Adenoids or pharyngeal tonsils – sponge like tissue situated on the upper part of the throat and in the nasopharynx adjacent to the Eustachian tubes. Palatine tonsils – pair of visible tonsils located behind the throat and is usually referred to in the term tonsillitis.
The main function of tonsils is to protect the body from ingesting and inhaling foreign materials through the nose and mouth. Tonsils enlargement may occur without any symptoms although there are tell-tale signs that can raise suspicion of enlargement. Difficulty in breathing is experienced which usually takes an extra effort to breathe either or both through the nose and mouth. An incidence of enlarged tonsils is usually not a problem although it is advisable to seek medical consultation to be evaluated for the existing underlying condition that contributed for the enlargement of tonsils. Ear infection contributes to the enlargement of tonsils when the causative agent has reached and invaded the areas of the throat including the tonsils. The aim of treatment in enlarged tonsils is reducing its size back to normal to facilitate proper airway passages and breathing while preventing further medical complications. Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils indicated for persistent enlargement of tonsils despite medical treatment. Enlargement of tonsils can be managed and treated although the treatment is directed towards the underlying condition contributing to the incidence. When farting, you walk really fast around the office so the smell is not in your area and everyone else gets a whiff but doesn't know where it came from.
Walking from the stall, to the sink, to the door after you have just stunk up the bathroom. A group of coworkers who band together to ensure emergency pooping goes off without incident. A subtle toe-tap that is used to alert potential Turd Burglars that you are occupying a stall.
Pericoronitis is the medical term used to describe a wisdom tooth infection or infection of the surrounding tissue near the third molar. Infection of the wisdom tooth is an extremely painful experience that can result to a feeling of general unwellness and total discomfort. The third molar or the wisdom tooth is the last set of teeth that usually comes out during early adolescence or by the time an individual reaches late teens to mid 20s of age. Although not a life-threatening condition, wisdom tooth infection still requires medical attention and should be given enough attention. Whether to remove or not the wisdom tooth has always been an issue particularly if it causes a lot of discomfort yet there are individuals who do not suffer from the discomfort and complications of wisdom tooth even when it has not erupted fully into the gums. Infection of the wisdom tooth often occurs as a result of impaction or partial eruption of the wisdom tooth. The location of the wisdom tooth at the back of the jaw makes it hard to reach by toothbrush therefore giving it not enough cleaning. An impacted wisdom tooth whether hard impaction or soft impaction can result to misalignment of the adjacent teeth or may result to other dental problems. The wisdom tooth infection can be treated in various ways either through conservative approach or through surgical removal. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are often prescribed or may be bought over-the-counter to help in alleviating the symptom of pain. Antibiotics are often prescribed to infected wisdom tooth particularly if the infection has reached the nearby areas. Surgical removal or tooth extraction is the recommended treatment for severe and recurring inflammation. A proper oral hygiene should be best observed to prevent plaque buildup that is potential for bacterial proliferation and other dental problems. Throat cancer can originate in any region of the throat, including the pharynx, larynx, and tonsils.
Throat cancer symptoms depend on where the cancer originated and what type of growth it is.
Like all cancers, throat cancer develops when the cells in your throat begin developing genetic mutations.
The function of this gland is in association with the lymphatic system in warding off infections.
Although acting as protective barrier, tonsils are also subject to infection and other injury which can cause for the gland to enlarge. Medical evaluation is thus, needed to determine the factor influencing the increase in size of tonsils.
Breathing is also made difficult with lying down or even during at rest and may also interfere with sleep as the patient maybe disturbed from difficulty in breathing. This is a condition caused by vibration of soft tissues at the back of the throat during the breathing process when the air passes all the way to the upper airway. This is mainly due to an irritation in the nasal passages resulting from the enlarged tonsils.
This is often the result of a disruption in the salivary gland which can get affected with the enlargement of tonsils. This is usually due from difficulty in swallowing which can occur when tonsils are enlarged including other factors that can disrupt the normal process of swallowing.
Increase in size of tonsils can be implicated with various medical condition where enlargement may play a significant role in manifesting an existing medical condition. The occurrence of nose bleeding can irritate the tonsils which can lead to its enlargement.
It is mainly an inflammation of the tonsils resulting from infection and any other form of injury directed towards the throat and the adjacent parts.

Antibiotics usually prescribed are the likes of Penicillin, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin and Amoxicillin.
It is also recommended when the enlargement of tonsils interferes and causing obstruction with the airway passage putting the life of the patient in danger. It is however, important that a doctor be consulted when sign and symptoms are present and observed. You will often see an Out Of The Closet POOPER enter the bathroom with a newspaper or magazine under their arm.
This group can help you to monitor the whereabouts of Out Of The Closet Poopers, and identify SAFE HAVENS. This is one of the most shocking and vulnerable moments that can occur when taking a poop at work. The infection usually occurs when the third molar or the wisdom tooth partially break through the gum. Wisdom tooth is potential for infection due to their location within the oral cavity which is very hard to reach to render hygiene causing buildup or accumulation of food particles and other debris that later on provide a place for the bacteria to flourish. Infection of the wisdom tooth is therefore common in young adults as this set of teeth usually comes out around this age. The danger of the condition is the potential of the infection to reach the bloodstream or develop into septicemia which is potentially life-threatening particularly in people with neutropenia.
The infection however can result in a lot of pain and discomfort which can affect the quality of life.
The third molar or the wisdom tooth is the last set of teeth that erupts in the back of the jaw where gum space is not enough to accommodate the erupting tooth. Improper oral hygiene or tooth brushing is tantamount to plaque buildup resulting in tooth decay potential for bacteria to flourish. The misaligned teeth can provide a space for food particles and other debris to get trapped between the teeth and the gums which then leads to the proliferation of bacteria and later infection. The patient is usually asked to gargle or rinse with warm salt water after brushing and flossing the teeth.
The symptom of pain however tends to recur unless the source of pain is properly treated or removed. Penicillin is the usual therapy prescribed for the treatment of infection although there are patients that get an allergic reaction to the medication. A wisdom tooth that is impacted and has become infected is usually recommended for extraction. All of these areas are difficult to operate on without affecting the patient's face or ability to talk. A doctor will help you to determine what type of cancer you have and what stage of development it is in.
These glands tend to absorb toxins, which makes them incredibly susceptible to infections and cancers. If you are suffering from multiple symptoms, or the symptoms you have are not healing over time, then you must seek medical attention. These cells will start to grow at an uncontrollable rate, killing off healthy cells and creating large, uncomfortable tumors. In severe cases, the doctor might recommend surgery in order to permanently remove the infected tonsils. Certain bacteria such as streptococci infect the tonsils, making them swollen and inflamed. The herpes simplex virus, the Epstein-Barr virus and the adenovirus are some of the common viruses that cause tonsillitis.
The enlargement of tonsils does not necessarily mean an immediate problem although people suffering from it must be evaluated medically by health professionals to identify the underlying condition resulting to the incidence. The enlargement of tonsils can also contribute for the congestion when the increase in size disrupts the flow of mucus away from the nasal or sinuses.
The infection results to inflammation of the tonsils that leads to the increase from its normal average size. Always look around the office for the Out Of The Closet POOPER before entering the bathroom. An Uncle Ted makes it difficult to relax while on the crapper, as you should always wait to poop when the bathroom is empty. The partial eruption of the wisdom tooth normally occurs when there is no enough space at the back of the jaw to accommodate the erupting third molar. It is less likely for Pericoronitis to occur by the time an individual reaches the age of beyond 20 to 25 years. The symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth usually differ from one patient to another depending on the cause and degree of infection. When no enough space is provided, the wisdom tooth can grow sideways, gets trapped between the gums and the bone or may partially erupt or break through the gumline. The problem however lies with the gum flap which should be given a special attention in ensuring that no food particles or other debris can get trapped into it. In order to avoid lengthy surgery and lower the severity of treatment, you should be aware of the warning signs of throat cancer. It is important to be aware of what to look for so that you can determine whether or not you have a problem requiring medical attention. As the tumors grow and develop, they will start to push on the existing structures of your throat. If you are developing cancer in the vocal chords or larynx, coughing is a common side effect. If you have not been eating at your usual rate because your throat is sore, you may start losing weight.

Your doctor can perform x-rays, a physical examination, or a CT scan to determine if you have a cancerous growth. Unlike some other forms of the disease, it is not currently known what causes the mutation that leads to throat cancer. The excessive use of tobacco or alcohol has been linked to the development of throat cancer.
They are extremely important to the human body as they help destroy harmful viruses or bacteria that might enter the body through the mouth of the person. However, certain cases of tonsillitis are persistent and continue even after the child matures and becomes an adult.
This community attacks the tonsils and causes a severe infection which is very difficult to treat. Other viruses also affect the tonsils in a similar way, causing symptoms such as pain and swelling. Along with causing infections, the bacteria also cause the unpleasant symptom of bad breath. Remain in the stall until everyone has left the bathroom to spare everyone the awkwardness of what just occurred. The manner of growth of wisdom tooth can have food particles and other debris trapped within the structure of the wisdom tooth.
The gum flap can only get resolved when the wisdom tooth totally emerges or when the wisdom tooth is removed. They will commonly start out small, looking similar to a canker sore or similar irritation, but can quickly develop into a large, intrusive lump. You may feel as though something is caught in your throat or show symptoms similar to those associated with streptococcus. An issue arises if you are not eating less, but still appear to be dropping a significant amount of weight.
Your doctor may also perform a biopsy on a growth that has developed in your mouth or throat. In such cases, the doctors have to prescribe very strong antibiotics which can effectively counter the infection. In certain cases, some viruses can also cause the appearance of blisters in the mouth and throat. When the bacteria increase significantly, they cause inflammation and swelling in the tonsils. The most common bacteria causing tonsillitis is Streptococcus pyogenes or group A Streptococcus. The buildup of food particles and other debris will later develop to plaques which can then cause the infection. Your throat may constantly feel raw and irritated, and you may notice a significant increase in your mucus levels. This is a sign that your body may not be absorbing nutrients properly, which can be attributed to damaged cells in your esophagus or saliva glands.
They also dry out the throat, making it difficult for the body to create a healthy mucous membrane that protects the cells from harsh stimulants.
The moist conditions make it very easy for bacteria and viruses to grow, which can lead to serious infections. The patient normally experiences symptoms such as acute pain, fever, swelling around the throat, difficulty while swallowing and bad breath. By studying these reasons closely and by exercising caution, one can prevent the occurrence of this painful problem.
The most common spots for sores to develop are on the roof of the mouth, the back of the throat, or under the tongue. If you notice a significant amount of growth or puffiness in the neck, this could be a sign that you are developing throat cancer. The development of a cancerous sore near your vocal chords may also cause your voice to become hoarse and raspy. A tumor that is growing at a significant rate may also absorb nutrients faster than other cells, which can lead to weight loss throughout the rest of the body. This means that your throat will be more likely to develop cancer-related issues, as will your lungs and stomach.
According to the American Cancer Society, a diet that does not include plenty of fruits, vegetables, vitamin C, and beta-carotene can lead to the development of throat cancer.
Harsh chemicals such as asbestos also make it difficult for your body to fight off infections in the throat. Most mouth irritations or diseases lead to the development of sores, so it is important to watch these carefully to determine if they are a serious threat. Harsh stimulants that would normally be expelled with your mucus will enter your system and cause damage throughout your body.
Both of these lead to excessive amounts of sugar and fat clinging to cells in the throat, which makes the patient more susceptible to mouth infections. A high number of mouth infections lowers the area's defenses, making you much more susceptible to cancer. For example, a lung abscess may form following a bout of pneumonia; a brain abscess may form after a penetrating head wound (an injury in which the outer covering of the brain is pierced), etc. For a skin abscess, this involves a small operation to cut the top of the skin and allow the pus to drain.

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