Plants vs Zombies Review – From the same maker of the insanely fun Insaniquarium, PopCap games bring you Plants vs Zombies. Dozens of different zombie types, including back-from-the-dead miners, businessmen, football players, even a zombie bobsled team! The zombies will come to you wave after wave so you need to make sure that you have enough defenses to fend off the Zombie’s attack.
These varieties of plants give the player lots of strategy alternatives and different playstyle. There are plenty of levels to keep you entertained and Plants vs Zombies is so fun to play. There is no story in Plants vs Zombies, which is a bit of a disappointment, but the game isn’t about the storyline.
If you have played Insaniquarium, Peggle, and Bookworm Adventures, then you must add Plants vs Zombies into your PopCap games collection. Its an awesome game, played other Popcap games, Peggle series and bookworm adventure, also what is your most favourite zombie to fight? Depois de conferirmos os 10 melhores jogos do Super Mario, chegou a hora de conferirmos quais sao os 10 jogos de zumbis mais legais ja lancados. Sobre nos…O Magnatas e um portal de noticias dedicadas ao publico em geral que busca entretenimento. Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game that puts you in your toes to fend off never-ending attacks from the horrible zombies.

Each level usually gives you new things to play around with and to keep you interested to play. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door. There are also different style of gameplay introduced depending on the levels so you won’t be bored doing the same thing over and over for a long period of time. Unlocking different type of plants (and zombies) after each level give plenty of variety and uniqueness to the game on every level.
Dentre esses 10, foram selecionados os games que nos forcaram a fazer escolhas dificeis, historias cheia de drama, tensao, acao e muita diversao, afinal, em um apocalipse zumbi nada e facil. O Magnatas disponibiliza este espaco para que todos os leitores possam comentar e discutir dos temas apresentados no site. You need to collect the sun seeds that drop off the sky (during the daylight levels) or from the sunflower plants.
There are puzzles, mini games, and a survival mode that can be unlocked at Plants vs Zombies. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settingsWINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS*50 FUN-DEAD LEVELSConquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more. Por favor respeite a opiniao de todos os demais, e deixe a sua opiniao de forma responsavel e educada. Later during the game, you can also collect coins which give you the ability to upgrade your plants and buy more interesting items from the shop to help you in the war.

So even when you have finally beaten the Zombie Boss (the last boss), you’ll still have plenty to go with. Plants vs Zombies is the type of game when you won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over.
Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as you can with Survival mode!NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULSBattle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 more fun-dead zombies. You can even start the game all over again but this time, you’ll have access to every plant you have unlocked earlier.
Even the mini games are creative and sound familiar to PopCap games fans, like the Zombiquaruim (from Insaniquarium) and Beghouled (from Bejeweled). Zombies love brains so much they'll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help plan your strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGEREarn 49 powerful perennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more.GROW WITH YOUR GAMEShow off your zombie-zapping prowess by earning 46 awesome achievements and show off your zombie-zapping prowess.COIN PACKSNeed coins for great new stuff?

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