The main hotels and Travelodge of Santorini Greek Islands are Astra Apartments, Santorini Princess, Villa llias, The Bathhouse Hotel, Stelios Place, Vedema Resort and many more.
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People love to come here every year to spend their vacations and for business meeting also. All these hotels offers the excellent room services, trip plans, separate meeting rooms, spa centers, fitness centers, attractive tour packages of the famous tourists spots etc. The architecture of this place is wonderful which is highlighted by stark white color and contracted with colorful doors and windows. Top ten most famous things to do at Santorini are mula ride, Caldera sunset sight, Vinsanto Chocolates, visit to winery, swimming and eating at Ammoudi, try tomato pastes,  Vlyhada landscape and try the local delicious cuisine.

This volcano is still active and can explode at any time and if it will happen then it can destroy the large parts of Greece. Along with these places, Wine testing, Red Beach, Pyrgod Village, Ancient Thira etc are most visited places.

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