You sat chatting about yourself to the boys for about twenty minutes which was when Niall began to complain about being hungry.
It was a warm day but not too hot so you and your friend Amy had decided to go play soccer in large park nearby your house. I awoke to a soft tugging at my hair, slowly I turned around smiling to see my one year old cocker spaniel named Charlie lying on the bed, paws stretched, watching me.
You were wearing shorts and a tank top while Amy was wearing shorts and a bikini top (but you made her take a top) because she insisted that she needed to catch a tan and you didn’t understand because you were lucky to have a natural tan.
My name is Taylor and I have long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and I am 5'2" and weigh 103. You had an internship with a radio station, you had been working there a week and today was your last day. When i meet new people i am a little insecure , but when i get to know them it’s like transformation to all funny and honest , cheeky person i really am. After about twenty minutes Amy had opted out of soccer to sunbathe so you were passing the ball to yourself. Originally you weren’t meant to being your usual slot but the women who was meant to be interviewing One Direction was out sick and the station had a shortage of staff.
My taste in music is very diverse but rock-centered, and spans from the 60s to today, One Direction is my secret love.

You had done another interview with a competition winner earlier in the week and your boss had decided to let you interview the boys. You knew that he played drums for a famous band but you hadn’t realised just how famous they were. I’m usually the most postive of my group of friends and I’m not afraid to be myself! Your hands roam the top of the wardrobe until a piece of paper brushes across your fingertips. I guess I am shy around guys just because if they might get to know my quirkiness, they’ll be weirded out! You stuck by them for about half an hour but you opted that being with strangers was easier than being a third wheel. The dance floor was packed so you made your way to one of two bars; the one that looked like there were less people sitting.
There were a few people at one end of the bar so you seated yourself at the opposite end, watching Tanya and Josh dancing. Sorry!” A boy with a thick Irish accent appeared chasing a ball which you assumed was the reason the boy had pushed you to the ground. I swiftly turned around and saw a boy with short, slightly messy brown eyes holding Charlie effortlessly in his arms while petting his back.

You couldn’t understand why he was wearing sunglasses at such an early time on a miserable day.
Amy was shocked when she saw you walking over with Zayn because she knew that you became shy around new people. After you both finished your drinks Harry pulled to the dance floor, grinding softly behind you while throw banter back and forth between the two of you. Wait for me!” You stop in your tracks turning to see a breathless Harry jogging after you.
There was a few tables, several bookshelves filled to the brim with books along with a ladder in the centre. You should see the roof”, he grinned at me pulling out a chair for me and putting Charlie on the ground who happily began to sniff around.
By time you get to yours you’re both drenched from head to toe and thunder has just begun to echo. He had the most stunning brown eyes; they were warm and comforting not to mention he looked like he worked out.

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