CO ED bridal shower games are great on any type of bridal shower, especially if the groom-to-be have decided to join in on the fun of the bride-to-be’s bridal send-off party! And since Famous TV Couples game is a bingo game, it is something that you can easily add on her bridal shower, especially  since majority of the guests will already know the game mechanics, which will contribute to ease of game play.
And we also recommend you check out our other printable bridal shower games and also our traditional bridal game ideas so you can add more easy and fun games as part of her bridal shower activities. Did you know that this very co ed bridal shower game idea can also be played as a nice getting-to-know activity? Or you can always just stick to making this work as a nice get to know game, wherein one player will get assigned the male name of the TV couple, while his better half’s name is assigned to another person. First, you need to get all the game cards, and since we have everything saved as an image file, just employ your usual image-saving instructions until you have all the game cards you need. And like bingo games of old, you can play this wherein the first player who can completely mark their cards such that they can complete a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line match will be your winner. Make sure you note on the invitation that this is a couples shower, both men and women are invited, and gifts should be for the happy couple. My company, Hands On Gourmet, has planned a number of wedding showers that include both the men and the women. A great interactive idea for a couples shower or a rehearsal dinner is to do a cooking party. I went to a couples shower, and one of the games they had to play involved the bride being taken to one side of the room (it was a rather large hall) and blind folded, then given a donut. It was very funny, because there were a lot of ages present and all of the games involved a lot of people.
A fun twist on the game is to have guests hold up a mustache or lips depending on whether they think the bride or groom said it! Two hosts will set up a dessert buffet with samples of cake & sweets and know all of the flavors.

If you are stuck for ideas or need to plan a weekend of fun and frolics then look to the professionals. I saw this great idea where you ask the husband to be to list 24 reasons why he fell in love with his fiance and then you type them up on individual pieces of paper and tie one to each of 24 red roses.
So if you are sold to this co ed bridal shower game idea, great, get the two cards we have here, and navigate back to our main CO ED bridal shower games page for more readymade bingo cards that you can download and use. We have another couple game which can also be played as a bingo game, but this other game involves animal couples instead. And at the same time, you can even test your guests’ recall about these famous TV shows and depending on your preference, you can ask them to share a tidbit or two, beyond just guessing what the title of the show is. The player who was able to find her better half within the shortest amount of time, and can introduce their partner to the rest of the group, will be your winner.
You can also employ the same technique when you get the bingo word lists that corresponds to this bingo game, which you can find at our main Famous TV Couples Bingo page. Of course you can always choose to customize the goal, the game mechanics, but if you’re happy with it as it is,  just like that, you are ready to play this co ed bridal shower game! Golf balls in a small gift box for a golf party, cupcakes or hand dipped chocolates for a cooking party, or a Nerf football with the couple’s name and wedding date written on it for a football party. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Today they’re sharing an eclectic selection of classic, fun and unique bridal shower games. You can make a scavenger hunt as x-rated as you want, depending on the personality of your bride-to-be. This can include the ever popular cake pops, & cupcakes as well as macarons and jelly beans.
At the end of the shower, you say there is one more thing to do and you hand her the roses and tell her that this is your fiance’s part of the shower and she can read each one of the reasons on each of the 24 roses.

And the fact that your guests get to talk to their fellow guests while looking for their perfect pair, that’s definitely a great side benefit in playing this very idea the way we described it above. All of these you need to print, and the bingo word lists will need to be cut up, rolled, and placed inside a tub or a similar container, ready to be drawn by your host during the big day.
Are they golf fanatics, do they both love football, NASCAR, a favorite movie, hiking, or cooking?
When everyone is done, place all the post-it notes on a wall or table for the bride to read one by one. Each guest will walk down the dessert buffet, blindfolded, with one of the hosts guiding them, and make a guess at each flavor. You will also find an assortment of free printable bridal shower games below that you can print at home. Don’t forget to talk to someone who can act as host of this bingo game plus your other games.
It was hilarious, especially because the brides father was there and kept getting in her way. Then, during the party you ask the bride to fill out the same questionnaire & guess what he would have answered.
As she reads them out she has to guess who wrote it and explain the story to the rest of the group. I have hosted bridal showers before, but this the the first time I have ever attempted something of this scale. Another game they did was blindfold the groom, and have a bunch of women of different ages and relations line up and put out their hands.

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