As we continue our research on European settlement, we turn our attention to the Indigenous Australians.
The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Mr Harold Thomas, an elder of the Aranda Community in Central Australia. What are three reasons why the Aborigines got sick or died when the white Europeans came to Australia? 2) The Europeans kind of had a mini war with the aboriginals and some Europeans and aboriginals got killed.
They died by a disease called tuberculosis this type of disease that has something to do with your lungs, measles and infuenza. 3) To be an aboriginal you would be known as a dark skinned person and you would be known as the first Australians. 4) Aboriginals pass down stories and information by dancing and singing as their understanding. 7) Aboriginals shelter would of not have been big they would have moved from different shelters so that they can hunt.
A famous Aboriginal person is Cathy Freeman she is the first Aboriginal person to win an Olympic gold medal. The first reasons is that they could of been killed by the English settlers and the second reason is that they were turned into slaves and they could of died by hard work. The Aboriginals shelter is made out of straight branches and use leafy branches or sheets of bark.
The Aboriginals paint the body’s then the Aboriginal person well know what are there saying on their body. 3 To be Aboriginal It means that aboriginals Aboriginality not by skin colour but by relationships.
5 Aboriginals use spears to kill food and Aboriginals gather together because it is a tradition.
2) Some aboriginals died from diseases, drinking alcohol because they were not used to it and smallpox!
4) Some aboriginals tell infer nation by their art and feeling stories to each other and tun everyone passes the story on! 4) Indigenous culture is shared and passed down from generation to generation by talking to each other. 5) The Indigenous people hunted Australian animals like Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, Koalas, Possums and Bird. One of the famous Aboriginal people is Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Emily was a great aboriginal artist and one of the best but suddenly died aged 86 at the year 1996.
The Indigenous people died or got sick when the European people came because the European had guns which they fought with and the also brought diseases with them, They also brought poison and tortured the Indigenous people. British colonisation, there were up to 600 different Indigenous language groups in Australia. Can you please tell me what type of fighting were the Aboriginal people that caused them to die? She is famous for going around the world and fighting for the Australia’s Indigenous people.

The reason why the Indigenous people died or got sick is because the Europeans brought a disease to Australia. 2) what does it mean to be aboriginal it means one of the aboriginal or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region. 3) what i know about aboriginal shelter is they used rocks to build a little shelter and they drawled pictures in the inside with what they used to draw with. 1) What are three reasons why the Aborigines got sick or died when the white Europeans came to Australia?
Well, some of the Aboriginals died from diseases because of the Europeans ruling over their land since! They believe in the rainbow snake (It is an ancient snake!) the Aboriginals believe that the rainbow serpent is a girl and they believe that she controls water, rivers, creeks etc.
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Take an ideal opportunity to cultivate as opposed to attempting to battle different players. The leaderboard is sorted by what number of kills every player on the guide has (until further notice). You quit getting detail focuses each level around level 30, rather you’ll begin getting them each a few levels until you hit max. Getting Wingsio flags banner or skin is very easy.You just have to Type your country name to get free flags.example you can type USA, Canada,australia,united kingdom,spain,brazil etc Control your plane and shoot down other players! The final reason is that they would of not been medicine for them in those days and they would of died. Each language group had its own laws, customs and sacred sites that were part of its Dreaming.
It just said that I wanted you to have a look at your comment and check for capital letters, as you have not added any expect in the first sentence. Some Aboriginals tried to attack the Europeans, but then they died, the Europeans were too strong. Some Aboriginals are scared of the rainbow serpent because they also believe that she also eats humans! They also believe that their ancestors made the world and they turned themselves into trees, rocks, living things etc. They made camp fires out of logs and some aboriginals also sometimes put campfires on bugs!
When you reach level 30, upgrade to a Triplet class and max out Bullet penetration and bullet speed. Abnormal state players have an enormous point of interest over low levels and it’s not worth attempting to battle right off the bat.
Cathy also owns a couple of world championship 400-metre medals from 1997 and 1999, along with some Commonwealth titles. When the rainbow serpent gets angry or disturbed, she floods the Aboriginals place as a punishment to them! What Aboriginals gather is that they gather wood, logs even maybe rocks to make their huts, weapons .etc. Players engage in dogfights and shoot down players to get more points.A small plane pilot and shoot the other players in the air! Aboriginal people communicate and tell information in different ways such as art and words that sound English.
Groups may have traded or shared different materials including species of plants or shells, or may have come together to share in a bountiful food supply such as Bogong moths. When groups came together, they participated in ceremonies and rituals that allowed them to pass on stories and information. Aboriginal housing mostly consisted of simple shelters made from a framework of straight branches, then covered with leafy branches or sheets of bark.

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