We’re here to help employers from across Staffordshire meet their first aid responsibilities, keeping workforces safe and businesses within the law. Between now and February 2016 we have a a number of dates where we shall be running First Aid at Work (QCF) (FAW) and Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) (EFAW) courses from our training centre in Stoke-on-Trent. First Aid at Work  is designed for anyone wanting to become an accredited first aider or appointed person. Emergency First Aid at Work This course is also designed for anyone wanting to become an accredited first aider or appointed person. Please check the following dates and if you want to book places on any of the courses, or to find out more detailed information about each course, please click here. APT can also conduct a First Aid policy assessment to allow us to determine what training, qualifications, resources and infrastructure should be in place at your specific business. APT Health & Safety look forward to helping you create a safer, better prepared working environment for you and your workforce.
In-depth knowledge required to train other individuals is also available with our Train-the-Trainer course in Medic First Aid.
Protecting property and materials at a construction sitesA andA industrial areas is incredibly important. Industrial security requires a wide variety of security tools including guard services, surveillance cameras and more.
Construction site security guards are one important tool that will improve security standards at your construction site. I'm grateful for choosing Marshal Security services and I'll be getting my license now and working.
This course provides all the information and materials needed to pass the Ministries, Security Guard Test. I recommend anyone interested in security training to enroll in Marshal Security Training Program.
The safety of your crew is another good reason to keep these portable medical supplies on hand.
It’s also prudent to make provisions in the first aid kit for the type of work you will be around with your pickup. Fortunately over the years we haven’t had to get very deep into the first aid kits we carry on our pickups. These days if anyone is bleeding at all just about everyone on the crew wants that bleeding stopped, if not out of concern for the injured worker then out of self-protection. For jobsite use, look for first aid kit boxes with interlocking seals and gaskets to keep out dust and moisture. Attention to these frequently used first aid supplies helps us keep our kits fully stocked. The best method is to keep track of what was removed and replace it at every safety meeting. Missing items can be re-supplied from common medical supplies found at the local drug store. We recently checked the contents of an ANSI-compliant first aid kit against an all-purpose consumer first aid kit of similar size. Missing from the all-purpose kit were specific bandage types (knuckle, fingertip), more sizes of gauze pads, burn cream, moleskin, eye pad, tweezers, ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol – all items that could come in handy on the jobsite. Maisie Parkinson, aged just 11, learnt basic first aid skills during lessons at Derby High School and put them to good use when her mum Rachel, dropped a scalding hot drink on her hand. Then there’s teenager Murium Asim, who aged just 14 saved her grandfather’s life by recognising the symptoms of his heart attack and treating him until the paramedics arrived to take over.

And of course there’s 13 year old Courtney Lanfear who gave her 3 year old brother, Lucas, CPR after he had a seizure in his cot, saving his little life! All these children had undergone first aid training and were able to put their skills to good use in an emergency – something many adults couldn’t do!
The Red Cross believe that every child aged between 5 and 11 should be taught basic first aid, helping them to stay safe and save lives in emergency situations.
Children are less likely to experience the ‘Bystander Effect’ – the more people there are at the scene of an accident, the less likely anyone is to help as they all expect someone else to take charge. By teaching children lifesaving skills they will always have them, ready to help their classmates and families, and will take these skills with them wherever they go for the rest of their lives!
That’s one of the reasons St John Ambulance are running the National Schools’ First Aid Competition.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers are diagnosed with musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs. There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first add a review and share your thoughts with other customers. Normal shipping charges apply to DVD products (shipping options can be chosen during checkout). DVD shipments require a minimum of 24 hrs to process and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Orders received after 2:00 PM PST requiring expedited shipping will be processed the following business day.
This course gives workers an overview of the safe operating procedures for moving loads with floor-operated overhead industrial cranes. This course can be paired with our Overhead Crane Basics course, which covers basic overhead crane concepts and the common pre-use inspections required at most facilities. This program offers top quality training presentation and provides valuable information to the trainee all at a great price. It is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order that the Employer must provide adequate fire safety training for all staff. Particularly appropriate to companies where HSE guidelines recommend a trained first aider qualified in first aid at work. This qualification provides candidates with the skills and knowledge to deal with first aid situations in low risk work environments.
Alternatively, drop us a line or give us a call on 0843 507 3335 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.
Since many locations do not utilize industrial security methods at all, tools, building supplies, inventory, vehicles and other materials are frequent targets of thieves.
Properly utilizing industrial security tactics will allow you to keep your property and your possessions safe.
A number of different industrial security techniques can be used to ensure that your construction site remains safe and protected. They can monitor a large area at all times and catch criminals in the acts if there is a theft or vandalism issue.
I was tensed before the test because I know many people around me who did not pass first time, although they attended physically in the class room. Construction workers and landscapers are familiar with minor cuts and abrasions; it’s part of the job. In many cases, the main first aid supplies are located in the tool trailer, job shack, onsite office, weigh station or other jobsite structure.

Regular ?-inch bandages, sure, those disappear quickly on the jobsite, but we’ve rarely had to get into any gauze or medical tape. How can we increase the confidence and skills of a nation so that we are all ready and capable of delivering emergency first aid to our families, friends, co-workers and even strangers in the street?
Although the injury wasn’t life or death, Maisie knew enough to cool the burn under cold running water and remove her mum’s ring to stop swelling. It will ensure that from the day they learn their new skills, we have a new culture of first aid, with a whole generation of children growing up with the skills and confidence to save a life.
So if you faint, have a heart attack or fall and break a bone, if there is a child present you are much more likely to get the help you need. They are hoping lots of students will take part to demonstrate their skills, develop their confidence and strengthen their first aid knowledge. Understanding how to recognize and reduce the stress on your body from your daily work environment will help greatly reduce the likelihood of developing an MSD. Check the manual for your player to determine if it supports both DVD-R Media and progressive playback. This course covers the dangers associated with lifting and moving a load with an overhead crane, as well as safe procedures that will avoid those dangers. APT can also advise and work with you to help create a safer, better prepared working environment for you and your employees by means of an assessment of all your company’s first aid requirements. It is also important that you understand the threat of vandalism and that you protect your construction siteA andA other industrial location. Having a security guard on site, making regular patrols and monitoring security cameras will greatly improve security and keep your property safe. All in all, the online security guard course that I had learned from was very well organized and planned, and the quizzes after each unit were refreshing to me. The practice test are spot on, with the types of questions to expect from the Ministry testing. Highly recommended because nothing can be easier than learning through online practice tests.
She stayed calm throughout, proving that she has the confidence and the ability to act quickly in an emergency!
This course discusses MSD prevention techniques in industrial environments, including engineering and administrative controls as well as motion-based, physical, environmental, and psychological risk factors associated with MSDs. Playing the DVD on a computer requires a DVD ROM drive and DVD playback software, such as PowerDVD or VLC Media Player (Free). These regular inspections allow the guards to monitor the changing situations and to look for any issues that may compromise the safety and security of the area. The course came prepared with all the manuals that were needed and most importantly, the practice mock tests are what helped me get better grounded within the security guard's field of laws and rulings. In Wales and Ireland this is already the case with first aid being a compulsory part of the curriculum, but in Scotland and here in England, this is not the case. Following the tips and guidelines illustrated in this course will reduce your chances of suffering from an MSD and help you have a healthy, productive work experience. I believe that any one who will listen all video lectures and participate in all (13+13=26) practice and mock tests, will pass the licensing test in one chance.

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