So gorgeous and if don’t right, this can not only accentuate your face shape, but also make you look super trendy!
Contouring your face has become ever-so-popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian Instagraming photos of some pretty extreme contours!
I love Nail Art and I the fact that it has become such a fun trend is amazing, but sometimes you come across those really super tacky nails and just wish they would stop! I honestly don’t know how this trend came about, but let me tell you, it is NEVER hot to dye your hair green!
Ombre everything was so big this year, so it’s no surprise that Ombre Nails were pretty huge! I loved the Hair Bow on Gaga, but when it started popping up everywhere, it started to get a little tacky!
Beautiful blonde locks from highlights to platinum blonde hair requires maintenance to keep that brassiness away.
Goldwell 10P toner or Goldwell 10V toner, which one you chose depends on which shade of blonde you prefer. I know this might be a bit off-topic but do you know the name of the model in the first photo? Honey and caramel blonde hairstyles rule this season's blonde hair color trends with rich, warm shades of blonde that are already favorites of several trendsetter celebrities!
If you want longer hair it won‘t come by happenstance, you need a plan; and in the beauty world, that plan is known as a hair care regimen. Knowing your hair’s current condition is the most important step in building a hair care regimen.
Now I know most of us gals get inspired by our favorite celebrities when they unveil a new hairstyle and we want to mimic that style immediately, but ladies, you shouldn’t do that. Low-manipulation protective styles are hairstyles that you can wear for several days at a time without restyling.
Now how long you keep a low-manipulation protective style largely depends on your hair type and cleansing schedule. In conclusion, building a long hair care regimen requires honesty about some current hair care practices that may be harming your hair, and the adaptation of certain hair care practices you may have thought were unnecessary.
She and boyfriend Jesse Wood are undoubtedly still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. A spokesperson confirmed in May: a€?Sadly their relationship came to a mutual end last month. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Such a huge focus on crazy nails, bold braids and some wild hair colors has created such a creative frenzy! I was so surprised with how easy it was to actually do Ombre Nails at home (check out my easy tutorial)! I actually don’t hate this at all, and I’ve seen it look great, maybe 2013 will show some better ways to rock this, but in most cases, I just thought this looked a little too childish and not pretty at all! Meet your new best friends; toners, silver shampoos and many different hydrating and protein based treatments to add the moisture that the bleach rips away. A trick with these shampoos is to leave it on for about 20 mins and it will act like a toner. The new blonde hair color trends can be suited to almost all skin types and the upkeep is quite affordable!
A hair care regimen is nothing more than a structured routine in which you perform basic and some specialized hair care practices.

Some people think that hair type is irrelevant and should not factor in to how your care for your hair, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Your hair’s condition tells you exactly what your hair needs for optimal health, and it also can clue you in on the hair care practices that are keeping your locks from being in their best shape. Moisturizing conditioners will replenish the moisture in your hair that shampooing took out. Every lady I know who has long, healthy hair has made a lifestyle out of deep conditioning. Aside from the fact that celebrities are often the worst people to mimic our hair care after, frequently styling and handling your hair increases the risk of knots, tangles, damage and split ends.
The benefit of low-manipulation protective styles is that your hair gets a break from frequent combing and general handling and you increase your chances of retaining length.
You lovelies with straighter hair that needs to be cleansed more frequently will probably keep your low-manipulation protective styles in for no more than a few days. This is where many ladies will start to veer off course and experiment with all sorts of things, trust me, it happens. Those changes may be slight for some of you and considerable for others because certain hair care practices and hair products will no longer serve your needs. As you reassess your regimen, look for areas in which you have improved, areas where you need more work and new problems that may not have existed at a prior time. Additionally, no hair care regimen will be the same because no two heads of hair are the same.
So when Fearne Cotton decided to splash out on a birthday treat she took her beau into consideration and, instead of buying shoes or a handbag, stocked up on sexy underwear from Agent Provocateur.Fearne, who is still sporting her newly-dyed pink hair, was spotted leaving the high-end underwear store in London yesterday proudly clutching a bag of her purchases. I do wonder if shea€™ll become my daughter-in-law any time soon.'Jesse is no stranger to dating celebrities, and previously had a brief relationship with Kate Moss. She wears a pink leather jacket over a magenta pink, flowery dress, magenta ankle socks and pink shoes with white polka-dots. There’s a fine line between fashionably pointy and looking like you came out of the hood!
Following is a compilation of products that are tested and proven to work for your blonde hair to keep it an ash tone as opposed to that dreaded brassiness. Building a hair care regimen requires a bit of trial and error, mostly in regard to finding the proper hair care products and practices to address your specific hair care needs. For example, if you suffer from extensive breakage, you need to pin point exactly what hair care practices caused the breakage. If you cleanse your hair more than once a week, you skip the shampoo and cleanse your hair with conditioner. No matter your hair type or your hair’s current condition, you should be deep conditioning at least once a week. Like any protein, heat and chemicals can denature or breakdown the keratin bonds in your hair overtime. As far as how often you should apply a protein strengthener to your hair, well that depends on your hair’s condition and what you do to your hair.
If you want to grow long hair, you should become really comfortable with something called low-manipulation protective hairstyles. A low manipulation protective style can be as simple as a messy bun that you do not restyle for two to three days, to as efficient as a braided up-do that you do not restyle for several weeks.
You lovelies with curlier more textured hair that doesn’t need to be cleansed as often can keep your low-manipulation protective styles in for a number of weeks! So many ladies veer off track of their hair care regimen because once the journey in figuring out what your hair needs, you’re pretty much just doing the same things to your hair until you reach your goal.

For instance, if you suffer from shedding and you’ve included a special product or practice in your hair care regimen to alleviate it, once you resolve your shedding problem, you no longer need those products or practices. The best way to keep track of your hair care regimen and long hair goals is by keeping a hair journal. However, if you develop a plan that is tailored specifically to your hair care needs and you consistently stick to this plan, you are virtually guaranteed to yield results and see more hair growth than you’ve ever experienced.
In the beginning, forming your hair care plan may be a bit overwhelming, but I have laid out a few steps to make the task easier and help you develop a solid basis to build your hair care regimen. For instance, someone with type 4 hair may need to moisturize their hair with heavy moisturizing products to prevent their hair from becoming dry. Once you find out what caused your hair to break, you can stop these practices immediately and work on a remedy to nurse your hair back to health. Conditioner washing, also known as co-washing, is so much more healthy for the hair than frequent shampoos. Your deep conditioning schedule may be more frequent, but this is a good base line to start with. If your hair is unprocessed and in fairly good health, meaning no split ends and no breakage, then it’s okay to use a mild strengthener every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent damage and fix any minor damage before it becomes a major problem. You can include pictures and notes or practically anything you want in your journal that will help you reach your goals. This would be a bad idea for someone who has type 1 hair that is known for being oily all on it’s own.
Breakage is just one condition you should check for when assessing the health of your hair.
What you deep condition your hair with is important as well because all conditioners are not created equal. If you straighten or blow dry your hair often, you should strengthen your hair just as often. A long hair journal also has the added benefit of helping you see how far you’ve come in your long hair journey. So you see, what works for one hair type may not work for another, and finding your texture will enable you to further determine your hair’s unique ins and outs and needs.
You should also determine your hair’s porosity, moisture level, strength and the health of your scalp when building your hair care regimen.
In fact, in my humble opinion, the only time you really need to shampoo the hair is when you’re experiencing lots of build-up.
Some conditioners only serve the purpose of making your hair more manageable, such as moisturizing conditioners, and then there are conditioners, namely deep conditioners, that serve the purpose of nourishing your hair. Go for a protein treatment that is moderate in strength and treat your hair every four to six weeks. Once we find out what we need to do to get there, the challenge in losing the weight is sticking to it. For many of you ladies, this will provide the motivation you need to keep stick to your long hair goals! If your hair is chemically straightened, dyed, or processed any other way, you should use a hard protein strengtheners more frequently, possibly every two to four weeks to repair the damage that these processes do to your hair.
So ladies, once you figure out what your hair needs to thrive, you must be disciplined and determined to reach your long hair goals.

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