to the harvest was more laughable than livable.
There’s nothing worse than being a teenager whose mom does a public demonstration of how to kill a chicken. I am here, in my woods, living my simple life: strange to society, perhaps, but natural in the most profound way. Now she is pretty much a runaway, living off the grid in a yurt and tending to three acres in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. And who wouldn’t love being surrounded by those beautiful flowers and the food you grow?

Built from premium quality and lightweight marine plywood, the spacious Jero can even be packed down to fit in a bicycle trailer or a small car.
Designed for easy assembly without additional tools, the lightweight and portable Jero structure offers over 130 square feet of space beneath a 15-ounce cotton canvas cover.
If you can find a cheap piece of land a yurt is an excellent choice for your own off-the-grid dwelling, the kits can even provide a home as large as 5000 sq. Features include a great selection of Yurt lines to suit different needs in a variety of colours and patterns. So yesterday morning I put on the kettle, kept the fresh mint tea flowing, and started rounding up all the yurts there are to stay in around the world. I also can’t personally vouch for the properties I’ve listed here, but I’ve tried to choose companies or hosts that seem well established and easy to get in touch with, so fingers crossed the only issue you’ll have is choosing which yurt to try out first.
The ones I listed here are just a sample of others I kept coming across in the general directories I mentioned – I hope you’ll get a chance to stay in one soon! I’m convinced the only way I can return to live on Saltspring is to buy property and get a yurt.
If you see a house covered in snow, with a mushroom-cap roof, it’s either unheated or has GREAT insulation so none of the heat escapes to melt the snow.
It is, however, very effective and yurts in cold climates can be toasty warm without using and inordinate amout of resources. In my opinion, this is really an ideal water system for off-grid cabins & houses, hunting camps with no running water. A drain at the lowest point in supply lines for winterizing is very important for a seasonal used cabin to prevent frozen pipes. I just built a cabin beside the lake, and am putting in a shower system next spring, and was thinking of doing roughly the same thing, but didn’t think of also putting in a water filter system.
As I said, we got ripped off so now we have the opportunity to re-build (positive attitude) Thanks Solar Burrito for the great vid and awesome idea.
I live in a yurt, which is a kind of a wonderful round tent, on three acres of wooded Idaho mountainside, with no power and no running water. Also the cost to relationships, when I have to go to a friend’s house just to make a simple phone call, not to mention how it makes my friends feel that I openly and publicly reject the most basic principles of modern life.
All the people on the edges: survivalists, die-hard hippies, drop-outs, and mountain libertarians. In 2005, I designed built a solid-wall yurt in rural Manitoba (-45C winters, +35C summers) where my wife and I lived, then began building portable solid-wall yurts for others. Modern yurts are a far cry from the rustic tents they originate from: they can be beautifully furnished with high-end interiors and appliances.
Features include small packaging for easier shipping, stainless steel hardware, and BC Canadian Grown Douglas Fir wood. Features include the ability to build very large Yurts, and alternative materials such as straw bale insulation. And that’s a fantastic question about the bathrooms – I should probably actually make a note of that in the post!
Stumbled across this fantastic private yurt in New Mexico near the Ghost Ranch on the road to the white cliffs full of imported rugs and embroidery quite a few years ago. Thanks as well for your kind words about the stories and sketches I share here – that was wonderful to hear and I’m thrilled you enjoy them! The structures were well-suited for the nomadic lifestyle because only a few oxen were required to carry a family’s entire home. A handful of yurt owners might be able to heat using “sustainably cut wood” from large plots of land, but how long would the forests last if everyone did that? You need power from either batteries from solar or I suppose you could substitute a generator and 120v components but that seems wasteful so I’d go 12 volt if you can or even better do a gravity powered system if you have a hill to provide about 60 feet of head for 30psi (we have this). In 1974, she showed up at a Seattle craft fair with a self-published manual for living off the land, and her table was mobbed. But the structure was also easy to heat in the cold Mongolian winters where temperatures might reach 50 degrees below Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit).
I work for a company associated with Coleman so I can get it pretty cheap but we don’t currently have any pressure in our system. It looked like a well planned and built system that should meet our needs much better than the ZodiTap ever did. Just wanted to say how much I love the combo of your illustrations with your insightful reflections on place, change, humanity and self. We share your pain at being ripped off, but are very inspired at how you adapted, improvised and overcame. I’d like to see a video on that since we also have a rain barrel under the shed gutter for washing.

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