Max Brooks – Zombie survival guide – uplny zaklad, ak chcete vediet do coho idete a na co sa pripravit. Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map – je jasne, ze nic nebude ako predtym a treba si hladat novy domov. Gerber – Apocalypse Kit – kompletna vybavicka sekacich rezacich a bodacich nastrojov od renomovaneho vyrobcu v jednom baleni. Gerber – Gator Machete Pro – este raz ten isty vyrobca, tento raz vlajkova lod medzi macetami – absolutne nevyhnutna sucast vybavy.

Samozrejme su vitane aj vase tipy na dalsie veci, pripadne pre inspiraciu googlite Zombie survival kit.
According to its creator, "it shoots 50mm steel buzz saw blades, 0.8mm thick, and its electric motor makes it rotate, before its accelerated on its lil slide, towards the open end of the crossbow. Pomoct moze tato mapa, samozrejme je nutne do nej nahliadnut skorej nez apokalypsa nastane.
V opacnom pripade budu aplikovane hrozby, ktore su uvedene v podmienkach pouzivania tejto stranky.

This time, we have a homemade, laser-equipped crossbow that's capable of launching mini buzz saw blades at high speeds, destroying any target it comes across.

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