The days are growing longer and the weather is staying warm, which means ladies are ditching their dark hair for lighter hues! Most of you are familiar with natural hair guru and YouTuber, Taren Guy, and her natural hair journey. If you’re afraid that you may not be able to handle the challenges that come with going lighter, choose a color that’s a little more subtle. Best shampoo and conditioner for every hair type - best, Charting: best shampoos & conditioners.
Hair care, conditioner, shampoo for damaged hair - l'oreal, Hair care, conditioner, and shampoo for damaged hair by l'oreal paris. L'oreal hair expertise sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, Explore the hair expertise sulfate free shampoo, conditioner & hair treatments by l'oreal paris.
A head hugging short haircut with this much movement will look good on the dance floor, by the pool or wherever else this summer will take her.
The longest hair is in the fringe and if it was not curved so stylishly to the side it would cover half of her eyes.

I enjoy seeing natural women experiment with color and sometimes, I even get the itch myself. I believe it was two years ago that she dyed her dark hair blonde within the course of one day. If you are in a rush, buy a wig in the color that you want because nothing good can come out of rushing a process like dying your hair blonde or any light color for that matter. Experimenting with color can be scary for some, but if you do a hint of color here and there, it won’t be so jarring.
However, it certainly is a lot more difficult to maintain the health of your hair after using something as harsh as bleach.
Going from jet black to blonde may be a bit much for someone who doesn’t dye their hair regularly.
I’m also afraid that I wouldn’t know how to maintain the health of my hair while keeping lighter strands. Too many times I’ve watched ladies go lighter, only to see them a few months later with damaged or darker hair because they weren’t prepared for the challenge.

It’s grown back now down to my chin, but I want to remove the black that I hvlsve had dyes in my hair for years now.
After following her experience and others, I’ve learned a few things about going lighter and I’ve learned that it’s totally possible to have healthy and growing bleached hair. This time, she went blonde gradually and made several trips to the salon before being totally blonde. As a result, her curls stayed moisturized and soft despite her starting off with jet black hair.

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