Our beloved (Re)Animations column has risen from the dead thanks to some much needed downtime and a few hours of Youtube Time (sorta like MillerTime, complete with a next-day hangover!).
Joining Ed is his pet rat (Sheldon), his goldfish (Moby) and a cast of equally quirky characters his crush Miss Malone, her little brother Wendell and Ed’s landlord Mr. RondalRondal is the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club and a creative instigator who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and a mind for adventure. Disclaimer The views expressed by individual writers are not necessarily those of the site owner or the entire Strange Kids Club staff. The website has been optimised for modern web browsers; for the best experience, please update your browser now. Sheeran played two sell-out shows at the Dublin stadium over the weekend and was joined on stage by Kodaline on Friday and Saturday and by Glen Hansard on Saturday. Some 160,000 saw him play over the two gigs and the Saturday attendees also got to see him perform wingman duties to Kodaline bassist Jason Boland, who (successfully) proposed to his girlfriend onstage. He played the part well at Croker, donning an international rules Irish jersey and singing a couple of ballads with Hansard and Kodaline, including The Auld Triangle.
Any concerns that Sheerana€™s one-man guitar and loop-pedal set up would be too small to fill the stadium were stamped out on Friday, after he left the first 80,000 swooning. He even scored the actor a short-lived (pun intended) animated series called The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley produced by Hanna-Barbera.
Rondal has written for other sites including Rue Morgue, Fuel Your Illustration and Bloodsprayer.

I used to love this show…I had this thing as a kid about being into cartoon that i thought were shows that only I knew about and this was definitely one of them. This time, Strange and his pals are transported across the universe (and reality) to help their Saturday morning hero, Bronarr: Space Barbarian fight the evil forces of Lord Gammax! Most men’s type… I’d think.However, when it came to the sex, the harder I tried to get an erection, the softer I became!I felt like there had to have been something wrong with me… low testosterone perhaps?
One of the greatest aspects of the show, though, was the integration of animation and live action which at the time was still a pretty novel concept for a Saturday morning cartoon. His obsession with horror movies, 80s animation and action figures is considered unhealthy by medical professionals. Ed Grimley was always an underrated show and the cartoon captured all that charm and then some! Most prominently featured at the intro of each episode, the highlight came when Ed tunes in to watch his all-time favorite horror host, Count Floyd (portrayed by fellow SCTV alum Joe Flaherty). Women are very intuitive…Having failed a number of times to get an erection before sex caused me to doubt myself and my sexual abilities. Great post Rondal…I think I need to just go ahead and make Strange Kids Club my homepage now. Football exercises: squats, leg press, bench press, deadlifts… and push the limits each week on the amount of weight you lift.
Weight training will lead to an increase in testosterone levels, leading to a stronger libido, and happier wood.Get your full night’s rest!

Skimp on your Z’s, and you will start your day off with lower testosterone reserves, and higher cortisol (a hormone which will make you more stressed = higher chance of psychological ED!).
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