Why learn first aid?Learning first aid can help you feel more prepared and able to cope in an emergency situation.
You never know when you might need first aid to help a colleague, friend, family member, or even someone you don't know – we think everyone should have the skills and confidence to act in an emergency. Why train with us?Our first aid and health and safety training supports the British Red Cross' aim to save lives, prevent and reduce suffering, and increase people's wellbeing and resilience. By choosing us to provide your training, you are helping us achieve our vision of a world where everyone gets the help they need in a crisis. Free annual skills updateFrom January 2016, when you book selected first aid at work courses with us you can claim one free annual skills update for every person who completes the courses (terms and conditions apply). All of our first aid courses are HSE accredited and we can come to you making it cost effective, efficient and enjoyable for you and your staff. This entry was posted in Training Courses and tagged 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, ayrshire, dumbartonshire, emergency, first aid training courses, glasgow, HSE, lanarkshire, renfrewshire, stirling.

Many companies do not comply with the minimum legal requirements when it comes to crane operators and forklift training.
The duration of the crane & forklift training course will be determined by the student’s prior qualifications.
Should Students not have had Training before, but Prior Learning Experience Training will be 2 Day (RPL).
Participants will receive an  FTS certificate of training on successful completion of the course. This handbook outlines the legal requirements for employees relating to Health and Safety in the warehouse including fork lift truck safety. Effective Food Hygiene training for your staff will enable them to understand the principles behind keeping food safety, cleaning and storage of hot and cold foods.
For businesses, it can also help manage risks and reduce time lost due to illness or injury.

As well as adhering to your legal requirements in training you will be providing staff with the knowledge to ensure their own safety as well as making sure that the food they prepare is safe for the consumer. The employer can be held personally liable for serious injury or death caused by an untrained driver. It’s not only a legal requirement, but also vital to ensure the safety of your staff.
If you require any advice regarding your specific situation, feel free to contact us for more information.
Accidents happen, not having a trained forklift or crane driver will most certainly land you in hot water.

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