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The main purpose of this narrative is to provide a brief timeline of events as a basis for tracing and discussing the descendants of John ROWAND and his relationships with other families of general interest. Recent input on the Forum by EdmontonTom (Tom Long) is greatly appreciated and is revealing a lot of information previously unknown to me. In 1783, the same year that Louise was born, her father, Edward HUMPHREYVILLE was engaged by the North West Company (NWC) in Quebec, fierce rivals of his previous employers, the HBC. Most of the sources I have referred to generally agree that Louise HUMPHREYVILLE gave birth to at least five children with Pierre BRELAND (1764-129) before she was united with John ROWAND. Tom Long (EdmontonTom) posted this: Prior to John ROWAND, Louise UMPHERVILLE was allied with Pierre BOSHUE dit BRELAND. In May of 1803 John – undoubtedly aided by his father’s influence – found himself enrolled as an apprentice with the North West Company (NWC). In the summer of 1810 John ROWAND left Fort Edmonton with Alexander HENRY the Younger (1765-1814) to begin construction of the White Earth Post downriver (SE of Smoky Lake on map above). It was there that John began a lifelong relationship with the aforementioned Louise (Lisette) HUMPHREYVILLE.
Czar pg 20: John and Nicholas MONTOUR (1790-1846) shared the same tent, which also harbored two women and six children.
In 1812 John and Louise had their first child, John ROWAND Jr.  Their next child, Sophia was born in 1814 at Fort Edmonton. On Jan 8, 1814 HBC Acting Governor Miles MACDONELL (1767-1828) issued his historic Pemmican Proclamation at Red River. ElectronicScotland: One can easily imagine the indignation of the Nor'Westers at the big meeting at Fort William that summer of 1814. Czar pg 29: Feeling certain that Miles MACDONELL would take steps to stop them doing so, the NWC began gathering additional men who were to be on hand to safeguard its passage through Red River Settlement.
On June 19, 1816 the Rebellion culminated with the Massacre at Seven Oaks when Governor Robert SEMPLE and some 20 settlers were killed. Czar pg 30: No one can tell now what part John ROWAND played in the destruction of the Red River Colony, but undoubtedly, like his associates, he sat back and let the Metis do the dirty work. In 1821 union of the North West Company (NWC) and the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) occurred, ending years of bitter rivalry for dominance of the fur trade in Western Canada.

In the spring of 1821 James SUTHERLAND (1777-1844) was appointed as the Chief Factor of the Saskatchewan District, and Chief Traders J.P. Czar pg 62: In the spring of 1824 someone took a census of those resident at Edmonton House. DCBO: During the early years of his mission RUNDLE was usually accompanied in his travels by a guide, or he travelled with HBC officers such as John Edward HARRIOTT or John ROWAND.
Beth Balsillie: On Dec 25, 1843 son Alexander ROWLAND MD married Margaret KINCAID in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1848 son John ROWAND JR married Margaret HARRIOTT at Fort Pitt, the daughter of Elizabeth PRUDEN and John Edward HARRIOTT (1797-1866). In 1859 daughter Margaret married James McKAY, son of Marguerite GLADU and James McKAY SR, an HBC voyageur who was born around 1797 in Scotland. Louise’s only brother, Thomas HUMPHREYVILLE was about four years older than her (born around 1779). The NWC sent HUMPHREYVILLE and his family to a post near today’s Frenchman Butte, near Fort Pitt on the map below.
From his wintering ground in Saskatchewan he travelled back east via Grand Portage to Montreal, then south to New York where he sailed for England. Although his father was a surgeon there, John had acquired only a rudimentary education when he became an apprentice clerk for McTavish, Frobisher and Company, partners in the North West Company (NWC), at age 16 (1803). This country-marriage produced a number of children at least some of whom were adopted by John around 1810, including Marie-Anne BRELAND. The women, of course, were Louise UMFRIEVILLE and her sister Marie Anne, who was later to marry MONTOUR. One of the leading men so gathered was John ROWAND who apparently was in so much hurry that, instead of waiting for the ice to go out and then leading his brigade down the Saskatchewan River to Lake Winnipeg as usual, he assembled a small aggressive force and set out on horseback, for the Red River Settlement.
Like his friends, of course, he had ample reason to hate the HBC and Lord SELKIRK whose colony threatened to put his company out of business. When she came to live with John ROWAND, Louise had borne at least one child whom undoubtedly she brought with her. After the merger, almost 1,300 employees lost their jobs since the single HBC organization that emerged had no need for most of the voyageurs and retired fur traders. Like Warren DEASE (1797-1830), ROWAND did not characterize Lisette as his wife, although they remained mutually loyal.

RUNDLE soon established a rigorous itinerary that he would maintain for much of the next seven years. As he grew more confident in the Cree language, he and his mixed-blood translator William ROWLAND travelled alone with Indian friends including Benjamin, son of MASKPETOON.
At that time Marguerite was married to Edouard DUFRESNE (1806-1855) who worked as a cook for the HBC. Marie-Anne, who called John 'father', married a clerk named Richard GRANT at Fort Edmonton. It is unlikely that any of the children were the fruit of John’s recent union with Louise but probable that when he had taken her to live with him she had brought along some children of a former union.
It is likely that he went there as one of the escorts guarding Miles MACDONELL while his colonists were being paddled away towards Upper Canada and he was being taken east as a prisoner. This would be the elder John Edward HARRIOTT and William ROWLAND (1799-1873), an HBC voyageur from the Orkneys. At the beginning of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion, Edward DUFRESNE worked for Thomas QUINN (1845-1885) who died in the Frog Lake Massacre. The BRELAND-UMPHREVILLE country-marriage is attested in Grant, Johnny A Son of the Fur Trade: The Memoirs of Johnny Grant Ed.
It later became the site of the historic Battle of Frenchman’s Butte during the North West Rebellion of 1885. By that time Louise was only about five years old; her brother Thomas was about 9 years old, and she had two younger sisters, Sarah (age 2) and Susanne Marie, a baby. Although RUNDLE did begin to educate ROWAND’s daughters at the fort, he never set up the proposed school.
It seems unlikely that Edward’s wife and very young family would have left their home on the Saskatchewan to make a long arduous trip such as that, but we have little information regarding their whereabouts for many years thereafter.

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