Blepharitis is inflammation or swelling of your eyelids and can be a very painful and uncomfortable condition. It is common to have a combination of both types of Blepharitis but the degrees of severity are usually different. Trichiasis – this is the medical term for eyelashes that grow back toward your eye touch the cornea of the eye. The main cause of this type of Blepharitis is the irregular oil production by the glands in your eyelids which in turn creates an environment for the growth of bacteria. If these glands produce the wrong type of oil, too little, or too much, it can cause your eyelids to become itchy, irritated, and inflamed. Because there can be many different causes of Blepharitis you should visit your ophthalmologist to make sure that you have the right diagnosis in order to get the proper treatment.

The first step of treatment is to get rid of the skin disorder and then treat the condition. Make sure that you avoid coming in contact with allergens like animals, chemicals, or smoke. To help lessen the pain and itching you can apply moist warm compresses on your eyes three times a day.
Clean your eyelids with a mixture of baby shampoo and water to help get rid of the scales and crusting on your eyelids. If you have Blepharitis and it is being treated make sure that you avoid wearing makeup and do not use your contact lenses during the treatment period.
One of the main things that you need to do is make sure that you are executing the proper eyelid hygiene which is making sure that you wash your hands before and after touching your eyes.

There is no cure for this disease but you can control it with good hygiene on your eyelids. It increases the activity of all forms of muscle tissue, but more especially that of the heart and it’s small blood vessels. Digitalis is a classic example of a drug derived from a plant formerly used by folklorists and herbalists.

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