Welcome to our directory of cabins for rent in the Last Frontier offering vacation Alaska rental cabins, chalets, cottages, fishing cabins and other more rustic lodging and accommodations for your Alaskan vacation whether you are looking for a fishing cabin rental, a cabin for sightseeing and wildlife viewing, or just a wilderness getaway cabin to enjoy a little solitude. If you're looking for the perfect base camp for fishing, claming, hiking, sightseeing or just exploring the lower Kenai Peninsula, you've come to the right place. The Survival Intensive course provided me not only a comfort in survival basics, but also the inspiration to ask bigger questions of myself. Planning for doomsday isn't that different than planning for a hardcore camping trip, so go ahead and pack a tent. Survive the Tribe‘s Hazen Audel is back with another unbelievable series about survival in the harshest of settings this Thursday, January 21. In Primal Survivor, wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen takes on some of the world’s most treacherous locations, including the crocodile-infested rainforests of Papa New Guinea, the blistering heat of the Sahara and the dizzying heights of the Himalayas. Hazen must do battle with the environments armed with the skills of local tribes who have survived thousands of years living in some of the world’s harshest climates. After I graduated from high school I went to Ecuador to go see all these animals I’d always been fascinated by and read about in books.
I’m building a house right now and that’s one thing that keeps me really busy when I come back home. Have you ever had any embarrassing misunderstandings while meeting people of other cultures on your travels? One of the biggest and possibly detrimental misunderstandings that ever happened was one time I was in Ecuador and I was with a tribal member I had never met before and I owed him $7. I was going out on a hunting trip and it started raining and the water I was following was rising, so the area I was in started to flood, and I lost my trail. I was in a place in the world where nobody knew where I was, nobody would have ever known that I was in danger, and I was in one of the most remote places in the world.
It’s those sorts of experiences that I carry with me and that help me for next challenge ahead of me. I love to travel to see amazing animals and amazing plants, and hopefully while I visit those places I’m looking for people who live alongside the things I’m so fascinated by.
I think what I’ve learned is we’ve been born with the things that we’re being told are normal. It’s so easy to just put your own perspective on things, but once you get out of your own little reality and enter their array of circumstances you realise it actually makes a lot of sense. If it requires a different language, just doing the best you can to learn just a few words will give you some serious mileage in really experiencing the place and having an idea of what it’s like for these other people to live their lives. Not considered a short-barreled shotgun under the brazenly unconstitutional National Firearms Act because the barrel is rifled. These pellets will spread about 7 inches at 12 feet and about 12 inches at 20 feet, so of course patterns like this are suitable only at close ranges. Put five shells of 3-inch 000 Buck, and that's potentially TWENTY-FIVE 9mm holes in your assailant. This kind of weapon is ideal for someone who needs a personal defense weapon but doesn’t train to professional levels of skill in target acquisition and shot placement under extreme stress. Some critics of The Judge have expressed concern about the long freebore (unrifled part of the cylinder) the bullet has to travel before entering the rifled barrel. Though a little heavy to be my first choice for concealed carry, The Judge is my personal choice for bedside and vehicle defense. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? Women in the Outdoors is my way of offering my own experiences, in a step-by-step, right by your side, sort of way.
In our last post, Your Outdoors Checklist, we had decided to use Pioneer Outfitters (that’s us!) Horseback Wilderness Adventure to base our plan on. I will do my best to liken the preparations those of you that will be joining us on our “Queen’s” Adventure to an adventure anywhere, enjoying any outdoor activity.
I wrote out 15 Steps that helps folks to choose their unique Horseback Adventure awhile back and that seems to help folks heading to us, tons.
Any place you are heading, away from home, will have some hoops you may have to navigate to get it all rolling.
Be sure to ask ANY questions that may occur as you plan and dream in the weeks or months ahead! I am a faithful believer in horseback riding being the best all – around exercise for your entire body. During our next get together, we will discuss a few skills that will help you feel more confident about handling typically unplanned incidents while you are in the wilderness.

We all feel more in control and safer, when we, ourselves have the skills to survive, whether we ever need them or not. If you enjoyed this post in Women in the Outdoors, you may want to check the others out in the Wednesday’s Women, Women in the Outdoors series. If you would like to join us this year on an Alaska Adventure of your dreams, be sure to Contact Us! Our conveniently located family operated campground emphasizes real old time Alaskan hospitality with extremely reasonable rates. Located on the Kenai River near Sterling, Alaska, our upscale cabin offers top quality accommodations as well as over 350 feet of top shore fishing for red salmon. At Earth Native we believe that long term mentoring situations are the best way to learn these incredible skills. Finding a good shelter is one of the hardest things to do when you're in the wilderness, and a tent takes care of that basic need.
I think they recognised that I love nature and loved being there and I started to develop a real fascination for how they lived their lives. I’m in the most fascinating places in the world with some of the most incredible people I could ever imagine.
The entire house is built with recycled items and I’m building it with some consideration for the animals living there.
I went through an experience of thinking about the importance of my family and everything that goes through your mind during five days of sheer terror. One thing that really changed my perspective was spending so much time in Africa with the Samburu in Kenya. From face value they seem so incredibly unusual but a lot of these practices have been going on for thousands of years and there’s a definite reason as to why. This is an incredible tactical advantage when you have to draw, target, and shoot very quickly under high-stress conditions. When used with shot, the rifled barrel disperses the shot pellets more rapidly than they would do from a smooth bore.
For example, in a personal defense application you might load the first two shots with #7 or #8 shot for maximum spread.
Essentially, this gun is for shooting bad guys at extreme close range like in the confines of your car, your bedroom, or the side lot of your house. As a dealer I have noticed on more than one occasion that Taurus has some quality control issues. I always tell people, be sure to consult your friendly neighborhood gun dealer before buying a gun!
The Doan magnesium fire starter will start hundreds of fires, which is far superior to other fire starting solutions available on the market. Now, if you are going to head into your Adventure away from home, you will (and should) receive a Welcome Packet. Now that you have chosen your Adventure and the paperwork is on it’s way, it is time to get ready.
When coming from a lower elevation, at times our guests will say they are out of breath and that there really is no easy way to prepare for that. You have chosen your dream adventure and your Welcome Packet is on it’s way and you have begun to ready yourself physically for an adventure of a lifetime.
For this reason we are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to learn the ancient arts of survival and self-sufficiency.
I always thought my dream job would be a nature host, but I thought the chances of being a nature show host were pretty remote.
Once I finally got to those remote areas, I found that there were these people living alongside these animals that I was really interested in. That little trip that was gonna be a month and a half experience would up being two years of my life.
When I gave him the money he didn’t have any concept of counting and looked at me giving him only three dollar bills like I was shorting him.
The people who understood his language were telling me I needed to run and get out of there as soon as I can because this man was going to kill me. During this trip I was herding the yaks, which is a traditional thing that the locals do, and I had to navigate all these different canyons and mountain ranges and carry a lot of distance at about 14000 feet. Those are places that I’m endlessly fascinated by, so I try to get as much time in my life in those areas as I can. I would love to have access to go to the Congo, it’s just a difficult place to reach and be safe.

Your first shots might only sting an assailant, but they’ll distract him and disable his attack.
With an extra shot and that legendary Smith & Wesson quality, the Governor has got to be a home run. I have sent back several Judges to have the cylinder replaced because the chambers were not bored square with the flutes, making for a weak cylinder wall. When first lit the magnesium burns at an incredible 5400 degrees which allows you to work with most tinder available, including damp tinder in severe situations. If you use up all the magnesium on the Doan bar, or the bar or striker rod break, you simply send us back what is left and we will send you out a new one at no additional charge! You may need to fill out paperwork (Our paperwork consists of your contract and multiple insurance releases, for riding the horses mostly, but some are because you will be riding in the National Park.) You may need to apply for  permits or buy a hunting, trapping or fishing license, if they are required for the adventure you are planning. Our Welcome Packet provides you with photos, gear lists that you will need to bring, options available to you once you arrive, and tips to make your travel easier. Our Horseback Adventures are designed with all ages and all experience levels (including none). That is a very re-assuring thing for someone coming to a far and unknown place, especially a woman maybe coming alone. They went on Youtube and started getting noticed and then I was getting invited to wildlife film festivals. I’m trying to explain myself but I totally don’t know what’s going on and then he asks for more money so I gave him another dollar bill. He was running into his house, he was loading his shotgun and he had a spear in the other hand and he came out running towards me as fast as he could.
Every single breath I took I was working through more and more oxygen, and even when I would go to sleep and get rest I would wake up gasping for air sometimes because I just wasn’t getting enough oxygen.
You tend to squeal a little bit when you think about male circumcision, but [after] spending more and more time there, I began to really understand the importance of it – how that brings communities together and strengthens villages. If you’re there with sincere interest and respect, you’re gonna have an amazing experience wherever you go in the world. So folks need to inspect the gun they are buying very carefully before they make the purchase. Our own also includes a break down of all the average costs for you to take into consideration for planning your trip. To optimize your enjoyment of your entire Adventure in Alaska (or anywhere) we strongly recommend some sort of daily exercise prior to your departure. They are incredibly comfortable, easy to ride in (yes, they fit in my stirrups nicely) and surprisingly easy to walk in.
Then National Geographic just said “well we’re not doing very many nature shows but you live a pretty interesting life and you have such close ties with indigenous people and interest in traditional skills. I had to run into the forest and run for my life and hide from this guy who wanted to kill me.
The entire time your heart is pounding, your head is pounding, you’re really confused almost the whole time.
The only thing that was negative at all about them was that they ARE rubberized- you WILL sweat (even if like me, you never have before), and they are dang near impossible to get dry over a camp fire.
My hands and arms go to sleep, my chest actually swells (no, boys, not THAT part of my chest), and basically, it feels like I am having a heart-attack.
We invite you to book your lodging with Alaskan Sunset Cabins for a memorable Alaska vacation!
I bring old newspaper with me and crunch it up, shove it into them at night, and if we have a camp stove, I try to rig them upside down (difficult, not impossible) up in the warm air and by morning, they were either dry or at the very least, much drier. I have bought MANY back packs, been professionally fitted for them, all kinds… I hate them all! And it is very easy to forget because it is chilly most of the time, because of the breezes coming from all of the ice. I’m doing the best I can to avoid paying some sort of electricity bill because what makes electricity is building a dam, and if you have dams there no animals can go up the river.
I just try to be conscious about the things I do with the overall agenda of being respectful to the natural environment.

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