The Top 10 Juice and Smoothie bars in the UK, as compiled by MSN Food was released this week. We were pleased to share the top place with a number of other great cafes in Edinburgh, including our coffee supplier Artisan Roast.
We were delighted to share the stage with Barley Bree (Best Restaurant) and our neighbours Timberyard (Best Chef) amongst others.
Hitlisted in our first year, 2007, and recommended as part of the guide every year since, the harshest words The List have had to say about us over 8 years was that our menus were worn and that it was be hard to find a seat at lunchtime. Thank you to local publications like The List for your ongoing support of small eateries via guides like this – we love it and read it cover to cover! Raised in South Shields, Chis is the hugely distinctive, memorable, hysterical and warm stand-up comedian who shot to fame on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice with Keith Lemon. Ramsey began his career in comedy in 2007 by hosting an open-mic night in Newcastle upon Tyne.
From October 2012 to December 2013, Ramsey starred as Jack Pearson in Jason Cook’s BBC Two sitcom Hebburn.
A Martini is typically made with a white spirit (vodka or gin, traditionally) and one or more flavourings.

To make a really savoury Martini, you can add smoked salt, sea salt and the attractive black lava salt Warren used. He decided to leave without completing his degree in order to focus on stand-up comedy which was taking off for him at the same time.
A dry Martini is made with gin and dry vermouth, a french Martini with Chamboard and pineapple juice, an Espresso Martini with Kahlua and coffee. Christopher and I went to the Grey Goose Boulangerie Francois bread van when it was in Edinburgh and these are the drinks we had. He gave us a brief history of Grey Goose and explained that he likes working with Grey Goose because it is an elegant vodka. Made with the same wheat used for French bread, it is a little softer than vodkas made with rye.
Martini Gran Lusso Martini Rosso Cider brandy Sprig of rosemary 50 cl Grey Goose original Instructions Squeeze the olives.
It might take a little experimentation, or a good chat with a barman, but you can find one that fits you. Our visit to the Grey Goose boulangerie van was a lovely way to try something new and learn something about how to build a drink. If you have some time with a mixologist, you can ask him to make you a Martini just for you, something new and interesting, based on what you like.

Warren used our flavour profiles to construct our drinks. To my endless excitement, mine started with licorice bitters.
A better way is to squeeze the olive into the cocktail shaker: this way, you extract concentrated olive juice and oil.
Peel a thin layer of peel of a fruit, old it and squeeze just enough to pop the oil cells so that they spray onto the surface of the drink.
To ad a level of sophistication, wipe the edge of the glass with the peel, and slap the body of the glass with it. Oils from the peel transfers to the glass and from there to your fingers, leaving a fresh scent. Magic Rock Brewing Oskar Blues Brewery Gigantic Brewing Company Kaapse brouwers Beavertown Brewery Partizan Brewing Brew By Numbers Victory Brewery Fierce Beer Co Arbor Brewing Company Tiny Rebel Brewing Co.

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