The ultimate boy done good, rock star Brian Johnsona€™s timely return to Tyneside coincides with the rejuvenation of the streets he once called home and the rise of the university that chose to honour him. In "Nicole & Jionni's Shore Flip," a new series for the FYI network, the former MTV boardwalk regular will be seen flipping a Jersey Shore home with her husband, Jionni LaValle. In 2012, Polizzi and her fellow "Jersey Shore" cast members hosted an MTV telethon for Hurricane Sandy relief called "Restore the Shore" in the wake of the storm.
Polizzi and LaValle — who met while Polizzi was filming "Jersey Shore" in Seaside Heights and have two children, Lorenzo and Giovanna — own a home in Florham Park. The meaning of this new show is to restore the shore and the damage that has happened from sandy. Federal officials have cited Bergen Regional Medical Center for failing to protect employees from violent patients.
PARAMUS — Federal officials have cited Bergen Regional Medical Center for allegedly failing to protect employees from violent patients.
Employees reported patients barricading them in rooms, threatening them, exposing them to blood-borne pathogens and biting, punching and kicking them, OSHA said. Bergen Regional management failed to take adequate measures to protect workers, Lisa Levy, director of OSHA's Hasbrouck Heights area office, said.
OSHA also cited Bergen Regional for incorrectly recording workplace injuries on a federal form.
Bergen Regional has requested an informal conference with OSHA in response to the citations.
With 1,070 beds, Bergen Regional is the largest hospital and licensed nursing home in New Jersey. The fate of Bergen Regional is one of the biggest questions facing County Executive James Tedesco. Canada’s best source for informed, lively commentary and analysis on the issues facing the country — and the world. Mike Medeiros and Benjamin Forest propose noncontiguous federal electoral districts as a way of increasing Aboriginal representation in Parliament.
In 2007, New Democratic Party governments in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan faced their electorates, and the two elections produced different outcomes.
Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul shows the good and the bad among both First Nation and white communities in the Miramichi Valley, a corner of northern New Brunswick.
The First Nation governance system produces a degree of dysfunction in governance that is unmatched in any other jurisdiction in Canada. This murder mystery serves as a lens through which David Adams Richards illuminates the lingering effects of colonization, band council governance, systemic racism and the invidious nature of prejudice. Gordon Gibson writes about the Gitxsan Alternative, a new approach to Aboriginal treaty making in British Columbia, with implications for the rest of Canada as well.
Peter Dinsdale on the disappointment at the failure of Michael Ignatieff to grapple with the complexities of urban Aboriginal reality.

John Richards reviews Calvin Helin's, Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success through Self-Reliance.
Dedicated to Pittsgrove Township for 15 years, Jeffrey Ridgway recently stepped down as committeeman.
For Ridgway, 51, a Democrat, his venture into public service was his following of the example his father had set years earlier.Ted Ridgway was a councilman in neighboring Elmer for more than 22 years. In his 15 years as a member of the five-person committee, Ridgway served as mayor for one year and deputy mayor for nine. Ridgway announced last year that he would not be seeking re-election and with the spring and summer coming, it was the best opportunity to leave, he added. During his time as committeeman, Ridgway also served on the planning board, recreation, finance and administration committees. Although he is leaving the committee, Ridgway added that he will always be around for the community.
Pittsgrove Mayor Ralph Padilla, a Democrat, spoke highly of Ridgway’s dedication to the township and residents. Pittsgrove Township Committee will discuss the filling of the committee seat at the upcoming meeting, but it is unclear if a decision will be made then.
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Simon Rushworth reports.Tardiness might be synonymous with certain high profile entertainers but when it comes to a live date Brian Johnson is never, ever late.
Not every author is eligible for writing in academic journals—only professionals are allowed to share their thoughts, experience and researches with a large community comprised of educationists, professors and students.
Donalee Corrieri, a spokeswoman for the hospital, noted in a statement that Bergen Regional serves many patients with mental health and addiction issues.
In June, he appointed a 13-member committee to recommend what to do with the hospital once the lease expires. The purpose behind academic writing in journals is to augment the knowledge base in general and in specific sense, share information with students and other professionals who belong to the same field or discipline.
In one case a nurse suffered a laceration and bruises trying to stop an attack on a patient, OSHA said. So very a€?rock n rolla€?, you might imagine.Yet strip away the Florida mansion, fleet of vintage sports cars and revenue from album sales that could support a South American nation and Brian Johnson is about as rock n roll as the shabby flat cap thata€™s become his trademark. He told me he had the time of his life when he was given his honorary degree.a€?Sting and I were inducted into the Rocka€™na€™Roll Hall Of Fame together and I remember exchanging the odd knowing nod and wink as two Geordie boys done good. Ita€™s pretty tough to express how I feel and I know that sounds soft.a€?Little of what Johnson says sounds a€?softa€™. Language and Tone GuidelinesRelevancyWhatever you write should be relevant and free of useless or repetitive information.
Despite years spent living in the USA, the distinctive accent honed on the streets of Dunston has never deserted one of hard rocka€™s most famous faces.

A stonea€™s throw from the place Johnson called home, Northumbria is playing a key role in regenerating the south side of the river Tyne a€“ the universitya€™s flagship Trinity Square development yet another example of its determination to offer students the very best in 21st century off-campus living.Trinity Squarea€™s bespoke flats, trendy bars and cool eateries are a far cry from the Gateshead of Johnsona€™s adolescent years a€“ in the 1960s the town offered few opportunities to a wide-eyed teenager with a rock and roll dream.
Formal ToneKeep your tone formal and sentences should be composed from a third party’s perspective. Avoid the BasicsKeep in mind that the readers of your articles are people from your field so you should presume that they have basic knowledge of what you will be talking about so this eliminates the need of explaining in much detail. From the moment I saw the Beatles in A Hard Daya€™s Night and the reaction to their music a€“ all of those teenagers screaming their names and going wild a€“ I wanted that for myself.a€?A lot of lads my age wanted to be just as fabulous.
Revise and EditOnce you’re done crafting the article, read it over and over again to remove any mistakes in spellings and punctuation, flaws in concepts and logic and making necessary edits. I sang with my eyes tight shut but I was already bitten by the bug.a€?Johnsona€™s remarkable rise to the forefront of the a€?80s rock scene is the stuff of dreams a€“ a story that continues to engage generations of wannabe singers and a triumphant tale that inspired the nomination for his Northumbria doctorate. When I saw that Brian was receiving an honorary degree from Northumbria I was absolutely delighted.a€?He is synonymous with the North East and Newcastle and he fully deserves the doctorate in music. A lot of that has to do with Briana€™s charisma and talent.a€?His influence transcends generations and thata€™s why hea€™s such a perfect fit for a forward thinking University. How to Write an Abstract for Science Fair Projects?Review of Literature How to Write Literature Review? Text Citation in APA Style with Guidelines APA Style Sample for Research Papers APA Format for Title and Cover Page APA Annotated Bibliography for Articles, Publication and Book APA Format for HeadingsHarvard Harvard Writing Style Back to Top About WAWWrite a Writing is an inspirational project with utmost effort to help individuals, professionals, students, bloggers, marketing guys and creative souls in their writing endeavors.There are various elements which contrive in creating the perfect, epic or premium level content.
And for the better.a€?Back on campus and Johnson was charming staff and students alike with his trademark smile and cheeky banter.
It is the attention and improvisation to these small elements and details, which we have gladly taken up.Find tips and tutorials for content marketing, business writing, creative writing and all sorts of academic, essays, dissertation, research papers and proposals.
You can learn your way through technical tools and resources for writing, editing and publishing eBooks via PDF, MS Office and Pages. With hundreds of millions of records sold and as one of the most successful ever touring bands they shun the limelight off-stage and remain genuine blokes who just happen to play (very popular) rock music.a€?Ita€™s this reputation for being so down-to-earth which shone through when Brian visited the university this week.
Ita€™s difficult to believe that this publicly quiet man has sold the records and played the colossal shows that he has.a€?He played for the cameras, joked with the photographers and journalists and made everyone feel comfortable and happy.
He didna€™t refuse anyonea€™s request for a selfie or autograph or handshake.a€?Getting to meet Brian and speak with him for a while was remarkable - not because Ia€™m a huge fan of his and love his work but because he was so welcoming and humble that I didna€™t feel like a star-struck fan. I was just chatting with a warm, friendly, bloke.a€?This, I think, gives a measure of the man - in the midst of the day of his honorary degree, my abiding memory will be of Brian welcoming strangers who wanted to shake his hand and spreading happiness and smiles like wildfire!a€?That sense of happiness was writ large across Johnsona€™s face as he listened intently to Wednesdaya€™s glowing citation from Professor Andrew Wathey, vice-chancellor and chief executive of Northumbria University. And he wasna€™t required to sing a note.a€?Everyone looked so happy surrounded by friends and family at their degree ceremony,a€? Johnson added. Ita€™s easy for me to say but Ia€™ll say it anyway a€“ enjoy the ride!a€?Simon Rushworth is The Journala€™s former chief sports writer.

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