The LittleLife Ranger is suitable from 6 months to 3 years (or 20kgs) and weighs in at 1.7kgs, having an aluminium frame, so feels lightweight and claims to be the lightest British standard carrier on the market. Wanting to put the carrier fully to the test, what better way than to hike up a mountain in Wales on a drizzly morning. I’d say the benefits of this type of carrier over the previous slings mentioned, is that your child can see out and about way above people’s heads. One minor niggle: the little fella thought that undoing the Velcro on the face pad was a great game.
I mentioned the weather as this carrier does not come with a hood to keep off the sun or rain, however a peek at the LittleLife website shows me that you can buy additional sun shade and rain cover accessories. We bought one of these from s&r earlier this before summer and have recently returned it.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A seriously well-kitted out child carrier, The LittleLife Voyager S3 Child Carrier rivals even the most specialist mountaineering equipment. Guaranteeing comfort all day on your family adventures, the LittleLife Voyager S3 Child Carrier can withstand lengthy hikes over rough terrain as well as family holidays. With a whole host of robust features, it won’t be long before ill- equipped days out becomes a thing of the past.

Here at Swimbabes, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction. I have bought or been given various soft buckle, stretchy and woven wraps over the past year of parenthood.
Think of it more as an utterly practical way to get out and about and see both town and countryside. If you’re not used to carrying your child in this way, it feels a little top heavy at first. Lifting him off your back takes a little practice on your own, but if he falls asleep (which he has done on test) you can remove the carrier and place a foot on the anchor point and leave him snoozing.
Compared to fabric slings it’s not as beautiful, but for a carrier it’s a very fine looking one and little boy’s dad is more than happy to share the carrying. We didn’t try this, but I would say it’s indispensible if you’re using the carrier on your own as you can’t easily carry another bag for supplies.
During our trip in the wet Welsh hills we popped the boy into a waterproof oversuit which also did the trick.
The swim ring is intended to be securely attached to the body and introduce your little swimmer to a range of swimming strokes. If for any reason there is a delay with an item you've ordered then you will be notified by telephone or email.

To do this, we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability and in a timely manner. So it was with some eagerness that I waited for the new LittleLife Ranger to arrive, being a backpack-type carrier.
But after a few adjustments to the back (length) and a few purposeful strides I’ll admit to it feeling as comfy as any quality rucksack. Copyrighted images, where used, remain the property of their owner and are published in the belief that we have fair-use permission: If you are the copyright owner and wish any image to be removed, please contact us and we will be happy to do so. We also aim to keep you updated on the progress of your order and resolve any issues that may occur to your satisfaction. There was no fidgeting around from the little fella as they tend to feel so secure being carried. Various straps fit over the child’s head and side and compared to a previous model I own, I found it less fiddly to secure.

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