To the angler who loves to fish the beaches, shores, jetties, bridges and piers of Florida.
Pier and Surf- Spanish mackerel and a few Pompano have consistently been hanging around juno pier. INSHORE- The snook fishing really fired up this week inshore as some of the snook pulled back from the inlets. SpoolTek swimbaits, and 7" DDX Soft Plastics are all great choices right now for the snook. One could see Tarpon jumping, Jacks in a rampage, Snook feeding, bands of Bluefish and then the Dolphin would show, better than National Graphic. The reconstructed concrete-and-wood pier extends 960 feet and is one of only two piers on the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach County (with the other being the Juno Beach Pier). The farthest stretch of the lake worth pier is built 5 feet higher than the previous structure.
Facilities here include: Bait shop, Fishing Rod Rental, Restroom, Restaurant, Benches, Shade Structures, bait-cutting stations. Mapinit is a social utility that allows people to go, discover and share places and points of interest. We will have them on the website before too long, but for now just give us a call at 1-877-362-5873 if you want to place an order. Shore bound anglers can add a little adventure to their next fishing trip by visiting an east coast fishing pier. A rollover accident on I-95 near Ormond Beach slowed traffic late Tuesday afternoon, but no one appeared to be seriously hurt in the crash.
If you're going to Busch Gardens tomorrow (Thursday, August 18), be sure to check in on Facebook Places for a tasty reward: free popcorn.

A horse racing stable at a training center in Morriston, FL wants to hire an experienced full time groom. For Party Boat Fluke (Summer Flounder) fishing, I prefer 15 to 25 pound test monofilament depending on conditions, with a fairly stiff 6' to 6'6" rod either spinning or conventional. Keeping your bait moving is absolutely essential to catching fluke in good numbers especially if your drift is slow. Party Boats usually supply squid and spearing (Atlantic Silversides) for bait but it is always a good idea to bring some live minnows (Killies) along for the trip. You need to be prepared to accommodate a variety of drift conditions and have an ample supply of bank sinkers ranging from 3 to 12 ounces. Driving on the island or the drive pay attention to on coming traffic because that car is watching the river. River anglers it makes no difference where you fish plenty of Trout, Reds and all the rest, Mullet. Get to the top of the dune cross over and look and if needed move north or south, not all access points have had the weed problem but again if it looks like a mullet cast it.
I don't recommend the use of braided line for party boat fishing as it can be a nightmare to untangle when fishing on a crowded boat.
Change your squid strips frequently as well as your spearing if you dont get any bites after a few casts. Once a mullet school is spotted, the bait: artificial or natural should be presented on the outer edge of the mullet school. The Surf has had its fair share of whiting, and spinner sharks with a few scattered pompano as well. Put a small weight on your bait, anglers want their bait below the school a ready breakfast.

Shrimp will find plenty of Drum, Snapper and a list of others throughout the day but any time you get there you will bend a rod. The best bet for bait is a live mullet or small ladyfish although live shrimp will also produce fish. Plenty of Snook, slot well that is a another story but plenty of hook ups and one might be the score, lots of Mullet.
For spinner sharks the action has been out past the first sandbar, cast a bait such a a blue runner head out past the bar.
This east wind has clouded the west shore but the fish are there, plenty of Reds and all the rest, pick your location and start casting. Plenty of Blues and Macs in the river even had a Pompano or two make the catch list, does this mean winter is near?
Another great artificial are the Berkley Saltwater Gulp products especially the swimming minnows or mullet in 3 or 4 inch sizes, white or chartreuse. Fish where the fish are, so don't spend all night at one spot if it isn't producing, move around until you find some action! I have seen people catch good numbers of fluke on these with no other bait especially with the chartreuse color. Tip one of these gulps on a 2 - 4oz spro bucktail and adding a teaser hook to your rig is proving to be a deadly combination for catching fluke!

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