How often do you see an email that shows lots of other people's email addresses at the top of the message? This morning we introduced some new functionality into The Customer Factor that provides you more flexibility when sending estimates or invoices to your prospects and customers via email. For starters, if you have not read about the recent email features, please read about them now. After the release of the above features, we received some great suggestions on how this email feature could be enhanced and made better. 2) cc emails: One of the most common suggestions we received pertaining to our recently introduced Email feature was the ability to keep a record of the email that is sent to each prospect or customer. Insert up to 3 email addresses where you want to receive any email you send to a prospect or customer.
You can set lots of different rules in Outlook to automate things and make your life easier!
Note: If you want the rule to apply to every single email you send, leave the boxes unticked.

Choose the rule from the top section and edit it in the bottom section by clicking on the blue links.
Technical expert for VA Professional Magazine, Steph Middleton-Foster is an award winning virtual assistant and Managing Director of Outhouse-UK Ltd, a leading UK virtual assistant service based in Worcestershire.
Anyone who now receives this email can see all the other email addresses and they can add them to their own address book.
Addresses that you added to the Bcc field are hidden in the copy of the email received by each of your customers.
Basically this window is all about allowing you to set up some additional settings that you can use over and over again when you send emails to prospects or customers.
Maybe you want to create one general email template that’ll be used for most emails that you send.
Perhaps you use a CRM system that has the ability to track emails sent and received if you copy in a certain email address? In this example, we want the client to be copied in on all emails sent from their email address.

This then brings up the rule in the lower section of the wizard, where anything highlighted in blue can be edited by clicking on it which in this case is the email address we will send from. Give it an identifiable name so that you can find it easily if you need to edit it at a later date.
I know that when dealing with accounts or credit control, I often CC in the client so that they have a record of the emails that I’ve been sending in case the customer comes back to them. This works well if you use an email address from their domain when working as their VA (e.g.

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