The survival rule of thumb is that you can survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.
While shelter is often taken care of except in wilderness survival situations, fresh drinking water can be a serious concern.
Middle term – After bottled water supplies run out, you can start filtering water using a common hiking water filter.
Long term – After filtration ceases to work, whether by lack of filters or when water sources dry up or become too dangerous, you need to find a long term source for drinking water. A lack of drinking water can be deadly, as can be drinking unsafe water full of bacteria or other toxins. Personally I have the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ and this is my favourite and, I think, the best multi tool knife – it is quite thick containing some 32 different tools, but fits snugly into my hand and feels very solid. One of the very good things about the Swiss Army range is that for most of the multi purpose tool they manufacture, they also have a very good quality knife pouch available as well. All the pouches are riveted together and very strong, just slide onto your belt and they are very secure. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ has a main knife blade that can be closed and is under 3″ long, which means it is a legal knife to carry on you.
This multi tool pocket knife is just about the right size to carry – fits nicely into your hand and has a lot of tools on it.
Seasoned prepper as well as beginning preppers will find some great information in this book. If you can relate to my story you will definitely want to have a look at the video about this book and educate yourself about the world around us. This book will make you ask yourself if you are really ready or if you are just kidding yourself.
I hate to admit it but I have spent money on books like these that were full of information that I already knew. If you are like me, protecting and doing as much as you can to prevent anything from happening to you family or children is not only the responsible thing to do it is our job as parents and adults. The Family Survival system Has quite a bit of good information that covers all of the different aspects of prepping like bugging in, bugging out, survival skills, home protection and what to expect from the unprepared people that will be looking to take advantage of your foresight and preparedness. I have purchased a few of these guides because I want to review them and be able to tell you which of these products are good and which ones are scams.
The family Survival System doesn’t just focus on one aspect of survival, it gives you a broad picture about all of the different areas of preparing you and your family. I hate the hard selling “you’re going to die if you don’t buy this” scare tactic most of these people use to sell their products. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. When it comes to buying a survival retreat or bug out location, location really is the key. Distance – If you’re purchasing a piece of property to serve as a bug out location, then you really need to consider how far that property is from your current home.
How far is the land from your current location, and are you able to safely make it there during a crisis? Water Sources – A good reliable water source is one of the most important considerations when choosing a bug out retreat.

Concealment – The ability to conceal your site may become necessary during a SHTF Bug Out situation. Do the natural features of the land help conceal and shelter you, or are they an obstacle to using the land? Self-sufficiency  – Picking a location where you can sustain your lifestyle is another important consideration.
Natural Resource – Another important factor in choosing your property is the area’s natural resources. Cost of Living – Unfortunately, the country is setup in a way that guarantees you never really own your property. Zoning Issues – As we mentioned above, the government at every level has a way of really screwing with your plans.
Population Density – During a crisis situation, areas with the highest population densities will experience the most crime, the most social unrest, the highest likelihood for epidemics, and the highest death tolls due to lack of resources and sanitation.  When choosing a bug out location or survival retreat we suggest staying as far away from high density population areas as possible. Natural Threats – From tornadoes and hurricanes to earthquakes and droughts, natural weather patterns and environmental threats need be to thoroughly researched before deciding on a property. Look at the areas historical data to better get an idea what the location might look like in the future.
Take into account things like droughts, flash floods, forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. Zack and I did a quick demonstration of this system in Mason jars to show how effective it can be.
Pre-filtering water through coffee filters removes all of the larger debris and a lot of dirt too.
The easiest way to get water to drain through the water filter was to push it down into the container and let gravity do it’s thing.
Here is a before and after shot of the coffee filtered water that is ready to put through your water purification system. We only used regular old coffee filters for this, but I poked around and found these Micro-Filters that are for espresso makers. It might take longer for the water to work through, but they could be that much better for filtering out tiny grains of dirt. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. Most people advise to have 2 gallons per day per person, but half of that is probably the minimum. Water can be taken from pools, ponds, rivers and lakes if you have containers to carry it in.
Digging a well now is the most feasible option, as they will be difficult to construct without modern technology and tools. Put a plan in place now to ensure that you have enough drinking water to survive for a week, month, or if needed, a year without modern infrastructure. The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact hat they can be so versatile, offering a wide range of tools that are ideal in a survival situation. The basic model will set you back a measly ?3, whereas the top of the range is knocking on the door of ?700…!

There is a toothpick, pen and a pin that are built into the sides at each end of the multi tool which have hard plastic heads with allow you to pull them out – you definitely need dry hands and good fingernails to get these out.! And although I do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen, it is my responsibility as a father and husband to protect my family to the very end.
And while I knew that things around the world were bad I didn’t have the time to worry about it. And the worst place to find out you don’t have the survival skills you thought you had is right in the middle of a disaster. This book actually gave me some valuable information and that is why I am willing to recommend it to you.
So my tip is… just close the tab and it will tell you “wait!” and you can get the $37 guide for $17. Here are some of the top considerations that you need to keep in mind when looking for the ultimate bug out property. Unless you have a good refueling plan, property that you can’t make it to on a single tank of gas should really be reconsidered.
In fact, I would think the farther you can get away from the major cities, the better off you’ll be during a major collapse or SHTF situation. From fresh water springs and rivers to underground well water, the need for a clean and renewable water source is the number one factor to consider when looking for survival properties.
Having a place that provides adequate resources to conceal your living quarters might be another factor in choosing your location.
From having enough sunlight to support a solar system, to picking a location that provides a good amount of firewood to heat your home, the ability to sustain your lifestyle needs to be one of the top concerns on your BOL checklist. From the government seizing homes over zoning issues, to having to pay taxes on a property that you already own free and clear, it seems our government always has its hands in our business.  When considering your location, the cost of living needs to be factored into your plan. Make sure you thoroughly investigate local zoning ordinances and find out exactly what you can and can’t build, what permits are needed and how much trouble local zoning officials have been to local residents. Make sure you know exactly what threats you will be facing and how the local climate will affect your ability to grow food, hunt and obtain resources throughout the year.
This can go a long way towards extending the life of your water filter because it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard. By buying a few cases of bottled water, 2.5 gallon jugs, or ideally, burying 35 or 55 gallon drums of water, you can ensure you have a week or two supply. This is will until the life of your filters has run out, so having multiple filters on hand is a good idea. This book will give you a different perspective on everything that everyone else is writing about. I am telling you this because although I do get a small commission when you purchase the guide I don’t think it’s worth $37 but it is worth $17, and my goal is to find valuable and helpful information for the Survivalist Prepper community.
Property taxes, cost of local goods and your ability to keep up with your payments are all things that must be considered. In a survival situation you may have to rely on whatever water you can find and chances are in won’t be very clean.

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