Amulets are ornaments believed to endow the wearer by magical means with the properties they represent. This is a really great source book, not just for it’s first-rate information but for the easy-to-follow and read organization of that information.
I humbly bow before the mistress of Ancient Egyptian jewelry and amulets--I learned so many new and interesting things while slobbering all over the pretty pictures and lusting after the pieces in them.
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They were first made in Egypt as early as 4000 BC and were essential adornments for both the living and the dead. I am researching Ancient Egyptian Amulets and that book really helped me find most of what i needed i hope it help you to a highly recommend it. Pixelated and proud, this classic beauty acts as the perfect nightlight, mood light or desktop accompaniment, simply plug in the USB cable included, use batteries or simply harness the power of Bowser’s wrath (well almost). The only downside to this fab home accessory is the lack of coins, super mushrooms or fire flowers, but luckily the nostalgic sound of that familiar ‘ping!’ more than makes up for it! Crafted from gold and silver, semiprecious stones, and less valuable materials, they are fine examples of Egyptian art as well as a source of evidence for religious beliefs. There are over 70 black-and-white photographs and twenty color plates of groupings of amulets. In this book, Carol Andrews offers the first comprehensive account of the types of amulets made, their symbolism, and their protective powers.

The desert-dwelling hare symbolized keenness of the senses, and the hedgehog, which hibernated and survived outside the fertile valley, held connotations of rebirth and triumph over death itself.
The ubiquitous amulet in the shape of the dung beetle, known as a scarab, was symbolic of new life.
Amulets in the image of powerful gods would be worn for protection, and malevolent creatures, like the male hippopotamus, would be worn to ward off the evil they represented. Both a reference book and an informative account of Egyptian magical belief, this is the most complete survey of the subject to date.

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