In 2011, Robbie Robertson's album How To Become Clairvoyant was not only one of the more satisfying releases of the year, but it also was the artist's most personal statement about his life, covering topics from spirituality to the breakup of The Band. For instance, there is an outstanding book included, featuring over fifty pages of art, with exquisite photos and notes that span the intellectual to the heartfelt.
But if you're into vinyl, no worries, there are also three 180-gram, see-through platters covering the project's material. ES: Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, tweeted about my music, so I got in touch and said thank you. But Robertson reveals oodles more through a limited, signed, expanded box set version of the album, and it includes more treats than most collectibles attempt to gather.
There are contributions by artist Richard Prince, photographer Anton Corbijn, magician Ricky Jay, Sante D'Orazio, Maureen Lambray and photographer and designer, David Jordan Williams.

But this release is all about detail, vivid images, autobiography, sonics, and just plain fun. Now, it already features a few international hit songs, including "The A Team." And that recording was a huge record for you.
This box also features a set of five 12? x 12? lithographs with each set individually numbered, one being Williams' commemorative Canadian stamp image. Then you'll enjoy the three multi-track files of "When The Night Was Young," "He Don't Live Here No More," and "This Is Where I Get Off," Robertson's moving nod to his moving on from The Band. Markus James' manager was there, and he said, "Come and play the radio show." I played the radio show, and he said, "Come and record at my house!" So that was that and it was cool. I lived on my guitarist's sofa for a long time, and he played guitar for One Direction, so the one guy that I know from One Direction is a guy named Harry who's the main singer.

Yet another book is a "music" assembly that contains a CD the twelve original tracks from How To Become Clairvoyant plus another disc with ten bonus tracks. The additional CD highlights six "songwriter" versions, two outtakes, and two exclusive box set tracks. There's even a high res, digital version of the album, possibly making this box the most thorough delivery system of a celebrated album to date.

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