Photo from Juno Beach Pier with beautiful colors during sunrise at the beach over Palm Beach County, Florida. HDR image from the Juno Beach Pier before sunrise along the beach in Palm Beach County Florida. Beautiful sunrise at the Juno Beach Fishing Pier along the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach County, Florida. Usually I only upload one HDR photo a day to my blog, but I got such a great response on my last post, which had a total of four photos,  I decided to do another multiple HDR series.

This set was taken from the Juno Beach Pier during sunrise, a couple of days after I got back home from my Thailand trip. All HDR photos were processed using Photomatix and then taken into Photoshop where I put the Captain Kimo touch using my Photoshop Action. I’ve also been adjusting the curves in a different way to get the tonal range that you see in this set of HDR photos.
Three exposure High Dynamic Range image tone mapped in Photomatix Pro and enhanced with Topaz Software.

Looks like I might have to update my HDR e-book soon because my style is slowly evolving in a new direction.

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