This Thump Keg or Thumper, like all of our products, is made from heavy duty 22 gauge pure 99.9% Paul Revere food grade copper. Using a thumper keg will increase your efficiency by around thirty five to even fifty percent. This process removes most of the water.
Thumper kegs should never be filled more than one third of the way full. If the thumper is over filled material will get into the worm. After you fill the thumper with your mash you can use electrical tape or teflon tape to make a seal. This 1 gallon super condensing worm should be used outdoors if you are using flammable materials and when using natural gas, wood, or propane.

We ship all of our stills via FedEx, and we offer Free Shipping to customers in the contiguous United States (48 States). The Danby Designer Digital Kegerator has new technology and a full digital temperature display and control panel. All of our moonshine stills are made to order, but we will ship your order as soon as possible.
If this is your situation please contact us and let us know this is what you would like to do. No nonsense and easy to assemble, this bar stool turns your used beer kegs into a cool piece of strapping, manly furniture perfect for his man cave or home bar.

You can upgrade your still to a high quality cap logic cap that will make a seal almost instantly.
When you click on the " Buy Now " button you can review the draft beer equipment on the seller's web site. This bar stool set comes with a powder-coated footrest, commercial grade vinyl 360? swivel top, and all of the necessary hardware to create the keg stool, just add your keg shell.

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