You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you live in the city, there are many luxuries to enjoy—power with the flick of a switch, grocery stores or shopping malls less than five minutes away, constant communication with everyone via cell phone, internet, or radio. After 20 years on Capitol Hill, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has taken himself completely off the grid, retreating to a secluded property in West Virginia. Bartlett lives without a phone, without a link to outside power, and without municipal plumbing. For the past few decades, Bartlett spent his free time up at this property, prepping it for the day he’d go off the grid. Living completely off the grid, he rises at dawn six days a week in order to maintain his power sources, food, and way of life.
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Hey Clint, It definitely is amazing that Congressman Bartlett has been able to make such a drastic change to his lifestyle and to be succeeding at it at this point in his life. Well with a cushy retirment from government, he has all the money he needs and it arrives every two weeks.
Hey we all had a chance to take political science and work to get elected, reelected by our constituents. KIRK DAVIS and JAMES W, you both are right on your comment, an old man like him or his profession will not be able to BUILD 5 CABIN and do all the plumber and stuff himself, with money you can do everything easily and buy others help.
Currently around the Northland there are several homes that are solar powered, in fact, quite a lot. So if their solar panels aren’t producing much on a dark cloudy day in winter, they can draw electricity from the grid.
The home was built by the homeowners in 2003, with the intent of building a grid-tied residence.
The 3 Kwh solar photovoltaics and 1.5 Kwh wind turbine provide all of our home’s electrical needs throughout the year. All of the electrical energy produced via sun or wind is stored into a 20 Kwh Lithium Ion battery unit. Within the home, you get no sense you’re off-the-grid, because it has all the appliances of a traditional grid-tied residence. During those long, cloudy overcast Northland days with little or no wind or sun, wood is burned in an interior fireplace, or in an outside wood boiler. The solar thermal panels in the Powell home provide all of the domestic hot water and in-floor heating. The third home in this off-the-grid review, is the Homann home located on the south shore of Lake Superior in Port Wing, Wisconsin. While still under construction, this new home is being built from the start as an off-the-grid structure.
However, the Homann’s went a step further, and use a sand mass under the house to store the heat. All of summer’s stored solar heat slowly releases itself throughout the cold winter months. The home also features a Finnish masonry heater, which is the most efficient wood burning fireplace on the market. Solar technologies are constantly improving, solar prices are dropping, battery storage options are widening, and going off-the-grid is a choice many are taking. The three homes spotlighted here prove that the solar rays of the sun can power and heat a residence without the need of relying on fossil fuels or the traditional power grid.

Jacqueline Bartosh is an artist, off-the-grid enthusiast, and a former teacher who lives with her husband Nate in Northwestern Wisconsin within sight of Lake Superior.
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Though North Pole, Alaska isn't actually in the Arctic Circle, you feel like you've stepped into Santa's hometown with candy cane light poles and Christmas-themed street names. Bryce Ward, the mayor of North Pole, is helping his dad, Jeff Ward, build a cabin for Bryce's family to enjoy and watch the Northern Lights.
You're living the "dry cabin" lifestyle, just like several thousand others in Fairbanks, an Alaska town known for its extreme climate and endless winters.
Dry cabin communities in Fairbanks are partially a product of geology – yes, you read that right. Featured Posts88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid AloneA Village Inside A Volcano! Correspondent Patty Kim meets some of the estimated 180,000 families across North America using clean energy technology to become self-sufficient and enjoy all the comforts of modern life, off the grid. We came across Politico Magazine’s article via Instapundit and, whether or not you agree with Bartlett’s political views, we think there are some interesting things he’s done as a prepper that make this article worth reading. He built five cabins by himself, then wired solar panels and ran pipes from freshwater springs to each cabin. He spends about 10 hours a day cutting logs, gardening, and doing other tasks around the land.
As to the John Deere … I’m not entirely sure, but based on his wife’s comment in the article, they might use the John Deere to get around easily on their property and to check up on their land and surrounding property line to make sure everything’s in order. I congratulate him for choosing this healthy lifestyle but I do not give him credit because it don't impress me.
If the sun is shining, even on a cold below-zero January day, in-floor pumps are distributing solar-warmed water heat throughout the tiled floors, and hot showers are plentiful! The outdoor wood boiler supplements the same domestic hot water, in-floor system that the solar thermal uses.
In the event too much wind or solar power is generated, an electric heat pump turns on automatically, to use up the excess power, which is also connected to the domestic hot water, in-floor system. All solar energy produced is then stored into big lead acid batteries designed for off-the-grid applications.
While currently being used as a cabin, the plan is to build a full serviced home as a retirement home in a few years. The second home (Powell) uses massive hot water tank storage to preserve and use up stored heat.
The sand mass consists of heating coils buried in 3 foot deep sand under the home’s concrete slab. Even here as we endure the cold, dark winters of the Northland, homeowners are living successfully off-the-grid. I love the nearby recreational opportunities and the beauty of the lakes, forests, and parks.
Go behind the scenes of Building Off the Grid: North Pole and see what life is really like in this Christmas year-round town.

The town is also home to The Santa Claus House, where you can visit Santa and his reindeer! The door may be closed but it will stay unlocked, even when the cabin is not in use, because there's an unwritten law in Alaska about leaving cabin doors unlocked so that any hiker caught in a snow storm may take refuge. Dishes done, you carefully pick up the bucket-full of rancid waste water and inch outside, mindful not to slop any on the floor. These modern amenities are replaced by outhouses, five-gallon water jugs and trips to the laundromat. Patches of ground remain frozen year-round in the Interior; that permafrost presents builders with a lot of problems.
Been working on it and i hope to be there and yes it is hard having to work, commute and raise a family, but money to the side, but i think we can do it, just got to have that willingness. But the Co-op is ‘grid-tied’ meaning they are hooked to the power grid, and being serviced by an electric company. Through technology, they have managed to turn the nasty cold winds of Lake Superior into power & heat. This home is wired for AC electrical, and has all of the appliances you would expect to see any other home in the Northland.
As a result, when a short, sunny winter day ends, there is plenty of heat to last into the night. Insulated on the bottom sides, the heat can only be released upward thru the concrete floor.
This permits him to control where and how much solar heat goes into the sand mass, or to the in-floor coils. You can’t dig into frozen ground, so installing septic and water systems becomes difficult if not impossible. I'm currently taking a class learning how to can my own food, they say it's easy, no opinion on it at this time.
This tract offers lots of privacy with access via deeded 30-wide right-of-way off Vannoy Road. Enjoy elevations to nearly 2,200, a small stream through the middle of the property, ATV and hiking trails, and excellent potential views from the ridge! This parcel is heavily wooded with long ridgetops offering homesite possibilities with Southern exposure.Like wildlife? You pour boiling water on the dishes, and rinse carefully with water from a five-gallon jug balancing on the sink lip. Whether you appreciate observing, or enjoy hunting, this area hosts an abundance of deer, a rebounding wild turkey population, and a variety of other critters. If a leisurely drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway is your idea of a relaxing afternoon or weekend, this parcel allows you easy on and off access to the Parkway at mile post 252-253, via Sheets Gap Road.Want to create your version of the perfect getaway or weekend retreat?
This ready to enjoy property has two cabins, outbuildings, and it is fully equipped with solar, hydro and wind power generators. In addition to generating your own electricity, the gas-operated appliances already in place, will allow you to be autonomous and have the choice to live off the grid . Where else could you find such seclusion and privacy?If you have been looking for that perfect getaway to enjoy with family and friends, this is a parcel that deserves your attention.

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