A permaculture garden is a productive and self-contained ecosystem that is built to require very little maintenance.
Picking the right location is another important part of starting your own permaculture garden. The easiest shape to use is a rectangle, although you should feel free to build your garden in whatever shape you desire. Select plants for your garden that serve the various purposes you have in mind for the garden.
Early summer is a great time of the year to gather flowers and young leaves while they are in their prime and before they get eaten by bugs. Even if you are convinced that you will remember what plant you preserved, label it carefully. Early summer is a fantastic time to harvest basil, dill, chives and a wide array of garden herbs.
Today, herbalists use lady’s mantle to reduce menstrual pain and heavy bleeding during menses. Wild carrot, commonly known as Queen Anne’s lace, and botanically called Daucus carota, is a showy summer plant with decorative and healing uses. Make a tea from the seeds and plant tops and drink it as a remedy for kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
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The 2 things I keep on hand is Echinacea(purple cone flower) and raw honey because ya just never know when you may start to come down with some cold bug or respiratory infection. Care should be taken when using Queen Ann’s Lace (Daucus carota) which is in the same family as hemlock (Conium maculatum), Apiaceae. Over the past few years, new washing machines have become much more efficient, both in energy and water use, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. After an incredible Thai dinner tonight I came home to write a post and almost immediately ran into some shipping container house conversions from Thailand.
These pictures come from a website that’s written mostly in Thai but it looks like a company that deals with shipping containers and part of their business must involve converting them into homes, stores and more. In this first example you can see how they installed windows, doors and even siding onto the shipping container which is now a home.
Permaculture gardens are not usually limited to one function but may serve a number of different uses.
Some of the most beautiful and productive permaculture gardens are cultivated in some of the smallest of spaces. Select a few suitable spaces and observe each one at three different times of day – morning, afternoon, and evening.
Benefits of raised beds include better air circulation, quicker spring thawing, easier weed control, more efficient usage of water, as well as, of course, easier access, since the garden will be slightly higher off the ground. You will need the extra space to continue to add mulch and compost over the next few years.

Set up a rain barrel under your gutter to catch extra water run-off from your roof, and use it to water your garden. When selecting your plants, make sure to choose varieties that grow well together and that are able to harmonise with each other.
During early summer, you are likely to identify more herbs now than you could at other times of the year. It is often easier to dry them with a dehydrator or make syrups and vinaigrettes from berries.
However, if a summer storm knocks down limbs from a tree which has herbal uses, be sure to harvest some of the bark.
Make some pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays so that you will have inexpensive, fresh herbal flavors available all winter long.
Yarrow also is known by its scientific name, “Achillea millifolium.” The entire above the ground, aerial section of the plant is useful medicinally. The dew was traditionally gathered from the showy leaves and used to make preparations which were said to make women beautiful. Press the blossoms in a flower press or old telephone book and have snowflake like flowers for making winter decorations. Get some exercise, enjoy the sunshine and notice the beauty of the plants while you gently and carefully harvest early summer herbs for year-round use.
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Some of the most widespread uses of permaculture gardens are to provide habitats for local wildlife, to grow food and medicine, to produce craft materials, to promote beauty, and to create a haven of rest where its owners may go to relax any day of the year.
Because of this size factor, every available centimetre must be used wisely and productively. Because permaculture gardens are supposed to require as little maintenance as possible, plant a few herbs that are known for deterring pests and a few that attract helpful insects.
Seeing plants with berries, leaves and flowers in their natural habitat is a more accurate and simpler method than trying to identify a root or the bark of a bare tree in the fall or winter. Give the morning dew time to dry off and harvest the herbs while their essential oil content is at its peak.
If you gather the flowers for decorative purposes, select ones that are just a day or so away from being in full bloom. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box.

We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Sunlight is an important part of the growth cycle of plants, but too much sun will cause them to wither.
You can plant a few varieties for the strict purpose of improving your soil, a few to make it look beautiful, and a few specifically to grow vegetables for your consumption. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion.
Each load requires 10 liters of water: five liters for a wash cycle and then another five liters for the rinse.
Too much wind can also hinder the growth of your garden, and you may need to build a wind break if your ideal spot receives large amounts of wind. Covering the ground with cardboard avoids the hard work of rototilling and is a simple way to keep your garden free of weeds. Document the dilution of alcohol, glycerin or other menstruum used if you make liquid preparations. Even though the leaves are used, lady’s mantle should be simmered gently for a few minutes before infusing off of the stove for 20 minutes so that the healing compounds can be extracted more thoroughly.
The total wash time is only about 6 minutes, with a wash cycle taking up to three minutes depending on how many items you place in it, a rinse cycle only taking two minutes and then one additional minute for spinning out excess water.The lid of the Drumi can be used to measure out the water and it also features a push button for draining the water at the end of each cycle. The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided. Lastly, make sure the location you choose has easy access to water as you will be watering it quite a bit in its early stages. The humidity, type of plant and drying method influences how long it takes to dry summer herbs. Because the washer drains out from the bottom, it could be set up either in a bathtub or shower or outside.The washer is available for pre-order for $129 until the end of June when Yirego will be launching a crowd-funding campaign to manufacture the units. CRS riot police, who were previously not allowed to carry firearms, were deployed throughout the area with firearms and bulletproof vests for the first time.The change in policy came two weeks after an unarmed French police chief and his partner were killed in a stabbing in front of their house outside Paris. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated. Isis claimed responsibility for that attack, which sparked a debate in France about whether the police forces should be allowed to carry firearms outside working hours.
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