Pityriasis Alba is a type of skin problem (non cancerous) marked by scaly patches on the affected area of the skin. Pityriasis Alba causing lesions exist in the body ranging from two months to years together.
The lesions or scaly patches are more or less round or oval shaped and it varies in size from 1cm to 5cm in diameter. Sometimes it may also develop on neck and arms causing embarrassment to the affected person. Having dry skin complexion can worsen the situation causing more number of lesions and it gets triggered when working in cold environment. Your doctor may scrape some minute part of the scales or patches and test the same under the microscope to rule out any infection caused by fungus or yeast. No medical care can cure the symptoms and since this skin disorder is benign (non cancerous) many people ignore taking treatment. Home care includes taking good care of your skin and staying away from dry climate and hot sunny areas. In case you need to go out in sunlight, you should use sunscreen lotion liberally to protect your face and arms from getting tanned. But factors like heat, wearing abrasive clothing, working in extreme temperatures, smoking and stress can cause pityriasis alba in adults.

The color of the lesions is often dark and working in intense sunlight can increase the intensity of the disorder. If the test turns negative, it indicates there is no yeast infection and pityriasis alba is confirmed. Over the counter corticosteroid lotions or creams can be beneficial to treat lesions caused by pityriasis Alba. You should avoid the factors that increase dryness in your skin which may intensify the problem. The characteristic feature of this skin disorder is it changes the color of the skin causing hypo pigmentation after lesions are formed on the skin. The lesions are dark and they form it changes the color of the skin causing hypo pigmentation. Children with pre-history of asthma, eczema and dryness of skin are more prone to get this infection than others.
Alternatively you can also apply tacrolimus lotion and pimecrolimus cream for treating pityriasis Alba.

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