The KA-BAR is similar to a Bowie knife, with a 7-inch clip point blade made from 1095 carbon steel. The name "KA-BAR" came into usage when the company received a poorly written letter describing how the knife had saved the user's life during a hunting trip by killing a bear when his gun failed to do so. Knives like the KA-BAR came into use during World War II, when US Marines found that the older trench knives from World War I where poorly suited for their needs.
Including its use as a melee weapon, the KA-BAR is used to open cans, dig trenches, and cut wood and roots. Paul has a fairly extensive history in the survival circuit and has some great videos on YouTube that you should check out some time. I thought you would appreciate knowing about a small company that takes pride in what they do here in the good ol’ USA. As a former Marine I carried a Ka-Bar for several reasons (probably the most important to me at the time was that I could point at it in later years and say “I carried taht knife through a war.”). I actually got the opportunity to compare the Becker and the OKC bayonet today side by side. Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. It just now occurred to me that if I could find a folding Old Hickory pocket knife, that I would carry that.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? All that could be made out of the letter was the letters "k a bar", presumably fragments of "kill a bear". Millions of these knives were manufactured during the war by several companies, including one which would later be renamed "KA-BAR".
I have to say that after seeing them next to eah other I will be purchasing the Becker simply because of the thickness of the blade.
Creek and staff do a great job creating a very welcome communal environment the was perfect for learning and sharing. The "Companion" is a full tang heavy duty field utility knife suited for a number of camping, hunting and in the field chores. What are you thoughts on using a flat ground bayonet as a survival blade when also carrying a smaller blade for basic tasks and detailed cutting?
I found it to be a good weapon and a versatile tool, however, I feel that the OKC USMC bayonet I was issued was a much better survival tool for many reasons.
The knife is a lot bigger than I thought but that’s not a bad thing at all at least not for me. While it functioned as a bayonet, I found that secondary to its functionality as knife and as a tool.

The thick blade has a HRC hardness rating of 56-58 allows for prying, splitting kindling, or slicing. The handle which is constructed of Grivory (a Swiss made glass reinforced nylon) is designed for comfort as well as control during use and has a wrist lanyard hole.
The Companion 2nd generation features the extended pommel which can be used to pound with such items such as tent pegs, shatter glass, or to be used in a self-defense mode.
Also, the end of the grip is sturdy enough that you can hammer on it or use it as a hammer in a downward striking manner and not destroy it. I used my Ka-bar in this fashion on several ocassions and then had to stop because of the denting and pitting that was occuring to the end cap of the handle.
The knife comes with the new BK-22S sheath constructed of heavy-duty Polyester with front cargo pocket with Velcro closure and riveted leg lashing holes.

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