For more information on how to explicitly teach social skills to young children or children with special needs, visit Model Me Kids and check out their library of social skill videos. Before you can help students improve their social skills, they need to understand why these skills are important.
An excellent video called Time for School is available from a company called Model Me Kids that shows students exactly how to perform a particular social skill. After you discuss what the skill Looks Like and Sounds Like, you need to provide an immediate opportunity for practicing the skill. Note: It is not necessary to follow all the steps to Teaching Social Skills every time you teach a new skill. Many might not know this, but having soft skills that count in todaya€™s job market can give an applicant a critical edge over others.
This is more so the case when they consider the difficulty involved in encouraging people that lack such a€?soft skillsa€? to develop them. Managers do not have the luxury of time as well as resources to babysit their subordinates, so this skill is one that is required from every employee.
Another social skill that ranks high with employers is the ability to be a good team player.
Even though this will probably never feature in anybodya€™s job description, emotional intelligence is a much sought after skill.
Adapting to changes of all kinds in todaya€™s rapidly changing business environment is important indeed.
If you are the kind of person that handles the stress that comes with the job very well, then know this: employers love you.
You might have students Roundrobin problems they've experienced in cooperative learning teams.
You can choose the skill, or you can let your class decide which skill they need to work on first.
It's not enough to say, "Be nice!" You have to help students identify exactly what they need to do and say in order to improve the identified social skill.
The best way to do this is to plan a structured cooperative learning activity to follow the social skills lesson.

You can use a different T-chart for this, one with the a plus sign and a minus sign for the headings. Yes, employers believe it is better to hire someone with less technical skills and who possesses strong social skills than someone who is technically competent, but lacks social skills. As a job-seeker you should ask yourself how well you performed when working with others on the job.
With it a person can learn and adjust to different situations like picking up on recent technologies or manage several tasks at the same time. If you have this social skill, then you will be a good listener plus communicate effectively through your writing as well as your words. It is the belief in onea€™s ability to the point where others are even inspired to be confident of their own abilities. Highlight this in your resume giving them a reason to believe you by sighting at least one instance when you proved yourself. Then point out that most of these problems are caused by poor "social skills," sometimes known as "people skills." Share with them that even adults need to work on their social skills from time to time! I generally start by teaching the skill of Praising, and along with that I reinforce the idea that I will not permit "put down" comments. For example, if you taught Active Listening as the social skill, you might follow up with a simple Roundrobin activity. If you have observed teams or individuals doing a good job with the skill, share your observations with the class. Take a few minutes to brainstorm with the class all the good things that were happening, and the things that still need work.
Probably the most important elements are the direct teaching of the skill followed by a cooperative activity designed for practicing the skill. Well, a€?soft skillsa€? is a term used to describe a combination of your personal qualities, social graces, attitudes as well as habits that makes you a great employee and someone that is compatible with others at work. The simple rationale behind this is that people who have the basic technical skills required for a job, but who also possess strong social skills can be easily trained regarding their technical inability to make up for this. EI as it is otherwise known as is often revealed during actual interactions with the person that is hiring.

Include this in your resume if you have it by sighting an example when you exercised this social skill in the past. One strong skill here is the ability to break-down difficult technical concepts into something that others like your coworkers, partners, and customers will understand.
Lack of social skills is probably the biggest factor contributing to lack of academic success in teams. Roundrobin would be an ideal choice because each person takes a turn responding to a question, and everyone else should be listening actively to their response. Challenge students to continue to work on their use of the social skill as they complete the activity.
And, the fact is employers value these skills as much as they do a€?harda€? or a€?technicala€? skills. You might want to work on a different skill each week, perhaps even creating a Skill of the Week bulletin board. A structure like Line Ups would not work as well because students are not as verbal during Line Ups. Refer to the posted social skills T-chart if students have forgotten what the skill Looks Like and Sounds Like.
This is because when you were in school you must have worked with others doing a group assignment, project, etc.
If you use a systematic approach like the one described below, you'll find that your students CAN learn how to interact appropriately and become productive team members. Then ask members of the class to Brainstorm what students should do and say when they are demonstrating the social skill.
The things that they DO are listed in the Looks Like column because this is what the skill looks like to others when it is demonstrated. The things they SAY are listed in the Sounds Like column because this is what the skill sounds like to others.

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