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Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo and Conditioner ($35 each, wow!) are the latest additions to the Pureology product family. While generally effective at treating dandruff, most over-the-counter dandruff shampoos tend to strip away hair color. After using both Pureology dandruff products once a week for a month, not only did my dandruff go away, but my hair color didn’t. If you have color treated hair and get dandruff from time to time, consider Scalp Cure Shampoo.
I have wavy hair and my hair tends to poof after it dries out from the shower =[ I usually didn’t mind when my hair was longer but now it’s super annoying! I watched Hell Boy 1 years ago when it came out in theaters, I think the release date was my b-day or something. Hi Karen, I suspect that you might have this antenna that picks up what I am thinking because many a time, I’ve been preoccupied with something and not long after, you write about the same issue! Hmm, it sounds like you’ll either need a product to control the poof or a heavier conditioner to weigh it down (or perhaps both). I liked this second movie better than the first, and it’s very rare for me to like a sequel. Presentation specialist Constance Dunn focuses on beauty, grooming, style, etiquette and communication. If you have dandruff or buildup on the scalp, the symptoms of both are easy to spot: Your head itches and flakes of dead skin are snowing from your scalp into your hair and onto your shoulders.
Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition, whereas buildup is conditional, caused by hair product usage and cleansing habits. Scalp buildup is caused by two major factors: overuse of styling products and ineffective cleansing.
The sensation of sudden irritation in the throat which induces the person to cough is termed as itchy throat. Cold weather, change in climate, stuffed nose, dehydration, smoking or having alcohol, tonsillitis, having certain strong medications can cause dry throat which may result in itchy throat. Exposure to chemicals and gases for prolonged time, inhaling sulphur particles can cause irritation. The symptoms of itchy throat are repeated cough with or without phlegm, pain or swelling in the inner throat, secretions from throat, difficulty in swallowing, runny nose or watery eyes.
Itchy throat can be treated by simple home remedy like drinking lukewarm water, herbal tea, having pure honey and using menthol. The company caters to people with deep pockets and color treated hair, but are they charging too much? When using Pureology’s conditioner as the directions advised, I then had to apply an additional conditioner to the rest of my hair. I had always wanted to try Pureology, but I didn’t want to fish out the money for it. Now you mentioned Pureology ?? According to the article, expect more greatness to come later on next year and the triple molecules they combine is something really new. Evidently, I was bothered by the dandruff I developed because of the cornrows that I had put in about 4 weeks ago. My hair gets thirsty in the summer, too, especially if I’m swimming or outside in the son.

When I had shorter hair one thing I did was hang my head upside down and then apply gel into my hair right after I finished showering, when it was dripping wet.
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Tea tree oil is one of the many natural oils found in the world that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that helps heal and calm down an itchy scalp.
This means that you need to moisturize your scalp to replenish lost oil and prevent it from itching. This is why I love using natural and homemade remedies on my scalp to ensure that there are no chemicals that can harm my scalp.
Author of the book "Practical Glamour" (RLD Publications, 2010), Dunn has a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University and a Master of Arts from the University of Southern California. Before you attempt to treat this condition, it's important to determine whether you are suffering from dandruff or scalp buildup.
Dandruff is caused by a yeast, which inflames the scalp, and is marked by scaling on the scalp that causes itching and flaking. However, the rate of producing and shedding skin cells on the scalp is faster than on other parts of your body. As a result, these oily clumps, which appear yellow in color, are larger and more visible than the skin cells shed from normal turnover, especially when they land on dark hair or clothing.
Use of styling products (such as mousse, hairspray and gel) as well as heavy conditioners, particularly those with wax fillers can build up on your scalp, causing itching. Similarly, itchiness or flakiness that is caused by dry scalp, psoriasis or allergies is also regularly misdiagnosed as dandruff. If you talk loudly for hours together or involve in yelling it can cause irritation in throat. Pureology’s reputation for color safe products appeals to me, but $35 for their dandruff conditioner does not.
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I took them out yesterday but I was also panicking that I’d have dandruff permanently. If you end up getting this you can totally make it last by just using a little of the shampoo on your roots, and then use a more moisturizing shampoo on the shaft and the ends!
I would then use an old t-shirt, not a towel, to gently blot the excess water out of the hair. Constantly having the urge to scratch your scalp until you can no longer take it and sometimes even results to bleeding is a difficult condition to manage.
This is because we tend to use the same products over and over and it leaves a residue on our scalps which can cause itching and flaking. Massage diluted tea tree oil to your scalp for 5 minutes before rinsing and going about your regular hair care routine. One homemade moisturizer for the scalp that I swear by is a mixture of a quarter of milk, a tablespoon of honey, and another tablespoon of olive oil.
There are significant differences between the two, from the type of skin cells that are shed to the type of treatment you will need.

Scalp buildup, on the other hand, occurs when hair is not cleansed adequately or often enough. Add to that, these shed cells are retained in the strands of the hair, making them more visible. If you do not shampoo regularly, or your shampoo does not clean thoroughly, in time, a combination of dead skin cells and oil will cause scalp buildup. The first shampoo loosens the dormant products; the second shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp. When the mucous membrane present in the inner walls of the throat gets infected or irritated by pollution, food or any other allergic reaction the person may get itchy throat. The directions on the bottle suggest applying it directly to the scalp, not to the hair shaft or ends. This is why it is important that you treat your condition immediately when you start developing an itchy scalp. Or, you can find many organic and natural shampoos out there such as Nature’s Gate and Rainwater to contain tea tree oil in their shampoos.
Massage the mixture to your dry scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing and doing your normal hair care routine.
While buildup typically causes itching and flaking, it does not have the scaling of dandruff and the make-up of the flakes is different.
Therefore, not washing for a week or two will create the appearance of dandruff in most people.
Alternately, if you need a more intensive treatment, ask your stylist about a professional clarifying treatment, which most salons offer. The infected mucous glands will fail to secrete mucus in sufficient level giving rise to irritation. So I wanted to get a Head and Shoulders for sensitive scalp but my feet brought me instead to my coiffeur beside the drug store and I ended up with a Wella anti-dandruff shampoo for about 4 times the cost of Head and Shoulders. Usually I stock up on my current redken regime but now I started using graham webbs heat response and it’s fab! Not really as a shampoo but more as a treatment to prevent product build up and remove any shampoo or product residue that is left on my scalp. This also helps in healing and wounds on your scalp caused by constant scratching and abrasion.
I believe that going natural and organic has helped my itchy scalp more than over-the-counter shampoos did. I use a cup of water with three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and massage it on my scalp after shampooing. Here are some of my favorite recipes of homemade shampoo that are guaranteed to help treat itchy scalp.
But be careful with using this if you have a perm as it can make it loose and straighten your hair.

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