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School SummaryOur Lady of Guadalupe Academy is an educational family for boys and girls in grades 9-12. Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy recognizes that parents are the first and principal educators of their children and aims to assist them in this task.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy fosters the growth of the student in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, esthetic, social, and physical spheres, giving proper emphasis to each and keeping each in appropriate relationship to the others. It is important to note that Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy is dedicated to help each student to grow to his fullest potential.

Le Comite Nord de JudoCree en 1969, il a pour objet de regrouper toutes les associations sportives affiliees a la FFJDA dont le siege social et les activites sont situes dans le Departement du Nord et de mettre en oeuvre la politique federale sur son territoire de competence aupres de ses clubs et des licencies.
Therefore, the Academy is dedicated to the formation and education of Catholic youth so that they may grow to be mature Catholic ladies and gentlemen prepared to take their place in the adult world. Emphasis is given to the relationship between the various disciplines so that the student attains an integrated view of our civilization. Although the academic program has the rigor to challenge the most intellectually gifted student, the academy is not designed to meet the needs of only the academic elite, but the academic and formative needs of every student in the school. To this end, the cooperation and involvement of the family in the conduct of the Academy is essential.

Every student is encouraged to advance at his own pace and has available to him the personal attention needed to do so.

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