Known for being a bit of a Black Widow when it came to her lovers, Ishtar asks Gilgamesh to marry her and he refuses (you can’t really blame him – who wants to die?). As Ishtar was a protector of women, especially those being abused, donate your time and money to women’s shelters or organizations that care for victims of domestic violence as a tribute to Ishtar. Every person in the world knows what is moon,where and when it is visible.These are some great inspirations that are done in photoshop. About the Author: Garlak TheodorakisMy name is Garlak Theodorakis, I am graphic designer with almost 10 year experience in the field.
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Angered, she asks her father Anu (King of the Gods) to punish Gilgamesh by sending the Bull of Heaven to kill him.
Ishtar threatens to bowl open the gates of hell and let all who reside within out to wreak havoc on the world (boundaries, remember?). Gaia (God of War Version) Orpheus and Eurydice Perseus & Phineus Athena Zeus Almathea Demeter Zeus and Europa Apollo and Muses Fall of Phaethon Perseus beheading Medusa The Garden Of The Hesperides The Greek Philosophers Homer Pandora Zeus Midas and Dyonissus Narcissus Thetis dipping Achilles into de river Styx zues:P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selene and Edymion Zeus x Hera Zeus x Hera Zeus x Hera Aphrodite Zeus x Hera poseidon Ananke Chimera Athena Artemis Artemis Ares and Athena Athena Athena Argus Panoptes Athena Calydonian Boar hera The rape of Gamynede Age of Mythology - Minotaur Athena Bellerophon Hera Death of Hercules Athena Hephaestus Hermes Graeae Charon's crossing Hera Artemis Ares and Athena zues the god of gods Artemis Gannymede Artemis centaur Goddesses of Greece Hades vs Therion Hera Hera Neptune in Poznan, Poland.

Ishtar then devotes herself to being a patron Goddess of love and helps all women in affairs of the heart, even helping temple prostitutes learn to set healthy boundaries with the men in their lives.

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