We are Creative Blogger Theme Wavers which provides user friendly, effective and easy to use themes. First seen on television in 1991, it has since then, been shared and experienced by audiences across platforms: radio, movies, music, books, merchandise and including its sub-titled version for non-Filipino speaking viewers of TFC.
Now, through “Kwentuhang Kapamilya,” MMK’s celebration of its 25th year, and The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) way of reaching out to its audience  through live events, the program has become a venue for the actual exchanging of stories as overseas Filipinos leave their homeland, try to survive in a land they call their second home and thrive in the path they have chosen. The stories in the first “Kuwentuhang Kapamilya” were as varied as Europe’s terrain.  Rico “Ericka” Angsioco from Nasugbu Batangas was honored to be chosen as one of the story tellers because finally, he could share his experience. Tenorio adds: “Kapag dinadalaw ako ng mga anak ko dito sa Madrid sinasabi ko nagsusumikap ako para sa kanila. The story of Miracel Plarical from Bukidnon is quite different.  She came to Spain as a candidate for the religious life. Altogether, Angsioco, Tenorio, Plarical and Maala’s stories are narratives OFs can relate to but most importantly, life lessons kababayans can learn from to move on with their own lives. Matapos na magkahalong saya’t-tuwa ang hatid ng katatapos lamang na “Kwentuhang Kapamilya” sa Madrid, Spain, muli na naman nitong paaantigin ang puso ng mga overseas Filipinos (OFs) sa ikalawang inspirational talk series ng Maalaala Mo Kaya sa Hong Kong ngayong linggo at mapapanood worldwide via TFC.tv ngayong July 25. Una nang napanood sa telebisyon noon 1991, napapanood na ang MMK sa iba’t-ibang platforms: radyo, pelikula, musika, libro, merchandise at kasama na ang sub-titled version nito sa TFC. Ngayon, sa pamamagitan ng “Kwentuhang Kapamilya,” mas paiigtingin pa ng MMK ng ABS-CBN ang pagbabahagi ng mga kuwento at aral ng mga Filipino, kasama ng The Filipino Channel (TFC), sa pamamagitan ng aktwal na pagbabahagi ng mga kuwento – mula sa paglisan para sa ibang  bansa, pagpupursige kaharap ang ibang kultura, at sa kanilang pagtagumpay ano man ang kanilang larangan pinasukan. Sama-samang nagbahagi ng kuwento nina Angsioco, Tenorio, Plarical at Maala na personal na napakinggan ni Ms. Latest TweetsIsang ginang ang nanalo ng food cart sa pagtatapos ng #DZMM30 Grand Kapamilya Day. Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NAS-ah), falls on Monday, August first this year. Lammas is a Pagan tradition which honors the first harvest of the season and the beginning of the lengthening nights which signal the return of fall. By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday, we honor our ancestors and the hard work they had to do in order to survive.
Lughnasadh is still celebrated in many parts of the world and Lugh’s influence can be found across the names of several European towns.
Like all Celtic or Pagan holidays, this one also honors goddesses whose crafts and legends align with the work we’re doing right now. Lammas is also a holiday of remembrance and releasing, a time of acknowledging the crops that didn’t make it to fruition, literally and figuratively.

This is the perfect time to give thanks for your abundance and many blessings, and to be grateful for the physical and energetic food on our tables. Gather wheat (or buy it if you don’t have access), and stones in colors of the harvest (think oranges, dee yellows, reds, browns). The most traditional Lammas practice is the baking of bread (the name Lammas comes from the Old English hlafmaesse or loaf-mass). This is also a festival of light, celebrating the last long days of the year, your practice can be as simple as lighting a candle.
If you’re a crystal worker, charge your stones in the late summer sunshine, and hold them in deep grounding and healing meditation before assessing and taking stock of your energetic harvest. Ask yourself what actions you need to take before Mabon (the Autumn Equinox) to harvest what you you wish to reap in order to energetically sustain you through winter.
Close your eyes, visualize the growth you’re choosing to celebrate, offer your thanks, and extinguish the flame.
August second is the New Moon in Leo which will be fuelled with the fire and strength of the lion.
Here’s where faith enters, reminding us to develop our vision and hold tight to it, even when doubt creeps in. Lindsay Carricarte can currently be found residing in Long Beach, CA, with her husband Chris and their fur-babies.
Chona Tenorio of Occidental Mindoro’s story was a reverse of Angsioco’s story.  She started as a domestic helper but through her perseverance, was able to become an immigration lawyer. Charo Santos Concio at napakinggan ng mga Filipino sa Madrid at kalapit na lugar.  Higit sa lahat, may nabitiwan silang mga kapupulutang aral sa buhay na makakatulong sa kapwa mga Filipino. And for us living in these modern times we can honor it as an energetic first harvest when we begin to reap the metaphysical seeds we’ve been sowing during the first part of the year.
He is a god of many skills, and was honored in various aspects by societies both in the British Isles and in Europe. The goddesses Ceres (goddess of agriculture) and Tailtiu (mother of Lugh) are honored here as great forces of abundance and prosperity; their blessings manifest in the bounty of the food and growth we will enjoy in autumn. It’s where we can look back upon the first half of this year, and upon the seeds we planted.
Either way, you’ve sown something, and now, as the first harvest begins, it is time to reap what you’ve sown. This is a time that asks: What do you need to let go of right now, so that you can be fully present to what is ahead of you?  We can acknowledge here that not everything survives in the grand cycle of life.

We can do this by consciously attending to what’s in our spirit-soil, visualizing ourselves harvesting and collecting what it was that we planted.
Celebrate the bounty of your energetic and physical efforts and your deep spiritual work this year. When we bake bread, we use the grain around us to sustain our bodies, honoring and consuming nature’s sacred gifts. Find a beautiful harvest colored candle and place it in the middle of your wheel or other sacred space.
As you burn it, give thanks for what you’ve grown and achieved, and for what remains to be gathered. This sacred day is a reminder of this truth, and may also be a reward for your patience and hard work. Our spiritual and emotional crops are ready for first harvest, too—the fruit of those mindful and focused intentions we began setting in the darkness of the end of winter and early spring.
Or we can do something more literal and cathartic by gathering our physical harvests and celebrating the growth of the year. Now he enjoys life in Madrid with his mother who now reaps the fruits of his labor with him.
If you are grieving, or feel you need deep release, incorporate a few releasing stones as well, like Apache Tear or golden sheen obsidian. Their goal is to travel the world helping others overcome suffering through finding a spiritual path. Business ventures, growing incrementally, even if only in the intentions and plans we’re setting.
See your grief attaching to these stones, and leave it here in your wheel to turn with time.
She currently writes for a living, working at Sage Goddess where she helps others discover their inner Goddess, while getting her YTT cert, and developing chakra healing meditations to give to the world, and developing Life Warrior. Our own personal growth and efforts towards deepening our spiritual connection and self realization.

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