The first step in transforming your yard is to remove the grass, but don’t get out the shovels just yet.
Landscaping fabric will allow moisture to pass through, while preventing the growth of weeds.
You’ll want to edge the area with bricks, pavers, wood or vinyl edging, which will keep your landscaping rocks in place. Lovable Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of My House For Garden Landscape Please enable javascript to view this site. Landscaping can totally change the look of any area, and arranging trees and stones into patterns can look very cool.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sitting Room Ideas, Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas, Room Makeover Ideas and Modern Bathroom Ideas. The oval table blends beautifully with the oval-shaped green garden in this pretty landscape picture.
A giant shrub on one side and a tree on the other make a great combination in this low maintenance landscape idea. The curvy way in which the pebbles are laid out gives a soft and beautiful look in this simple and basic landscape idea picture. This pretty landscaped area with flowers and alternating rows of pebbles takes very little effort to maintain. Here is a look at a pretty sunny yard with the plants arranged at two level along a stone sidewall. Pebbles of different sizes are strewn everywhere while a small green shrub completes the picture in this smart landscape idea.
The slender branches and lightweight leaves give a magical effect to the landscape in this picture. You can see a wide boat like area of earth with pretty flowering plants in this easy to maintain landscape idea picture. The sun touches one side of the tree and makes magic in this large-scale easy to maintain landscape picture. Bringing the greens inside is so simple when you put up pretty colorful flowering pots like this. The wide area of this green lawn is lined with small rocks and pebbles with alternating areas of green.

The pretty blue roofed cafe looks gorgeous with the large green plants set up in stone finish pots. The pebbles are arranged along with the rocks in stacks with huge green bushes on top in this elegant and low maintenance landscape picture. Long wooden planks stretch ahead with an area of soft green grass alongside in this simple landscape picture idea.
Check out the flat large stones that give a designer look to this small pebble and light conifer trees design landscape idea.
The wooden plank area is great to walk while the trees on both sides look lovely and green in this summer landscape picture. All that is needed is to keep the green lawns neatly mown in this easy to maintain landscape idea for a cottage style house. The large tree casts a shade over the landscape in this pebble and walkway style landscape picture. The sun and shade make delightful patterns among the large boulders and tiny pebbles in this basic landscape picture.
The dense green shrubs chosen for this landscape project keeps the look green and rich, blending in with the pagoda style building in the picture.
The yellow look of the walls in this picture makes a stunning combination with the graceful gray tree. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The easiest way to kill your grass is to wrap your lawn in black plastic, so use garbage bags weighed down with rocks for a cheap solution.
You can place bricks or pavers directly on your layer of landscape fabric, but vinyl edging may require more installation steps. You can dump small rocks by the bucketful or use a wheelbarrow to distribute them over a large area. If you want a lightweight design that feels free and smooth you can plant firs in your lawn.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The combination of the right plants and hard scape helps to create appealing front porches and lots of curb appeal! These landscaping photos, landscape designs, and ideas are courtesy of Stephen at Lisk Landscape Management.

If you live in a drought-prone area, even the most vigilant maintenance might not be enough to keep your lawn lush and green. Use the shovel to make incisions into the grass, soil every couple feet and remove the excess chunks.
It pays to be meticulous laying these rocks because they will essentially stay in place until you remove them. If you want to have a landscaped look for your garden without spending much time on maintenance there are many Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas you can go for.
Especially in Las Vegas, homeowners are turning to landscaping in order to save time, water and stress. These ideas are not too expensive to create in your front lawn, and what’s more they add a lot to the value of your property by giving it a beautiful and elegant look.
You can also go for a simple area of large green grass and keep it in good shape with basic mowing.
Use the right plants and hardscapes to turn the ordinary into something quite appealing. What Would You Do to Improve This Yard? How About This! You can use pebbles and stones with alternating areas of green to give a great look to the landscape project. If you want to walk about in the landscaped area have paved walkways that cut through the green.
Try plenty of combinations of green plants and bright blooms to give a colorful look to the landscaped area.
If you have a tiny area you plan to landscape you can lay out pebbles in a curvy arrangement and line up small plants alongside following the same curve. You can also have a garden in an oval shape and lay out an oval table to give a smart designer feel to the landscape project. If you have a stone boundary for the green lawn you can have a stone fountain at the center of the lawn. Choose trees and shrubs that are easy to maintain for your landscape project, and enjoy the green surroundings of your house.

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