Bruce Dickinson, ademas de ser considerado uno de los mejores cantantes de la historia del heavy metal, tiene multiples carreras, como es el caso de guionista, profesor de historia, escritor, DJ y piloto comercial, esta ultima ejerciendola de manera activa, ya que trabaja como capitan de vuelo en Astraeus Airlines. La aeronave fue retirado entonces de la linea comercial y se llevo hasta los talleres para ser modificada totalmente al gusto de los miembros de la agrupacion, los cuales decidieron retirar gran parte de los asientos, dejando solo 60, para los ayudantes y logicamente para los musicos, ademas dejaron un gran espacio para albergar todo los componentes tecnicos de la banda, aparatos que pesan alrededor de 6 toneladas. Finalmente el avion fue entregado a la banda y con el mando de Dickinson, realizaron una de las giras mas famosas de la historia del genero, que los llevo a realizar 91 conciertos alrededor del mundo y a tocar frente a 2 millones de personas en total. Intrepid photographer Tony Best was there yesterday (Saturday, December 22) at Lasham for the roll-out after painting. To add aircraft comments, reviews, photos, videos, facts or opinions simply Register (free) and start contributing! The Boeing 757 is a mid-size, narrow-body twinjet airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes . Launched with orders from Eastern Air Lines and British Airways in 1978, the Boeing 757 was intended to replace the previous narrow-body 727 trijet on short and medium routes. In the 1960s, the Boeing 727 had become the best-selling jetliner produced to date, with over 1,000 sales. For much of its development, the 757 retained the 727's T-tail configuration, combined with under-wing engines, but a conventional tail was ultimately adopted one year after its first airline orders. The first Boeing 757 was rolled out at Boeing's Renton, Washington facility on January 13, 1982, and completed its maiden flight on February 19 of that year.
The 757 is used on heavy domestic routes as well as transatlantic routes between North America and Europe. In the late 1990s, Boeing was considering possible variants of the 757, which for 18 years had been the only Boeing narrow-body jet not to receive a stretched variant.
While the 757 program was a resounding financial success, sales dwindled during the late 1990s, eventually forcing Boeing to cease production.
The Boeing 757 is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a conventional tail unit with a single fin and rudder. The 757-200 cockpit design, shared with the 767, uses six Rockwell Collins cathode-ray tube (CRT) screens to display electronic flight instrumentation. The 757-200 introduced an interior that became standard on all narrow-body Boeing aircraft (including the Boeing 737 Classics) until the release of the Next Generation 737, which introduced an updated interior borrowing elements from the Boeing 777 -style interior.
Increased fuel prices have put pressure on airlines to improve the average fuel efficiency of their fleets. This cargo variety of the 757-200 proved to be a popular model after it was launched in 1985 and with deliveries beginning in 1987 to UPS . Up to 15 containers or pallets, each measuring 88 by 125 inches (223 by 317 centimeters) at the base, can be accommodated on the main deck of the 757PF. Many former passenger 757-200s have been converted into the 757-200SF (Special Freighter) configuration, mainly for DHL . A conversion program offered by Pemco modifies 757-200s into ''757 Combi'' aircraft, in which some of the passenger cabin is replaced with a cargo storage area. For Boeing to have increased the fuel capacity, it had to strengthen the undercarriage and other areas to increase the MTOW. Boeing decided against further investment in the 757 family and focused efforts on the 737 Next Generation series (specifically the 737-900ER which Boeing believes will be a suitable 757-200 replacement for most passenger applications) and the Boeing 787 , which Boeing believes, in smaller versions, will substitute for larger versions of the 757 family. In July 2009, there were 55 Boeing 757-300 aircraft in airline service with Continental Airlines (21), Delta Air Lines (16), Condor Airlines (13), Arkia Israel Airlines (2), Thomas Cook Airlines (2) and Icelandair (1). The Royal New Zealand Air Force have two 757s converted to 200M standard that are used for transporting equipment, medi-vac, troops and VIPs.
Senator John Kerry chartered a 757-200 from TransMeridian Airlines nicknamed ''Freedom Bird'' as his campaign jet during the 2004 U.S.
As of August 2009, the Boeing 757 has been involved in 22 incidents, including 8 hull-loss accidents , resulting in a total of 700 fatalities (including 125 fatalities on ground due to terrorist hijacking and subsequent crash in the September 11, 2001 attacks ).
The information on How It Flies is for general reference only and is not to be used for flying operations.

That company is located in Canada, and I couldn't find a way to register an account for a US state.
A special contest was held to choose an appropriate name for the plane who coincidentally is being piloted by Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, a licensed pilot with Astraeus Airlines. The first leg of the tour will start in Mumbai on February 1, 2008 and will end at Toronto on March 16. Passenger versions of the 757 can carry between 186 and 279 passengers, and have a maximum range of 3,100 to 3,900 nautical miles (5,900 to 7,200 km) depending on variant and seating configuration. The 757 was conceived and designed in tandem with the 767 , a wide-body twinjet with which it shares design features and two-crew flight decks . The 727 was a trijet narrow-body airliner which operated short-to-medium routes, and had found particular success in the U.S. The 7N7 studies retained the T-tail configuration of the 727 along with its single-aisle, narrow-body layout, while adding an advanced aft-loaded wing and new engines.
Initially, the design also retained the 727 forward fuselage and flight deck, but as the development effort progressed, the 757 moved away from shared 727 elements and incorporated more advanced structural features and systems, The 757 nose and cockpit section came to share design elements with the 767.
The 757 was designed with similarly configured systems, shared instrumentation, avionics , and flight management system s as the 767. The displays are used for electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS) and engine indication and crew alerting system (EICAS) information, taking over the former role of the flight engineer.
One version used three standard doors per side with an additional, smaller door aft of the wing on each side for emergency evacuations. In July 2010, 890 Boeing 757-200 aircraft (all -200 variants) were in airline service with operators Delta Air Lines (180)), American Airlines (124), United Airlines (96), UPS Airlines (75), Continental Airlines (41), FedEx Express (38), US Airways (25), Thomson Airways (27), DHL Air (22), China Southern Airlines (17), and other airlines with fewer aircraft.
A large main-deck cargo door is installed in the forward area of the fuselage on the left-hand side. A fixed rigid barrier installed in the front end of the main deck serves as a restraint wall between the cargo and the flight deck.
Total main-deck container volume is 6,600 cubic feet (187 m?) and the two lower holds of the airplane provide 1,830 cubic feet (51.8 m?) for bulk loading. It is a convertible version where the seats can be removed in order to place cargo on the main deck. The 757-300 has the capacity to seat 289 passengers in a pitch one class cabin, though the highest configuration in airline service is 280 seats, as operated by Thomas Cook Airlines . Please consult the appropriate Pilot's Operating Handbook for aeronautical decision making. BTW, Ben at V1 decals got back to me already, and I've got the decals ordered!Thanks again Jesse, much appreciated! Ed Force One was chosen from over 2,000 entries, representing Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie. A second leg of the tour will take place in mid-May through mid-June with further concerts in North America. The Boeing 757 has been produced in two fuselage lengths: the original 757-200 entered service in 1983, and the stretched 757-300 entered service in 1999. The operating similarities between the two aircraft allow pilots to obtain a common type rating to operate both jets, after the completion of a transition course. A total of 945 Boeing 757 aircraft were in airline service in July 2010.Delta Air Lines operates the largest 757 fleet as of 2010. The narrow-body configuration was touted as offering the lowest fuel burn per passenger-kilometer of any jetliner. Due to their shared design, after a short conversion course, pilots rated in the 757 were also qualified to fly the 767 and vice versa.
With the -100 variant attracting little interest, the primary 757 design offered to customers consisted of the -200 model, with the choice of engine manufacturer, and either regular or longer-range fuel capacity. The wing is swept at 25 degrees, and the aircraft optimized for a cruising speed of Mach 0.8.

The flight crew boards the aircraft through a single entry door installed immediately aft of the flight deck on the left side of the aircraft. These provide a combined maximum revenue payload capability of 87,700 pounds (39,780 kg) including container weight.
The fuel capacity was not increased and therefore the range was reduced to 3,395 nmi (6,287 km). These are painted in the standard blue and white paint scheme used by the USAF for its VIP transport aircraft. Astraeus has just painted its Boeing 757-23A G-OJIB (msn 24292) in these special colors that certainly will get a lot of attention at each airport along the way. After its introduction, the 757 became commonly used by operators in both the United States and Europe , and particularly with mainline U.S.
By the 1970s, Boeing was considering plans to improve on the design of its most popular 727 variant, the 189-seat 727-200. On August 31, 1978, the 7N7 received its first airline commitments when British Airways and Eastern Airlines announced launch orders totaling 40 aircraft for the -200 version.
The 757 wing's aft-loaded design produced lift across the majority of the upper wing, instead of a narrow band as in previous designs.
Prior to July 2007, American Airlines was the largest operator, operating a total of 141 757s. For purposes of air traffic control spacing, the FAA requires greater separation behind a 757 than other large category aircraft because of their tendency to produce strong wake turbulence . The alternate version is equipped with three standard doors per side (two towards the front and one at the aft of the cabin) with two "plug-type" over-wing exits per side replacing the smaller door aft of the wing. When carrying the maximum load, the 757PF has a range of about 2,900 nautical miles (5,371 km).
These aircraft are often used to transport the Vice President of the United States under the callsign "Air Force Two ".
Two approaches were considered: a stretched 727-300, and a new development study, code-named 7N7.
These orders were formally signed in March 1979, at which time Boeing formally designated its new twinjet as the 757.
British Airways and Rolls-Royce initially lobbied the British aircraft industry to build 757 wings, but this did not occur. In September 2006, FedEx Express launched a US $2.6 billion fleet renewal initiative based on retiring its Boeing 727 aircraft and acquiring second-hand Boeing 757s. If a new comment is published from a "banned" user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment will automatically have limited visibility (the "banned" user's comments will only be visible to the user and the user's Facebook friends). Along with a parallel development effort code-named 7X7, these studies aimed to take advantage of new materials and propulsion advances in the civil aerospace industry.
The shorter -100 development, which failed to attract any orders, was dropped, with its role eventually taken by the 737-300 and 737-400.
The 7N7 was planned as a narrow-body twinjet, while the 7X7, which eventually became the 767, was planned as a mid-size wide-body airliner.
These aircraft are painted solid white with only a small American flag and the USAF serial number on the fuselage. The 727-300 never received enough interest from the airlines to proceed, as the 7N7 came to the forefront of 727 replacement considerations.
Airlines were particularly interested in the new engine technology, reduced weight, improved aerodynamics, and reduced operating cost promised by the 7N7 concept. Following regulatory certification in January 1999, the aircraft entered service with Condor on March 19, 1999.

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