Listen to the latest top Psy-Trance songs like Why Was Music Created, Warhead, Do It Again featuring top Psy-Trance DJs like Raja Ram, Carnage, Skazi from releases like 5 Billion Stars (Extended Mixes), Confusion, Goa Session by Skazi. Listen to the all time top Psy-Trance songs like Deeply Disturbed, Falafel Part 2, Cities Of The Future featuring top Psy-Trance DJs like Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Astrix from releases like Birthday, Riot EP, IM The Supervisor.
This mix is a tribute to the mighty Karim Lamouri, the French-Moroccan hero of hard NRG music.
You know, I was a bit surprised, I didn’t realise people would label my music as hard.
Perhaps my fondest memory of hearing Karim was at the very first Superfish event at the Fridge in Brixton in September 2001. His productions have often been controversial, because on pretty much all of his tunes he has sampled the main riff from another source, as opposed to producing them himself. Hi pearsall, Not sure whether Im having a blond moment or just suffering after going Xmas shopping on Xmas Eve… but I cant download this the Karim Mix from your site from a Mac.
Anyone have recommendations for good UK-based web hosts who perform well on speed and service?

By 1998 psytrance had became a mainstream form of music as had the growing trend of Goa trance.Psytrance lies at the hardcore, underground end of the diverse trance spectrum. It’s the first in a series of hard house mixes that I am planning on doing before I sell of most of my hard house via my Discogs account. I remember that when we went to a pub nearby at about 8pm the line was already around the block – two hours before the doors even opened! Pure energy from start to finish, with sharp kicks and lazer bass overlaid with powerful riffs sampled from a kaleidoscopic range of classic and obscure dance tunes. That was the summer when hard house exploded in popularity, and so the Tinrib crew decided to throw a special party, which quickly became one of the most anticipated events of the year. When we finally forced our way in at just after eleven the place was absolutely heaving and hotter than an inferno. With a DJ agency I might have to fax an accountant at Tidy Trax on Monday morning – Oh my god, on Monday I can hardly walk!
Not on harderfaster (find it alarmingly cliquey!) so if you could let me know via my email would be VERY chuffed.

Completely unwavering, composed largely of his own productions and remixes, I always found his sets to be journeys into sheer stomping bliss. A DJ agency can turn it into a very complicated story, but I’m a very straight forward person. Not uplifting in the classical hands-in-the-air sense, but enjoyable as a sheer physical exertion, a sort of explosion of power. We weren’t the only ones, as advance tickets sold out probably three weeks before hand! If anything, it was a bit uncomfortable since it was just so hot and so crowded, even though the atmosphere was amazing.
Fortunately, by the time Karim came on at 4:30 for the last set the crowd had thinned out enough so that, even though it was still very busy there was space to really let go and stomp away to some properly banging set.

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