Many people have a problem with the thyroid gland, without being aware of it. Frequent obesity or inability to lose weight, indicates malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. Leave it on the night stand beside the bed, and the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is to put it in your armpit on bare skin, without having any clothes on.
Most people have heard that stress will cause weight gain, and it’s actually be proven scientifically. For men, they have low estrogen levels, which can result in belly fat gain, even though testosterone helps to keep their percentage of body fat lower. Many people who store fat in the belly have a liver belly, which is often called a pot belly. To lose that belly fat, individuals with a liver belly need to begin restoring the function of the liver, and they also need to include more protein in their diet. Individuals who have a thyroid belly usually have fat distributed throughout their whole body, from the shoulders and neck to their legs. People with this type of belly usually crave fats and sweets, and they often feel tired, even after a full night of rest. To deal with a thyroid belly effectively, it’s important to get estrogen levels back to normal and the thyroid has to begin functioning again.
Individuals who have an adrenal belly usually deal with weight gain during times of stress. Since these people deal with a lot of stress, they often deal with excessive worrying, poor sleep habits, brain fog, and poor memory. Only women end up with the ovary belly, and usually these women end up with lower stomach fat and saddlebags. Women with an ovary belly are more likely to deal with headaches, heavy periods, acne and facial hair.
Balancing hormone levels and dealing with the ovarian cysts is the best way to deal with an ovary belly.
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My 10 month old boxer is losing hair on his face, front legs and back legs and I'm starting to notice it on his side stomach. Yes looks like mange - since he's had it before maybe it didn't clear up completely and is coming back? In the grand scheme of things, and this is only my opinion based on extensive research, you are better off feeding him Pedigree than Natures Recipe any type. If you have some similar symptoms, don’t immediately run to the doctor, but first make your own home test, which will tell you what to do next.
Everything you need is a thermometer. First, shake it well and make sure that does not show a temperature higher than 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). The symptoms are: depression, lack of energy, fatigue, infections, chronic headaches, lack of concentration and memory, hair loss.
If your temperature is above or below the permissible limit, it is better to contact your doctor. Low stress, sufficient selenium, vitamin A, cortisol, magnesium, good work of the liver and vitamin B are all very important for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. However, some individuals end up losing weight when they go through stress, and they end up dealing with fatigue and a lowered immune system.
Estrogen usually results in fat storage in the lower body, and women have higher amounts of estrogen. This is usually characterized by slim legs and arms, as well as a lot of fat that sticks out in the stomach area. The skin on their arms is generally saggy, and their outer eyebrows are usually a bit thin. Too much estrogen causes this type of belly, and fat storage in these areas often occurs after having a baby because of the estrogen spikes and other hormonal changes.
Women should focus on eating a diet that includes healthy, natural foods, and fats and protein should come mostly from vegetable sources, since many animal products are high in hormones. However, men aren’t as likely to end up gaining weight in their lower body, but they are more likely to end up with excess belly fat.
However, when women get closer to menopause, the body doesn’t produce as much estrogen, and then the fat migrates to the upper body and the abdomen, which is why women who are nearing menopause or post menopause have higher percentages of belly fat.

Individuals dealing with the liver belly often deal with flatulence, bloating, digestive issues, soreness, and back pain.
While most people have higher blood sugar levels in the morning, these individuals have low levels of blood glucose when they wake up. Complex carbs should be eaten instead of simple carbs, and alcoholic drinks and sodas should be eliminated from the diet.
Those dealing with an adrenal belly often seem edgy and irritable, and they often over train and try going on restrictive diets to lose weight, but this only leads to more stress. Natures Recipe fell right down there with Science Diet brands when it came to rendering euthanized domesticated animals into their pet foods. To lose this belly, the liver must be able to detox, so drinking plenty of water is important.
A body that is tired needs plenty of sleep, and fatigued adrenal glands need to have plenty of rest, so getting a good night of rest each night can help individuals lose this belly fat.
During the cycle, water retention often occurs, and mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes and low libido may also accompany the other symptoms. This occurs because bile is not properly released, so the food they eat isn’t broken down the way it should be. Other problems they experience include cold extremities, brittle fingernails, poor circulation, and thinning hair.
Sometimes that stuff can clear up and you THINK its gone, and then an outbreak will happen again since it can be triggered by many different things.
Even after eating, this makes individuals with a liver belly still feel hungry, and they often crave sugar.

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